7 Ways to Optimize Your Time and Productivity

7 ways to optimize your time and productivity when you feel like you didn’t accomplish anything.

What if you had more

How many times have you come to the end of the day only to think to yourself ‘what on earth did I actually achieve?’ It happens to the best of us but the good news is that there are ways you can manage your time more effectively and increase your productivity levels, not only through the likes of effective time management training, but by implementing good habits.

Set Goals
It’s almost impossible to properly manage your time if you don’t have any goals in place. Goals are what are going to keep you on course, they will help you plan and they will keep you motivated and focused on the end destination. Your goals are what you should continue to come back to throughout the day to ensure that you’re still on the right track.

At the beginning of each day when you’re writing out your ‘to-do’ list, prioritize the tasks. Steven Covey in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People makes this task seem less daunting by breaking tasks into Important and non-important and urgent and non-urgent. According to his prioritizing quadrant, tasks should be prioritized in this order:
Important and urgent – essential to the functioning of the business and urgent so not to encounter a potential crisis.
Important but not urgent – essential to the functioning of the business but will not cause a potential crisis if not carried out straight away.

Urgent but not important
These tasks threaten to cause a negative impact but may be outside your scope and it’s urgency determined by someone else.
Not important and not urgent – not essential to the overall functioning of the neither business nor will there be any noticeable impact if they are not done.

Don’t multi-task
A common factor in the mismanagement of time is that people often start a new task before they have completed the one beforehand. This not only has the potential to leave many tasks unfinished but in doing so, it makes it very hard to maintain focus.

Take a break
This is a pretty obvious one, but something many people don’t do. If you’re working yourself to the bone, your focus will diminish and you’ll end up taking longer to finish a task. Take a break, refresh and refocus.

Start work closer to deadlines
Have you ever noticed how effective you are when you’re working really close to a deadline? Try setting shorter deadlines and you won’t have any other option than to be completely focused on the task.

Learn the art of delegation
When you’re prioritizing your to-do list, have a look at the tasks that are simply ‘noise’, something that someone else could do just as well and that isn’t critical for you to do yourself. Although many people find delegating difficult, the benefits to your productivity and reaching deadlines are huge.

Take notes
Resist the distraction of ideas that pop into your head and keep focused on the task at hand by taking notes. It’s so easy to get sidetracked when an idea materializes, but taking notes means you can address them later. Remember, don’t multitask.

So if you’ve been wondering where on earth your time goes, try implementing these 7 tips and review your progress at the end of the week. Not only will notice a healthier looking to do list, but it’s likely you’ll feel even more focused and motivated.

Written by Kathryn Anda
Kathryn started PEPworldwide Ltd. in New Zealand in 1995. Soon established the business in Australia. Since then her business has expanded, Kathryn is recognized as global leader in workplace productivity and effectiveness training. Kathryn is a dynamic energetic speaker and coach.

What’s your driving style, how kind are you?

What’s your driving style, how kind are you? It’s like watching people only watching people drive their cars.

As you watch people drive you discover their driving style and how it equals to how they operate in life. Ever noticed these drivers?

Kindness card

The Competitor
Take for example, you are merging into traffic, the person behind you thinks you are merging too slow so they pass you on the shoulder just to get ahead of you, usually they are only one car ahead. Hmm, they must be really impatient or frustrated at work, likely very competitive. No one is going to slow them down!!

using turn signals

The Dis-respectful
How about the drivers since there are so many of them, who don’t signal or let other drivers they want change lanes or they are turning off the expressway or a lane. These people not only do they dis-respect their fellow drivers they dis-respect themselves.

The Multi-Taskers
The drivers to drive under the speed limit, likely the biggest contributors to accidents and they are driving in the middle lane!! These people just care about themselves. Or they just can’t put their phone down long enough to pay attention to their driving. They’re an accident waiting to happen. If it’s slow up ahead this is what is happening.

dive in driving

These are the people who love to drive fast, like they are talking fast, can’t wait to speak so they interrupt conversations. They drive like this too – poor planning ahead so they do a “cut-in” like a “dive” to get into lanes or do an abrupt exit.

The Inconsiderate
The people who to cut-off people in traffic, especially a dump truck or an 18 wheel vehicle, they can’t stop on a dime. If you think they can, drive one and let me know how you make out. I just shake my head when I see this happen, and you wonder why traffic is slow in the right lane… there are a bunch of inconsiderate drivers up there.

slow down

The Rude or Badass Ones
Drivers who don’t know how to merge, yield or stop. They think the signs weren’t meant for them, no one is going to tell them how to drive. Look out! Defensive driving and walking is needed with these people. They’ll drive over you or kill you.

These drivers are the same ones who won’t let anyone in their lane especially when you are signaling. (As if one car ahead of them is going to slow them down some more).

Does your driving style say what you want your life to be about? If norm start being kinder to yourself and others by paying forward more kindness.

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P.S. Make yourself a kind day!

Someone you ought to meet

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Someone you ought to meet is a talk that I give and facilitate workshops based on this subject.

Read how to retain your customers

It seems to me that we are always looking for people to meet that will help us with a variety of ways in our personal and business lives. Recently, I gave a talk to a group of job seekers who are working on their introductions or UPS and seeking jobs. About a year ago when I was seeking a job even PT, I would go out to network and let people know that I am seeking work. People would laugh at me, who isn’t?

What I realized, there had to be a better way.

I began to say I offer Marketing services.

This got better responses from people – I was still applying to advertised jobs. After I got a Part-time job, I kept on applying to other jobs.

By focusing on what I really wanted to do, I was beginning to have traction. Going back to Business Coaching, specializing in working with food entrepreneurs is what my passion is.

Even though my talk was for people who are seeking work, I was able to share my experiences of how I got to where I am today. There was one gal who was passionate about Interior Designing, she wasn’t going to pursue it again because she thought it was time to get a corp job.

There is nothing wrong with having a corporate job, I asked her why not pursue your passion? When I spoke to her, she said, she was getting chills about it. There you are the Divine is talking to you, confirming this.

A couple of people who both were finishing up their degrees in teaching and childcare. Why not get together and see how you can help each other?

As a person seeking work also look a expanding your network – get out and go to meetings, present what you offer – be your own free agent. You never know, maybe someone will contract your services and you could end up with being hired.

To prove this, Steve who was consulting with a company – the company finally said, “you are working so much with us why don’t you just work for us full-time.” Steve said, “make me an offer I can’t refuse.” They did and now he’s working for them full-time.

Someone you ought to meet is just around the corner. Need some help with this? Got a group of people that need a speaker, I’ll come and speak on this topic.

Sign up for this class here.

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to expand your reach

How to expand your reach, means several things to people. Whether you are reaching out to people to help you to grow your business or you are on the look out for new people to connect with. Or you are just seeking some simple ideas to do this.

I’ve learned a lot more about blogging than when I first started. Yep, March 2010 is when I started this blog.

Social media & relationship logo

Here’s four articles to help you to expand your reach.
17 Tips in Establishing your Blog
Here are 17 lessons or tips in how we can establish security for our readers and clients.

Getting social media referrals
Getting social media referrals, is using the social media, socializing with people will lead to getting referrals. ‎

Every person has a Social Net..from connecting with people, by networking. The question is: “Is your social net working?”

Learn More About Social Circles What are Social Circles? Carol and Mari-Lyn did a call together to help you to learn more about social circles.

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Want to optimize your sales?

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales? I mean really optimize your sales so you can have more time to enjoy other things.

Growing your business
If you aren’t meeting the people you need to or you should meet, why aren’t you?

What part of optimizing your business is not working that you want to improve upon? One of the quickest ways to increase your sales is asking for referrals. Most people who are in business for themselves are clueless in knowing how to do this.

It’s not your fault, when we start our businesses it may not have come with an owners manual. Especially when it comes to marketing and sales.

Let me ask you, “What business are you in?”

This is something to think about, it’s not just about your products and services, features and benefits. It’s about what problems that you solve for your customers. Marketing and Sales is what business you are in, without doing either one of these you won’t survive long.

My point is if you really want to increase your sales, the best way is to ask for referrals. I know some of you, may not know how to get more referrals, or how to ask or find the best people that can help you. Or maybe you’re too scared to ask.

Did you know?

That most Entrepreneurs don’t actually have a plan of getting referrals, they leave it up to occasional networking, lunches or coffees, golf or any other random act to meet people for introductions?

You can learn a simple and easy way to do this with the “Someone you ought to meet.” workshop.

You’ll learn how to ask for referrals and how to get the sale.
You’ll develop your own customized strategy that you can follow along
You’ll be able to find who your power partners are
How you can get them to refer more often
Plus.. you’ll have a lot of fun meeting new people.

It will be a WOW for you!

There are steps that you need to take to connect to people you really want to meet. I’m not talking about taking advantage of people, I’m talking about developing relationships with people so you can ask for referrals with ease and optimize your business.

If you are ready to optimize your sales that will grow your business..fill out this form. Let’s do a 30 minute call, to see if it’s a fit for you.

Thank you!

Mari-Lyn Harris

The Mystery about Google+

What is the mystery about with Google+? It seems although Google has launched this platform the instructions in how to use it seems to be vague.

Ah! I found a website dedicated to help you along with other people I’ve learned from. It’s seems because Facebook and LinkedIn has a social/business aspect Google needs to have one.

Google+ logo
I get asked many times how do I engage with it? How come you have so many followers and groups or circle and I can’t get anyone to like or + me? What I realized this morning, Google + isn’t really so much as a social platform it’s more of a collection of tools to you to deliver your message, it’s not so much about having friends it’s about sharing your content based on your Keywords or topics your are interested in.

The best thing I like about Google+ is the Hangout tool, what a great way to have a discussion with people, meetings, networking, webinars and classes. The communities, they are groups for special interests..I have one for Food 4 Social Change, although I have chatted with some people in the group it really hasn’t helped me to get the message out of what it’s about nor do people really comment on other people’s content.

What do I suggest how to use Google+? Use the tools that you like and people will start to engage with you. It takes time, Google hangouts, then you have created videos post them on Youtube, use them as content for your blogs, websites and other places that you share your content.

Circles, I have people in circles who are in the same profession, for example Financial people, Social Media, Marketing, Food, Power partners, from there I can share with them pacific information and general information that I know they will be interested in.

I’ve learned from a couple of people.. Ray Hiltz and a couple of early adopters who I’ve followed. Also Sherry NourainiRemember you need to hang out where your customers/audience is, if they aren’t on Google+ why are you there?

Google+ isn’t really a place where I find people to socialize with. It does have the benefits to be found as far as SEO or being found using keywords. Form a community of a subject matter that would be of interest to other people and they can share their resources, as questions etc. For example I like the Cult of Mac, I can go in there and ask questions about MAC products or seeking an app that will help me.

Here’s a beginners guide for using Google+, Info graphic I found on Plus Your Business. It says it all in a nutshell! Courtesy of Mervik Haums

Read more about how to grow your business for beginners:
Plus Your Business

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Never Say it’s Impossible

Nothing says, never say it’s impossible is what Myra Goldrick affirms, as she helps people unlock their own creativity.

Myra Goldrick

Let me introduce Myra Goldrick to you, I met her on LinkedIn, we had a chat of which I always offer people to connect with me. We got talking about the Food 4 Social Change’s – Kitchen Incubator I’m working on.

One thing led to another..here I am introducing Myra to you. Today, May 27th, 2014 she interviewed me. Below you can listen to the call.

Myra Goldick, is a disability advocate, fueled by passion, creativity, and faith…

Myra believes creating on any level is like breathing. It lifts the spirit, while at the same time it validates and builds individual self-confidence. Through her personal experiences working with business professionals during her life’s journey, she has learned many valuable lessons. These lessons have guided her on her path to success.

While she will always deal on a daily basis with the physical impact polio has had on her body, her mind and mental energy has grown stronger. Her mission is helping others find their strengths, passion, and creativity, while maintaining a true sense of humor about life. Do read more about her personal story and how she helps people.

Myra has a book out called the “Art of Success,” order your copy of Mastering the Art of Success by calling her. T: 865.429.0252.”

Listen to the interview..

Myra Goldick, is a disability advocate, fueled by passion, creativity, and faith. She is a speaker, author, professional artist, reinvention coach, and talk show host.

There are people who come into our lives for a reason. It’s a connection that will truly help us. You never know who can or will inspire us to move forward, encourage us to go beyond where we are now.

I believe we all go through periods or times in our lives that we wonder, I’m doing the best I can and I just feel stuck or very challenged. When you get there just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Reach out for help – find an accountability partner, join a Mastermind group or find a coach that you resonate with.

Playing small in the world is doing a disservice to you and the people who are waiting for your product or service.

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment and share this post.

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4 Tips in Getting Picked Up by Journalists

Here’s 4 tips in Getting Picked Up by Journalists to share your story or media.


If you want to reach journalists, bloggers, reporters or someone in the news media you’ve got to do your homework. Sending out your press release to everyone and hoping it will get picked up isn’t going to cut it. You need to figure out who you want to reach and why.

When I started to look for people who do food reviews specifically with my pies, I started looking up people on LinkedIn, who are into food media. From there I sent private messages not a mass message to ask for a pie review. There was a gal who lived in Phoenix, AZ near by and since she was affiliated with the Travel and Food Writers Association, I just ask her if there was anyone she could recommend to me. Maralyn Hill, said to me “I would love to do it!” I was excited and surprised. If you really want someone to help you, you have to ask. We still stay in touch, I like hearing what she’s doing.

If you have a story or non-profit that needs to be heard be sure to to have your content, or press release ready or what you story or news to be told.

Helen Barrington of Voices Boston suggests that you design a shot, clear concise press release. Make sure everything a report or editor needs to know within the 1st four lines and contact information of the person who can respond. Don’t put “PRESS RELEASE” in the subject line, this is not helpful. Then follow-up with a phone call 2 or 3 days after you have sent the press release. If you want people to know about an event, be sure you are contacting the right person.

Jim Gold a Journalist, editor, reporter, blogger says, let the media how the coverage of your story will benefit their readers/viewers. Offer transparency including access to those helped by your story or non-profit. Be upfront with your agenda, remember the reporter is looking out the readers/viewers first not your organization.

James A. Schwartz a Writer, Editor, Fundraiser and PR Professional. Depending upon the media’s work shifts mornings or afternoon in the case of daily prin publications, give the reporter a call and a brief update on your upcoming event and relevance of such to your community.

Most media outlets are open to accommodating home-town non-profits that touch the lives of those in need through the efforts of donors and community volunteers. Your organization or service area likely is already well-known by local news outlets.

In any case, if no direct contact seems to work, find out who most likely covers your news or features info, or contact the staff;s assignment editor. In a small town, success usually comes with a brief phone call or arrangements to drop off your news packet or other information for follow-up with you. 

With major media outlets, however, your visit also might also include some ID checking and the name of the person you have an appointment with, usually no big deal with the security people hired by many major media outlets.

Lubna Kably a Writer & Columnist, suggested that you find your human interest element of your story, attach it to a international or local day. Like if it’s Children’s Day or an event then you can tie your news to the local events.

This will get you started – don’t forget to add Media and Public Relations to your Marketing Strategy.

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Simple Marketing

There is no need to be all over the place feeling exhausted and not having results or the kind of results you want. Simple Marketing ideas work the best.

simple marketing

I’ve been speaking to many professionals who used to be Marketers, PR people who are just finding it more difficult to stay up the to pace of social media and all it’s directions. (likely the most of us)

If we do try to keep up, we just work ourselves up to a frenzy and wonder why nothing is working for us. Give yourself permission to step back and see what you can drop and which activities you would like to pursue more actively.

For myself, I am letting go of Marketing and Social Media services as there are so many new directions I could go..over the years I have had many passions and things I’ve wanted to pursue, this is what I am now focused on. You’ll find that I will be posting less. For the many Artists that have relied on me for how to’s and advice..many of my friends who are Speakers and Healers are also feeling frustrated in what used to work no longer works.

I just listened to a replay of a webinar about LinkedIn, they are doing more group work less money, and people who are promoting how to build your business with a blog – which by the way I feel is a great marketing tool, is reducing their high end pricing to reach more people. How about all those people I’ve admired and been on their mailing list and now all I get is a sales pitch of what is on sale? Sales isn’t done the way it used to be some Marketers and business owners are actually confusing the two together Marketing is now the new Sales?? Huh? I don’t get this one.

I’ve really pulled back on all the social media tools that are available to me, UNSUBSCRIBING to newsletters. Why? It’s just not the direction I’m going anymore, plus I just want to be simple in my marketing for my new direction. It will take all my energy and focus. More localized marketing, tools and of course developing relationships is always key.

I asked Artists form the Art Marketing group on LinkedIn, what their favorite Marketing Tips were, here’s what they have said, most of their ideas are simple.

Jim Gensheer Self-employed artist/teacher Maintaining your Contact/mail list, did I say “maintaining, maintaining is so important, and then consistently maintaining contact with those on it!

Laurentiu Todie He’s an Artist at PixelsPainting Since eBooks were mentioned, I just started to distribute some free books on iTunes and inexpensive screen savers through Editions.

Sea Dean ¨Author, Art Professional, Organiser, Consultant. As with all products I have marketed, I’ve always found personal contact is key.

Michelle Powell ¨Executive Director National Delphic Council, USA, & Artist. ¨Maintaining relationships, although I’m not vastly good at it, I do have some clients who have had portraits done over a 20 year span. Most all of us can do better and would if it’s not too much time out of the studio.

¨Murray Bolesta ¨OLIGARCH, Murray Bolesta Fine Art Prints. The #1 rule in marketing is to devote all possible resources to creating a more compelling product. In my case, more and better art. With a good enough product, a path will form to your door through word of mouth alone. Free internet venues are a fine laboratory and incubator.

Mary Westheimer ¨Business Manager at Kevin Caron Studios – Inspired sculpture for public and private places ¨Know who you want to reach (your audience), and what you want them to do (your goals). Success lies at the intersection. ¨I agree that relationships are key, so here’s another one: “Your best prospects are your current customers.” One more: “Measure your results to know what your true successes and future paths are.”

¨John Mavrakis ¨Business Professional, Experienced Executive and Company Leader. There is no single or simple solution to marketing art; or anything for that matter. It takes a lot of work, a diligence to stick to a plan, and continued efforts to staying relevant in everyone’s mind.¨There is no “one solution” that fits everyone, though there are some absolute paths that should be followed to stay focused with your marketing efforts to reach your realistic goals.

¨Hava Gal-On ¨Contemporary Artist Expose yourself with a moderated thought-through strategy: be in the right places, mingle with the right people, promote yourself at the right time.

Reading their tips shows how what works for them. Some of us have a plan and know what we are doing next. The key thing I have learned over the years working with Artists, as creative as they are – they really work hard, ask questions and want to do everything better.

If you are an Artist and want to be a part of a group for encouragement, get some how to’s then here’s some great groups to join.

Art Morehead Art Faux Manages this group
Art Marketing on LinkedIn

Mari-Lyn Harris Manages this group..
Marketing for Artists on Facebook –

It’s time to get on the bus for simple marketing ideas to build your client base, not all my ideas will work for you, that is why I like to learn from others too!

What are your favorite Simple Marketing Ideas?
Leave your suggestions below in the comment box.

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9 Quick ways to do shoestring marketing

In finding raving fans, all you have to do are these 9 quick ways to do shoestring marketing.

Inspired message
Shoestring Tip #7

Start a brag book, if you haven’t got one already. List your media exposure, articles that have been published. Awards that you have received. Include the press releases you have sent out yourself. Try out Pr Log Press Release service.

Shoestring Tip #8

Get a logo professionally designed and use it on all your marketing materials. Check out Fiverr.  Also check out Oasis great offers.

Shoestring Tip #18

Teach a class by using your expertise or something that you are passionate about. Podcasts are easy to do. You can use a Free Conference Call service. Do a Google Hang out. You also can do a series and post them on UDemy.

Shoestring Tip #19

Write a hand written note to your customers just to say Thank you. Hand written cards are better than e-cards.
Shoestring Tip #20 Develop a UPS for yourself. What makes you unique? What differs you from another company/business that you are in? For example, there are so many financial planners whenever I meet one I ask them what makes them different.

Shoestring Tip #21

Get Testimonials make sure they are specific, verifiable and impressive. Use your phone camera, well written ones that you can post on your website and all your marketing materials.

Shoestring Tip #24

Get a mentor, take a tele-class or join a mastermind group to keep you motivated and accountable. Even if you get a group of people together to support each other. You’ll also find that you are able to get other marketing ideas and collaborate on projects.

Shoestring Tip #25

It’s not too late to start one of your resolutions just re-group and start a new activity to promote your business. Just start on one area that you are ready to put forth some energy into it.

Shoestring Tip #26

Take one day off to rejuvenate yourself. No calls to customers or other business stuff. Rest, meditate, play or just be with your friends and family. It’s easy to multi-task, it’s better for you to take a day trip somewhere and explore your local area. You’ll be refreshed and ready to go again. Do this once a month.

Shoestring Tip #27

Keep your mind open to new ideas & suggestions, sometimes people just want to help. If you have explored it already, just listen you’ll find the more open you are the better the ideas start to flow.


Until next time..
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6 Easy Shoestring Marketing Tips

6 shoestring Marketing tips to get started in launching or growing your business. Whether you are offering products or services. Let’s get started!!

Marketing Tip#1 


Write your own e-zine or newsletter or online paper to reach new global customers. Use a E-mail service company such as MailChimp.Scoop it! provides content for a newsletter. Twitter paper can also help you with content. find something you are good at and someone wants to know more about.

Marketing Tip #2

Develop Partnerships for your Biz

1. First, tally up all your marketing assets of what you can offer to a potential partner in terms of exposure. Find a niche that you can own.
2. Assign yourself or someone else to develop these partnerships
3. Nurture your relationships as it may take anywhere from 3 months to 1 yearly to finalize a partnership

Marketing Tip#3

Get your own Blog started use www.wordpress.org 
Use a blog to promote your book, your e-zine, your knowledge, expertise your journey. Some people have personal blogs. Just remember when you write that it is like putting it on TV, people can chose to watch it, read it. It’s public. Here’s a video, that could be a blog meaning creating a Video Blog. This is Maria Forleo – Topic: If You Care Too Much What People Think..watch will happen.

Marketing Tip#4

Offer a FREE bonus or booklet about your own expertise, give it to your subscribers or to the audience you would like to serve.

Marketing Tip#5

Develop Referral Sources:

1 .Current and past customers, they are happy about the customer service you’ve provided them.
2. They can be people you have met through networking and if you have met for a one on one you can find out more about the other person’s business and establish to be a referral partner, if you think it’s a fit for the both of you.

3. They could be people that provide complimentary services to the same audience that you do.

Marketing Tip#6

LinkedIn the professional network for business


Join LinkedIn, develop your profile and join groups that suit where your customers are, personal interests and ways you can give back to other people with their challenges. Sharing is caring.

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to use Pinterest for your Business

Working with Pinterest, was something that came to me today, about how to use Pinterest for your business.

pinterest logo

I’ve been working with it for about a year, attended a couple classes in the best ways of using it. You can add a button to your blog that people can share your content on Pinterest, however if you don’t have a picture it can’t be shared. It’s a bookmark site of photo’s to help your customers can find you and share, it’s a traffic referral site.

Here’s a couple of video’s in how you can use Pinterest more effectively.

Megan gives a real good demonstration of a how to use Pinterest in a video.

Heart@Work, has a business page which is verified – and have several boards that are community based. I would encourage that you set up a community board as it will help you build traffic to your site. For example, there is an Art Marketing Board,
I just added a board for all my friends on Facebook to join me to share their photo’s with me.

If anything at all be sure to follow Heart@Work’s Boards

The “Pin It” plugin for Pinterest for your WordPress blog will help you have your content, meaning photo’s shared on Pinterest.
Pinterest plugin

When you post your photo’s be sure to include a message about the picture and a link to where you want people to go to once they have viewed your picture. A Call to Action of what do you want people to do when they discover a photo they like or have seen. If you are an artist you want to insert a link to where your other art is so that people can look at more work your portfolio or e-commerce site so they can buy your art. If you are a baker and sell cupcakes or other items, you also want to insert a link to your shop or website so people can buy what you have for sale. The same if you are running a fund raising campaign..direct people to where you want them to donate to.

Wish you the best to exploring and using Pinterest in your business. Got questions or tips share them here under comments.

Mari-Lyn Harris

2 Ways to Have Higher Engagement on Facebook

Here a 2 ways to have higher engagement on Facebook. The first way, this action may be drastic for you, however the results speak for themselves.


If you have noticed Facebook has changed how your friends show up in your news feed, the friends you don’t engage with often enough, won’t show up so eventually you don’t correspond with them often at all. Your friends have to say under the settings, to get Notified. Yes, I want to get notified in what they are postings. If you have many friends you may not be too interested in going back and changing the settings for each friend. Facebook, is counting on you not to do this. It’s their idea of making money from you and your friends by having you to pay to boost your posts.

On Social Media Today, Chris Street did an experiment of culling in his Facebook friends, as Social Media is not a numbers game like many, people who are selling their services will tell you the more people you have is better or it’s the numbers that count. Guess what? It’s never been about the numbers. Some will say, then you show up in search results or Google if your numbers are higher. Really?

Ok, you have a higher reach? Now what? What are you going to do to engage with them?

Chris’s results in 2013, his Facebook News feed gradually filled up with + More and more irrelevant content,
+ More promoted posts which were irrelevant,
+ More generic content which was irrelevant,
+ He got more invites to join irrelevant Groups,
+ More invites to attend irrelevant events, and a significant increase in wasted time.

Clearly, quantity wasn’t working. He sat down and spent an entire day analyzing and reviewing the useful content, interesting posts, contacts who didn’t spam, and the events and Groups which were worth considering, he culled half of his 4,000 Facebook contacts.

What happened? The main outcomes have been:
* Quality of Facebook News Feed has increased
* Quality of social engagement has increased
* Relevance of Facebook content has increased
* Quantity of traffic to my blog has increased
* Quality of overall traffic referred has increased
* Reach of Facebook posts overall has increased

In Chris’s experience, it was refreshing to know that even with less people he is having better results on Facebook.

The Second Way
22Social has this app, that will help you get more likes on your business pages, it’s the fastest and easiest way to get your offer where everyone sees it on Facebook. They launched this app in 2012. Every Wednesday they have google hangouts, to answer your questions.

Here’s a video on “How to Build an Event, Marketing it on Facebook“. it’s well worth your time to listen to it.

5 Ways to Manage your Twitter Accounts

Here are 5 ways manage your Twitter accounts, after seeking out and trying out other platforms I decided to write a short review on the top 5.

Twitter is also available..to schedule tweets, follow people and to publish. They do send out reports how your account is doing. Still think using a app or platform is better to keep track of everything.

Is a Twitter management tool, it helps you to share content on Twitter and manage your Twitter accounts. Commun.it lets you know who your influencers and supporters are, who are following you and who are not. If you are a solo entrepreneur with only one account the price point is steep, for what you get with it, in my opinion.

For one account it’s free, you get twenty actions on a weekly basis, if you want to use it beyond 20 actions then you have to upgrade.

Hoot Suite
A twitter management tool, it also helps you to share your content on Twitter, for solo entrepreneurs or a small business you can use it for free up to 5 profiles, this includes posting on Facebook, Google+, Foursquare and WordPress. I have 3 Twitter accounts, so unless I want to open another account under a different email I can add another stream..the max is 5 even for the 3 accounts I have. For me it just would be better to have something else and pay for the additional service or upgrade to the Pro Services of $8.99.

You can Monitor all of your mentions, direct messages, keyword searches, Twitter
lists, and more in column view along with items from Facebook, Google+.
hootsuite pricing

Social Bro
It’s another Twitter management tool. I like it for managing multiple accounts. Like 5 accounts. There is a page on what Social Bro can do, they give you a 15 day trial before they ask you to upgrade. https://www.socialbro.com/resources
You get to try out the Targeting, Engagement tools, Analytics and how to Manage your Twitter followers. After 15 days it’s $13.99 per month. It’s great for people who are managing multiple accounts.
Social bro pricing

Manage Filter
I was recommended that this one is a good one too! They don’t say on the plan page what you get for having a Freebie account. Just what you don’t get. I can’t say I would set-up an account to even try it out for free.
manage filiter pricing

Sprout Social
They are a complete platform, offering collaboration, mobile, CRM, Monitoring, Analytics, Publishing and Engagement. All their plans come with a 30 day trial. Their about page doesn’t say much except they are serious about Social Media. My question would be so what? What does that mean.
sprout social pricing

After comparing and trying out the platforms, share with us what you use and why.

Mari-Lyn Harris

How Buffer May Help You to Share

A discussion of what tools can we use to share our content, one of them was Buffer. This review is about what Buffer can do for you.

What does Buffer do?

This was lifted from their website. “Buffer is a great tool that will help you in two main ways. First, you can write a bunch of posts at one time, and choose which social profiles to send them to, and then Buffer will spread them out throughout the day or week so that you don’t have to be at a computer all the time in order to have a social media presence. Second, since we shorten your links for you, we are able to provide more analytics than if you just were to post to Twitter or Facebook directly. For example, we can tell you exactly how many folks clicked on each of your links.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of days..in my discovery I have found I would have to upgrade to their awesome plan of $8.50 per month to get the full usage of it. They do have a 15 day Trial, however with this trial you don’t get to experience the full awesome service package. It’s a very limited version. Too bad!

Here’s how you can share your content in using Buffer:

buffer facebook pic

This shows you how you can share on Facebook by using the Buffer App..
buffer Facebook how to

These are the accounts you can add to your Buffer account to share your content
sharing option with buffer

Buffer also will give you suggestions in what you can share, they are articles from other people who have written blog posts.
buffer suggestions

+ Buffer lets you schedule your tweets, update status 2x a day once in the morning and once in the evening.
+ They offer suggestions of content to share
+ Share your content to the major sites like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+<
+ Their Awesome plan is $8.50/month for each account or one profile
+ Small business accounts are $50.00/month for more than one profile or account

Overall, in my experience it’s a great tool to use to share your content all at once, it’s called auto posting. Some groups and sites do not like this, double check where you are posting before selecting the place you want to post to. Some groups that I belong to the the manager will not let you auto-post. If you are going to auto-post be sure that you engage with other people’s posts as well, otherwise you are just going to get banned.

It’s too bad they don’t give you a full trial of 30 days of the full version, it would likely give you a better experience to really know if you like it or want to sign up for their service.

This will give you a taste of what Buffer does and it may be a fit for you..

Mari-Lyn Harris

Getting the best out of LinkedIn

Seasoned professionals who network are on LinkedIn, gave me their top tips in getting the best out of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn the professional network for business


The people I talk with who want to know more about LinkedIn, yet don’t know who to turn to, it’s nice that you can reach out to someone who knows and are willing to help you. One of the best places to get more information and knowledge is really in the groups.

In this post, I am leaving the persons name so if something resonates you, you can reach out to them. When you do, be sure to look up their profile, find something in common or something you admire about them, before you sent a connection request or ask them questions. I know LinkedIn still uses the generic form, however I recommend that you change the invite to be more personal.

Bill Ringle
Says he has a purpose for each person he reaches out to, instead of being a “collector of connections.”
2. Go beyond the profile and learn something about the person. How? I simply ask.
3. If I’ve asked for a quote or lead or introduction, I always loop back and let them know how it turned out. When my materials are published online, it is so easy to send a link and a “thanks again!” message. Everyone enjoys knowing that they made a contribution.
4. Be willing to be open. It helps to let the other person know about you, too. By letting people know I’m writing a book on using the life lessons you learn from tennis to be more successful on the court and in business (problem solving, being mindful, staying focused, setting micro-goals, …), I’ve connected with others who share this passion, heard great stories, and deepened relationships.

Rachel Lawler
LinkedIn Premium you can see your 3rd connections, making it easy to reach out to outside your network.

Peter Lawler
It’s all about building relationships, and LinkedIn can help make that happen, but only as a first step.
1. Be direct and honest with your intentions. If you want to connect with somebody on LinkedIn and meet them to learn more about their company or a particular job, then say that.
2. Be as personal (and professional, of course) as you can when you reach out to somebody. If you see stuff in their profile that you have in common, mention that.
3. If somebody comments on a post, respond to them.
4. Engage with other people’s posts. There is nothing worse than the person, on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook, who just posts stuff but never engages with others. Call it cyber-selfishness.
5. Understand that LinkedIn is a great resource to learn about other industries, get introduced to like-minded people and even find sources as a reporter, but not necessarily to find you a new or better job. Sure, there are job postings and recruiters no doubt use LinkedIn, but moving forward in your career is about first doing great work where you are, building relationships with colleagues and others in your industry, developing new skills and being willing to take risks. LinkedIn can help you do those things, but ultimately it’s up to you.

I hope these great tips will help you to to become an expert so you too can pay it forward and use the tips or ideas.

Mari-Lyn Harris

One Small Act of Kindness

One small act of kindness. This message was delivered to my inbox, rather than sort through who I was going to send it to, I just decided to post it.

Kindness among other things are important to me..most of all how are we sharing, killing people with kindness, uplifting each other and giving without expecting something in return.


Just to let you know, starting February 1, 2014, we’ll be accepting your stories of Kindness. It’s Volume 2. An ebook version was released on World Kindness Day, Nov 13, 2012. Here’s the link to that book that you can download. The book will give you some ideas what to write about.

Contributing to the book

Your Story of Kindness needs to be 1,000 to 1,500 words, a Professional Headshot of you, a brief bio, 100 words. We’ll self-publish it, and ask that you help us promote the book to your audience/fans. The story I have always shared is that when we collaborate and share our successes it is much easier than doing it solo. Let’s e on Amazon #1 for Kindness, Making a difference.

Here’s a story of kindness, I am sure you have read in your inbox before.

Two Choices

What would you do?….you make the choice. Don’t look for a punch line, there isn’t one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice?

At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves children with learning disabilities, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its Dedicated staff, he offered a question:

‘When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does, is done with perfection.

Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do.

Where is the natural order of things in my son?

The audience was stilled by the query.

The father continued. ‘I believe that when a child like Shay, who was mentally and physically disabled comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child.’

Then he told the following story:

Shay and I had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew were playing baseball. Shay asked, ‘Do you think they’ll let me play?’ I knew that most of the boys would not want someone like Shay on their team, but as a father I also understood that if my son were allowed to play, it would give him a much needed sense of belonging and some confidence to be accepted by others in spite of his handicaps.

I approached one of the boys on the field and asked (not expecting much) if Shay could play. The boy looked around for guidance and said, ‘We’re losing by six runs and the game is in the eighth inning. I guess he can be on our team and we’ll try to put him in to bat in the ninth inning.’

Shay struggled over to the team’s bench and, with a broad smile, put on a team shirt. I watched with a small tear in my eye and warmth in my heart. The boys saw my joy at my son being accepted.

In the bottom of the eighth inning Shay’s team scored a few runs but was still behind by three.

In the top of the ninth inning, Shay put on a glove and played in the right field. Even though no hits came his way, he was obviously ecstatic just to be in the game and on the field, grinning from ear to ear as I waved to him from the stands.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Shay’s team scored again.

Now, with two outs and the bases loaded, the potential winning run was on base and Shay was scheduled to be next at bat.

At this juncture, do they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game?

Surprisingly, Shay was given the bat. Everyone knew that a hit was all but impossible because Shay didn’t even know how to hold the bat properly, much less connect with the ball.

However, as Shay stepped up to the plate, the pitcher, recognizing that the other team was putting winning aside for this moment in Shay’s life, moved in a few steps to lob the ball in softly so Shay could at least make contact.

The first pitch came and Shay swung clumsily and missed.

The pitcher again took a few steps forward to toss the ball softly towards Shay.

As the pitch came in, Shay swung at the ball and hit a slow ground ball right back to the pitcher.

The game would now be over.

The pitcher picked up the soft grounder and could have easily thrown the ball to the first baseman.

Shay would have been out and that would have been the end of the game.

Instead, the pitcher threw the ball right over the first baseman’s head, out of reach of all team mates.

Everyone from the stands and both teams started yelling, ‘Shay, run to first!

Run to first!’

Never in his life had Shay ever run that far, but he made it to first base.

He scampered down the baseline, wide-eyed and startled.

Everyone yelled, ‘Run to second, run to second!’

Catching his breath, Shay awkwardly ran towards second, gleaming and struggling to make it to the base.

By the time Shay rounded towards second base, the right fielder had the ball . The smallest guy on their team now had his first chance to be the hero for his team.

He could have thrown the ball to the second baseman for the tag, but he understood the pitcher’s intentions so he, too, intentionally threw the ball high and far over the third baseman’s head.

Shay ran toward third base deliriously as the runners ahead of him circled the bases toward home.

All were screaming, ‘Shay, Shay, Shay, all the Way Shay’

Shay reached third base because the opposing shortstop ran to help him by turning him in the direction of third base, and shouted, ‘Run to third!

Shay, run to third!’

As Shay rounded third, the boys from both teams, and the spectators, were on their feet screaming, ‘Shay, run home! Run home!’

Shay ran to home, stepped on the plate, and was cheered as the hero who hit the grand slam and won the game for his team.

‘That day’, said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, ‘the boys from both teams helped bring a piece of true love and humanity into this world’.

Shay didn’t make it to another summer. He died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making me so happy, and coming home and seeing his Mother tearfully embrace her little hero of the day!


We all send thousands of jokes using email without a second thought, but when it comes to sending messages about life choices, people hesitate. The crude, vulgar, and often obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion about decency is too often suppressed in our schools and workplaces.

If you’re thinking about forwarding this message, or considering in writing a chapter for the Kindness at Work book, or you are that you’re probably sorting out the people in your address book who aren’t the ‘appropriate’ ones to receive this type of message. Well, the person who posted this story believes that we all can make a difference.

We all have thousands of opportunities every single day to help realize the ‘natural order of things.’

So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice:

Do we pass along a little spark of love and humanity or do we pass up those opportunities and leave the world a little bit colder in the process?

A wise man once said every society is judged by how it treats it’s least fortunate amongst them.

You now have three choices:

1. Delete

2. Forward

3. Write a chapter the for Kindness@Work book


Please fill out this form if you want to write a chapter..

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Happy New Year!

Mari-Lyn Harris

Promotion is Crucial!

Many say artists and marketing don’t mix! Many artists hate marketing themselves. Promotion is crucial! Not only for sales, but..your events..

Lauren Curtis
I totally understand these feelings but let me say that marketing can be tedious but it can also be a very positive experience for artists; it’s a great way to meet like-minded people, sell your wares, network and enjoy events you’re participating in. That being said, let me tell you, it’s also HARD WORK! It does become a 2nd, almost full time job, especially these days with so many forms of social networking that you have to keep up with. But it is worth the effort if your goal is to be an artist to earn a living.

So, try and see it as a way to interact with people/customers/collectors! This really is crucial to do, but in a friendly, non-pushy manner, in order to have any success. Especially in this economy, it’s tough enough to get sales but who wants to buy from someone who is ignoring them, acts disinterested, “sales-y” or demanding? When people show interest in my work I offer them the chance to sign up for my mailing list, my blog, FB pages and if I’m talking to them in person I always give them my business card. I never leave home without them…especially when attending my own or other artists’ events, which is another very important part of marketing that is fun and inspiring as well.

I do as much as I can to promote ANY event I’m involved with this includes utilizing my e-newsletter, blog, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, etc. I usually send out Facebook invites which has been pretty successful and is easy to do…and free! You can’t expect people to show up if they don’t know what you are doing! And you can’t expect sales if no one can easily see your work. With all the free & inexpensive advertising opportunities out there in this computerized world it really is easier than ever to market yourself and do it in a creative way you might even enjoy! Think of it as a design project where you make your materials as visually pleasing as possible, showing off your latest endeavors.

I hope this gives you an idea of all that’s involved with marketing it’s serious business but can be enjoyable and profitable! Happy Promoting!

Written by Lauren Curtis a Full time Visual Freelance Artist, NJ, USA
NEW fine art site!
Facebook Fine Art Page
Portfolio Commercial & Fine Art
Cards, T-shirts, Photography, Illustration

Thank you for sharing your experience Lauren..

Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY 2014 YEAR!

Mari-Lyn Harris

Having Your Own Entourage

Having your own entourage is possible. There are many ways we can, the next few articles will help you to create it.

entourage photo: Entourage entourage.jpg

Seeking ways to do change making in your business or project? Alexa Clay wrote a great article 5 Tips for Growing Change Making Community Even though she, talks about Intrapreneurs -( these are people who are growing a company within a company).

It’s true doing something solo is harder than working with a group of people is much more powerful. When you think of entertainers, they have their groupies. When you think of someone who has a body guard will have their own entourage. How can we develop our own entourage?

How to begin to developing your own following, it’s about having your own entourage.

Give your information away.

I love what Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime of Marketing Genesis are saying about getting ready for 2014. Here are their 3 top things you can do to transform your business.

1. STOP selling information – people are overwhelmed with everyone selling USED information. Everyone is just flooded with all the information, so much so they aren’t buying your products or services. NO one cares what your products or information does.

2. QUIT telling stories about your product does. Don’t use someone else’s story. Use yourself to tell the story of how you can help your people your entourage.

3. Help people TRANSFORM their business. When you do people will talk about you, share how you have helped them.

Here’s a few more top articles to help you to TRANSFORM your business.

Social Circles are like a Garden

Are you Really Inviting

8 Tips in Building Trust

Mari-Lyn Harris

Sharing Your Story

Sharing your story in how and why you are in business or about what your projects are about. It’s so easy to talk to people from your head and not your heart.

Inspire your Dreams

How can we tell our story not only in our 3 second pitch that we use out networking also in our writing or articles and having people sharing them on our behalf. There are several places where you can post your content and other people pick-up on this and share it for you on your behalf.

For example there was a gal who was a stay at home mom and wanted to work Part-Time, she came up with a way for other moms she could work with and help them earn their own money while still being at home with their kids. The last part was to ask for sale or connection if you will, by saying if you want to know more call me at: _________. or, whatever “Call to Action.” she wanted women to reach out to her.

Slideshare is one of the best places to do this..I have found using my newsletters or reports works great. You can upload your portfolio’s use your powerpoint and just real share your content. While I was there i found this presentation about sharing your story and how you can create one for yourself. It’s by Paul Krupin.

If you are still seeking for help in getting media attention.

Creating a Social Buzz article.

In sharing your story, make it from your heart from your own personal success or personal experience. As an Entrepreneur, I have struggled may times in believing in myself, of having help or resources when I didn’t know where to turn to next. I am creating a community kitchen where Entrepreneurs can cook up ideas to change the world. This space is a Commercial Kitchen, along with meeting space to give workshops, teach skills to this that need a hand up not just a hand out. I hope you will join me and share your ideas on what you would like to be a part of. Just go to Food 4 Social Change.

If you need help finding your story watch the Slideshare presentation or leave me a comment.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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5 Tips to Get Media Attention

Whatever business you are in, we are always seeking ways to get more media attention. Here’s 5 ways to get media attention.

Inspire your Dreams

What really is the best way to approach a reporter or journalist to cover the news or about your event?

I asked this question on a group on Linkedin, I’ve only included a few comments, there were actually 52 responses. Some repetitive, some more of a discussion what they liked or don’t like to receive.

1. Be honest… and be open to what the story could be. Also, try to develop a relationship with reporters that could lead to ongoing coverage of your organization. Sometimes the story might be about your group; other times it might be about non profits in general. By Ray Metoyer

2. Send a brief e-mail with an eye catching headline in the “Subject” line, put in parenthesis (“Local story idea”).

3. Make it clear that you can make available “real people” for sound bites impacted by the story you’re pitching.

4. Look at your e-mail a 2nd time to see it’s like a firework that quickly catches your attention. If it doesn’t capture your imagination right away, re-write it until it does.
Good Luck: Hope this helps! By Steve Long

Jeff Korhan wrote a great article on how to write emails that get a response.

WOW! I just came to here to say “when pitching anything to a reporter, be a human being.”

I do agree that PR folks should be aware that a journalist needs a peg of some sort, but I’d be wary of “finding an angle” for them, or suggesting b-roll, additional interviews, etc. The reporter will decide what he or she needs to tell the story. Personally, the more a PR person tries to do my job for me, the more I push back.

Just keep it real and be helpful when necessary. Know the outlet’s demographic. And please, please don’t send a bunch of follow-up emails if you don’t hear back. One is fine, but more than that is just irritating.
By Stacey Kennelly

I agree with most of what’s being said here. But there’s one thing not yet addressed specifically: community news sections. I work for a large regional daily newspaper as an editor of several community news sections. These little separate sections are circulated in very small, circumscribed areas: usually just two to four zip codes, with news about that small area. We’re a landing spot for stories too small for metro to touch.

If you goal is to expose more people to what your agency is and what it does, tell a success story. If it helps homeless people make the transition to self-sustainability, find a client who’s willing to tell readers how they became homeless, what that experience was like, how they learned about the nonprofit’s program, what the program does, whether they found it effective, what helped most, where they are on progress toward the transition and so on. Identify the person and make sure they’re willing to let readers know what happened. Don’t pitch that story if you don’t have someone lined up to do that. Then tell the reporter/editor you have a person who’ll talk about their experience of homelessness and the agency’s help.

Especially with community sections, if you want publicity about a fundraiser, pitch it *well* in advance; I recommend a month. I can’t tell you how often I get emails asking me to write about a fundraiser that’s happening tomorrow, or this weekend. My sections are released for typesetting *nine* days before publication. Obviously we don’t do breaking news, nor can we get your event in the paper on such short notice. If I don’t know about it *at least* a week before that typesetting date — i.e., 16 days before the event — I have no chance to get it into the paper, although if I’m convinced it’s worth the last-minute addition to my or my writer’s workload, I may be able to get a brief posted online.

Anyway, nobody starts planning a fundraiser a week before it happens. If you send me a release two or three days before an event that’s been on your calendar for two months, I’ll know you’re contacting me as an afterthought, which is just rude. I’ll still do my best with it, but at that point the best I can do for you is a brief, if that.

Don’t expect me to “cover” a fundraising event. Nobody cares what happened at an event that’s already over, unless you had a parade of caribou circle the dining room, ridden by waiters carrying flaming baked Alaskas, and one of the caribou went bananas and bolted over guest tables. I can put the amount raised in a brief. But if you have someone who can take good pictures, have them do so and send me the two or three best frames — the ones showing people (or crazed caribou) doing things, rather than people standing there looking at the camera. Fill the frame with your subject, ID everybody, and send it to me as a medium-sized JPEG file. A hole may open up during makeup that a picture and caption would fill very nicely. Preferably, the caption says how much was raised.

You may object that I could put it a full story online if it’s too late for print, but I use almost exclusively freelance writers, and my freelance budget is tightly constrained. I have to make all our stories do double duty, print and online. If I went nuts and agreed to go online-only because print deadlines have passed, I’d be doing you a *huge* favor that costs me money that otherwise would be helping to fill a print community section.. By Scott Verner

Mari-Lyn Harris

10+ Reasons Why to Collaborate

Those who choose not to pursue to collaborate, I believe are really short changing themselves and their organizations. Why do we think collaborating isn’t worth it? Here’s 10 + reasons why we ought to.


Collaborating seems to be such a BIG word, it’s really just a great way to get the word out, maintain a presence and grow faster.

I asked this question, Why don’t more people collaborate? Here are some great answers:

Stephen Willis, Ph.D.
“POWER THROUGH COLLABORATION: When to Collaborate, Negotiate, or Dominate”

For most people, collaboration skills are teachable. However, the Power through Collaboration Model positions that there are types of people who are predisposed toward non-collaboration, that is, Predator and Enslaver types. It is very difficult, albeit not impossible, for them to learn to collaborate. 

And the Power through Collaboration Model posits that there are types of motivations that operate even in people disposed towards collaboration that are less conducive to and even block collaboration.

The PtC Types and the PtC Motivations that interfere with collaboration are typically very difficult for people to confront and discuss. The Power through Collaboration Model offers concepts and language to deal with such types and motivations.

Sally McKinney
Pro bono consultant at Taproot Foundation
When you have a group of people gathered to work on a project, supposing that through collaboration their output/solution/product will be enhanced, you forget that most have an agenda of their own.
1) Being there in the first place
2) Differing opinions on what the outcome should be and are
3) Clueless as to collaborative techniques.

Prior to work beginning, all of these (and very likely more) must be carefully examined by the participants and issues settled. Without the necessary groundwork, the value of the outcome is seriously in question. Unfortunately, that process can be painful and is therefore often avoided or skimmed-over.

Tosin Adebayo
Applied Economist & Entrepreneur (MA CERGE-EI)
Realistically, people rarely collaborate and even when they do collaborate, the outcome of such synergy are rarely maximized because collaboration relies on knowledge sharing, openness and reciprocal participation in such process for a common objective. But with an iota of discrepancy in any of the components of collaboration by the major percentage of the participants or lead entity of such process, the benefit of collaboration is undermined, hence, a refusal to collaborate.

Clear communication of the benefits of collaboration for such particular purpose (i.e. Non-profit) at the onset creates awareness and improves engagement. The benefits might include:
1) Increased productivity,
2) Quality outcomes,
3) High quality & relevant services,
4) Wider pool of innovative ideas,
5) Effective knowledge transfer for better decision making,
6) Strong reputation in terms of your non-profit
7) Project facilitation.

In the end, I believe that putting aside our own personal agendas that collaborating on projects, movements is what moves us ahead further. As for example in people who write books together this type of collaboration gives people authority, presence, as real sense of accomplishment and you can meet your goal faster.

If you are a person who likes to compete or is competitive in nature is not very cooperative therefore will not want to collaborate with other organizations. It comes back to the benefits of both parties – what’s the benefits of working together?

Mari-Lyn Harris

Building Relationships on LinkedIn

When you are working with LinkedIn, don’t think about the numbers or how many people you are connected with, look at building relationships on LinkedIn.

Ethics Pledge

Ethics Pledge

When you have a large number of connections, fans or followers it doesn’t always mean success. Stay connected to people you do business with like your customers, colleagues and other people who are connected with you offline as well. Like community gatherings or volunteer activities.

54.4% of people do this on LinkedIn, versus only 18.6% of people who don’t. In order to get referrals and introductions you have to ask for them, top people will do this at a rate between 34 to 39%. The people who don’t ask for these connections aren’t using this very effectively.

You have to have a positive mindset to reap the rewards of using LinkedIn, for your sales and marketing. As selling to me is simply asking for the relationship, about connecting with people. Here are some ways in which you can create more connections and nurture the people who are in your network already.

+ Connect with your customers, find out when new opportunities are coming up, extend an invite to their second-level connects and referral base.
+ Embrace referrals and introductions in conversations to build trust and report. Know that as you do this, solid referrals will occur and you’ll be building trust. The discovery is theta it’s the #1 way to set up meetings with potential buyers.
+ Consistently share good information, offer insights, your ideas and contribute to the group conversations to ensure they’re “referable.” In other words uplift them so that other peole will pay attention.

How much time does it take to keep up with your connections?

If you are a Power user or someone who is very active on LinkedIn you’ll be spending 6 or more hours. If LinkedIn, isn’t your main source or referrals or connections then you’ll spend from 2 -5 hours a week. Others will just dabble and this will be one or two hours per week.

Now you need to ask yourself is the time investment worth it?

The more time you invest in building and developing relationships with people the more opportunities will come about. These opportunities could be job offers, joining a group, sharing your expertise in writing articles or collaborating or even just getting a little attention to your projects.

30% of the people who spend the most time on LinkedIn aren’t feeling satisfied or have less results like sales, referrals and connections. You also need to consider the opportunity cost of not working LinkedIn to your advantage.

Here are some action steps that you can get started now to be more effective:

1. Enhance your presence – by updating your profile, use your results or how you have helped people vs your quotas. Your profile shouldn’t be in a resume format.

2. Research your customers – look at their profiles, and see if they have any key business challenges, who do you have in common, what groups do they belong to?

3. Make sure you are connected with all your primary referral partners, business associates and customers.

4. Having recommendations and endorsements help you to keep a business presence. Start giving recommendations and endorsements, be sincere.

5. Build a list as you know you can export your connections into your own database or address book, keep details about them and fine-tune them. keep track of things that will mean something to you. Use saved searches – you get 3 on the free version of LinkedIn.

6. Join groups and start following people.

7. Share your expertise, make it a daily practice to post updates on your own profile. Ask questions, share a link to a great article, comment what others say too! Do this without any expectation of return.

For more information get the free e-book LinkedIn Sales Secrets

The stats in this article was sourced from Cracking the Sales Code book.

Mari-Lyn Harris

Creating Content with Google Hangouts

Creating Content with the Google hang-outs, is a great way to add value and brand yourself.

Have you tried them yet? If not, here’s some tips to get started.

Google hangouts
When you get a Hangout invitation for a video call, just accept it via the link “Join Hangout”.

How do you link the hangout with an event?
Under your profile or group you create an event and plan it to be an live on air hangout. While you are in there start to invite people to join you.

One of the problems is creating a link in advance so you have to create the link when you are in a Hangout. To create an event, send out the invite to people to join you, then when you are in the hangout send them a link.

After you create a link to a Hangout on Air you can copy and paste the link into to Event if you want. You can also embed the YouTube live player into the Event so people can watch within the Event itself. You’ll watch the show on Youtube.

In the old version of Google Plus you could start a Hangout without inviting anyone and then paste the URL in a chat room to share it with friends. But in the new version you can’t start a Hangout without inviting someone explicitly. These people have to be connected with you in your circles. If they aren’t you can’t invite them to join you. Also be sure to get your guests to download the app before the event not during, otherwise they’ll miss the hangout.

When clicking on the hangouts bar on the right side, you have to choose a friend or circle.
Another way to invite is to get in a Hangout video call alone, just start a Hangout party and invite yourself. Once you’re in the Hangout video call, you can share the link with friends.

Why should you to create hangouts

+Have your Communities to get to know you and other members
+You can become an influencer to share the community
+PR Video and text raises the bar in your content
+ Help you to find communities to get into share your ideas, offer workshops, engage and have more conversations.
+Creating great educational content

I’ve watched many of Sherry’s educational series. Sherry Nouraini gives a great overview about Hangouts. She has hosted over 100 hangouts. Be sure to watch them.

What’s your experience of doing Google hangouts? Leave a comment below.

Mari-Lyn Harris

Creating Your True Livelihood

True Livelihood, with Tad Hargrave and George Kao. Tad is known as the hippie coach. I met Tad several years ago. George of course well known as Marketing Coach.

Tad Hargrave

The “True Livelihood” Process — 7 Steps Process to Uncovering and Launching Your Life’s Work! George is giving us some ideas in getting started. I believe we are all moving in this direction. Do watch the video and get the steps to help you on your new direction. It’s about 14 -15 minutes long.

Blogging and Negative Feedback

There are so many passionate bloggers, we work hard, we share and boost up each other and somehow we just end up with negative feedback.


How can you overcome the negative feedback? Sometimes you just have to ignore it, send the person who is saying negative things about you, send them some LOVE and or perhaps just ask them what’s this all about? Take the high road in a situation. How can you support the person even though you don’t like what they’ve said about you?

Negative feedback can still be a great thing. Here’s some things you can do to use the comments, feedback to write your next article. Take the comment and ask yourself if you were really like this, how would you combat it? Post the comments in a text editor, do some research about the topic and write about it. Do you best to come up with 10 tips, then thank the person who gave you the negative comments.

What is a successful blog to you? Does it mean you have hundreds of subscribers? Does it mean you are making money with your blog? Does it mean you share content and your expertise?

How can you take advantage of the negative feedback?

1. Write a blog post about it – as above
2. Ask the person who gave you a negative comment to expand on it, or perhaps be a guest blogger for your site.
3. Be open to new opportunities by stepping up and asking why they felt this way about you.

Not only can other bloggers give you negative feedback, it can also come from Hackers who for whatever reason want to create a BIG mess for you. This has happened to me several times over the past 2 weeks. Heart@Work and then Sedona Pies was compromised. At first I was really annoyed, as if I haven’t got more important things to do than spend my time cleaning out my sites, by spending hours doing it myself, asking for help – and then other shit pops up. Having webs sites/blogs need care and attention. This was a great reminder to me of how much I haven’t given to my sites. I just said, “Thank you!”

What did I learn from this experience:
1. Make sure to keep everything updated, even if this means staying up to date with hackers, the news etc.
2. Install security plugins – I have 2 now. All in one WP Security and Wordfence.
3. If you templates are outdated – keep them updated as well. Code does get old.
4. There is only so much one can do – don’t stress! It will only get harder.
5. It’s a great time to clean out our comments, make sure all the links still work on your site.

If you have any other comments to share about Blogging and Negative Feedback, please do share them in the comments below.
Have a fabulous week!

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Are you dreaming BIG enough?

Is your dream worthy of you? Are you dreaming big enough?

As I was thinking about giving a presentation to a Rotary group about LEAF who are doing a capital campaign and I was just sharing information about the World Garden project.

Go for your dreams now!
Have you ever wondered what am I going to say? Some speakers have canned talks in place, some will shake it up a bit. I just asked the Divine what should I talk about? I had 20 minutes. I didn’t want to do the usual power point presentation.  Later in the afternoon, I got the ah, “that a dream is like planting a garden.” Each seed you plant,  as you nurture it, water it and soon over time between 30 days or more viola vegetables or flowers come alive.

What if I just talk about our dreams and how it pertains to the World Garden Project?

A show and tell was going to be my presentation..I did one to another group and it really seemed to work well. After speaking about L.E.A.F.s dreams of moving into a bigger new location, I pulled out some soil, some seeds and asked everyone to take their BIG dream say their intention and plant a seed or seeds into the cup of soil. When the plant is about 1 – 2 inches, replant it into a bigger space.

You see, we may start out with an intention or dream that you want to achieve, is it truly BIG enough for you? Does it give you the shakes? Do people tell you it’s impossible? Do you get excited by it? Have you tried closing a business or laying to rest or giving up, only to discover you must do more? Then make sure it’s BIG!

For me when I first started Heart@Work I dreamed of World Kindness.. what if it would became a stock where people to buy a share..what if people would come together and just shared 3x a day a kind deed, could we have world kindness?

When I started Sedona Pies, I just wanted to help feed the hungry..the people who were not eating well, or didn’t have good nutrition or just didn’t know where to go to get fed. I just wanted to use my pie business as a vehicle for social change.  I closed my business for awhile.  I’ve have quite a few people who have encouraged me to Think Bigger!  Take it Mari-Lyn, and make it something bigger.. do something bigger. I know many people who are telling me lately they are ready to have something bigger for themselves.

My blog post is really about I want you to think about, set an intention, of planting a seed for something BIGGER in your life. It doesn’t have to be about your business maybe it’s just something  you want to change in your life.  Ask yourself is it really big enough for you?

If it is and you want to get some support around it, come join my LinkedIn group Mari-Lyn Harris and Friends.  It’s a place to get support, encouragement and maybe even some help.

What are your BIG dreams?

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to – What to write about

The business of how to’s on what to write about on a blog. When you are beginning to start a blog think about why you are going to start one.

What’s your intention?  What message do you want to share? Who are to writing for?

Birch Forest by Ken Elliot

Birch Forest by Ken Elliot

When I started this blog, it was about sharing, kindness, relationships, networking, marketing and then social media. Soon it just kept expanding. Sorta lost it’s focus, as I write this post, looking back why I started Heart@Work in the first place.

The message was about delivering how Kindness plays a role in our workplaces and life. It takes a leadership role as not too many people believe kindness would work in 2002. I know it works as I have tested it myself in organizations. Some organizations got a complete turnaround, some just needs a tweak here and there to notice how much it really made a difference.

What were my values?

My audience values were pretty much the same as mine. They wanted alternatives, ways to improve upon the workplace and in our communities and schools. My readers knew and liked the idea of Kindness and other innovative ideas they could use. Their values – they believe in the betterment of people they cared about, how they can make a difference, honesty, integrity and benevolence. The end result of me writing about Kindness was to gain more early adopters who were willing to use Kindness as a more effective means of communications.

Kindness engages people in an easier way, you have better relationships. The effect and affect we have in our business improves quicker. Soon Kindness led me to write about Relationships, Marketing and Social Media. Provided many “How to’s” in these subjects. Answered my readers questions, shared blogging tips, shared the view points from other people from forums and groups. This is the key thing of what Heart@Work has been about.

The business of how to’s has been expansive I’ve learned and shared my content over the years. I’ve appreciated all my readers, followers and fans. 

The writing you will do when you blog will be about your intention, your why and what kinds of results you want out of blogging.

The kind of results I wanted, for people to ask questions, they would come and ask me for help. You have, always looking for the ‘ah moment ‘ or something else that has resonated you. I hope what I have shared with you, has expanded your vision, opened your eyes and hearts.

My blog has come full circle, like many of us we begin again thinking about our purpose and intentions as we all change directions it’s part of growing and expanding. Nothing stands still.

Blogging to me is still the best thing you can to do for yourself and your business. I wish you much success with it.

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Social Circles is like a Garden

Social Circles is like a garden, so is your business or whatever project you take on. I’ve taken on planting seeds for a World Garden Project.

Art by Hugolino Cardenas Colmenares

Art by Hugolino Cardenas Colmenares

A part of this project is planting vegetable seeds from various ethnic groups then transplanting them into community garden beds.

So far in my part of this I’ve noticed of how common our vegetables are from one ethnic group to the other.

Yet, people in these various ethnic groups have a hard time jumping from one social circle to another.

Why is that?

Another part of my work is to reach out to the various ethnic communities and invite them to join us in the World Garden. I believe there is much to be learned from each other. The differences and the similarities.

How does this apply to your business or passion?

Yesterday, I was thinking of the various social circles we belong to and how do they all inter-connect with each other.

Here’s some of my thoughts:

Social Circles with themes – like hobbies, a business category, people you know, friends, community groups or business or passions you are involved with..

What does social circles and planting seeds have in common?

A business or what ever your project is, starts of with a circle an idea – what do you do next ou get an ah idea..you think about how you can take it from the idea into the marketplace.

Consider the circle as your garden, the idea is the seed, you may get some opinions, ideas, strategies, this forms your which are your products or services.

Do you like being by yourself in your circle?

Not likely. What do you do?

As you are growing and building your circle you start to invite other people to join you, now you are becoming a social circle. This is where the adventure begins..

Once a seed in a garden is growing it expands in it’s home..the community garden bed, or your front lawn or your back lawn where ever you plant your vegetables or you business services and products you want other people to know about you so they can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Think of your social circle as a place to expand and grow. This is a place where you can test what is working and what is not working.

It’s also a place to develop relationships with people who like what you are doing, want to partake in what you are offering just like the vegetables of World Garden once they grow they are available to eat. We prepare the vegetables, in how we like to eat them.

There is a cycle to every business – just like there are seasons for gardens and social circles.

Some social circles are developed for a purpose, some people leave the circle, those than leave may come back..your social circle needs to speak to people, they must hear it. In order for them to hear you, the message must reach their heart. This takes nurturing. For plants I need to water them, give them sunlight speak kindly to them. The same for the people in your social circle. Plant, grow and the fruits of
your labor they will then sprout.

Wiki’s definition is social circles are groups of socially interconnected people. A Social circle is distinguished from a social pyramid in that there are two perspectives that can be used to describe a social circle: The aggregate perspective of a group of socially interconnected people.

What’s your take? Leave a comment and share this with your social circles.

Mari-Lyn Harris

Seagate Reputation Fumble

Seagate reputation fumble could be yours easily. Are you paying attention to your reputation?


About two weeks ago my hard drive was failing – off I go to the MAC Genesis bar – MAC is really good at helping people with their MAC’s. They felt my hard drive was failing..because it wasn’t a MAC or 3rd party hard drive, they suggested that I go to who installed it and see what if anything they can help me. It’s a Seagate 750GB, it’s only been in my laptop for 18 months. It’s a little complicated since Seagate sent the hard drive to Storage MoJo to test it out for them. They used my computer to test it.

I wasn’t going to write about this issue and then I thought it’s a lesson in managing your reputation online. We all need to respond if we hear of anything about our company or if people have problems with our products and services.

I have tried to contact Seagate through their website (no avail) through LinkedIn, and Twitter to find out who I could contact. Storage Mojo of course said, Mojo did their review and are done.

Is it on warranty? Likely not. This is interesting as no one has responded not even “How can we help“? This is why your reputation is so important, it’s better to resolve issues rather than people writing or sharing not so positive information to their readers.

As of August 1, no response from any one.. My question is should they replace it? Maybe, maybe not. What’s your take?

There are some ways that you can watch what people are saying about you, sign up for Google Alerts, every time someone mentions you, you’ll get an alert. This a great place to start.

Mari-Lyn Harris
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How are you really inviting?

How are we really inviting sharing each others content or following people of whom we like or of who we say we support?

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups

The question is meant to help us to think about how are we really inviting people to us in our business. Do you really invite?

Let me share with you in how I got on this topic. The other day in my Mastermind group we were talking about how some people feel uninvited, even if we invite people to join us.

As we are setting up our announcements for meetings, networking, our courses and any other promotional stuff we have going on, we are inviting people to attend.

For a Women’s Networking Group I was one of the new incoming leaders. I spent several hours calling women on the list we were given to invite them to the next meeting. Some of them called back some didn’t..that’s usually the way it works. The following month I didn’t call the women and some were upset, that we didn’t call them to invite them to attend again. I thought to myself every month they get a newsletter and invitation goes out to via email. One gal, just said she wasn’t coming because she wasn’t invited..in other words we didn’t call her. I was a little shocked..the next time I saw her at a networking event, I invited her to come.

One of my Mastermind partners said, “That even though she has a list, and she invites people to her calls she is finding people don’t really feel invited.”

There are many situations with a little more personal contact with people, people will feel more connected to us. Here’s some ideas of why you want to keep building relationships with your community.

Creating a community occurs one person at a time.

  • Get involved with a group or organization and start doing one on one’s. Whatever you are doing, you want to establish trust and rapport with people. We all need relationships in order to win allies, have people join our causes, support us, help us.
  • Relationships give us meaning and richness to our life both professionally and personally. There are many kinds of relationships..they are all important, even if they are to teach us something about ourselves. The more relationships/friends you have the better it is, be sure they are people who like and trust you.

How do you sustain relationships?

Staying in touch with people, some will be more often than others..you can start by making 10 phone calls a day, 5 emails a day, mailing out Appreciation cards.. and some you will be in-touch more often.

Whatever you do, do it!

In closing this is from Arvind Devalia:
Dear God/Universe/Source (insert here whatever word you prefer), “Please impress upon me the vision of whom I am meant to be – reveal to me the bigger life you would have me live and undo the forces that keep me bound so that I might serve you more” – Marianne Williamson.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Love to Blog – Just don’t have the time?

One of the many questions that I hear people say..I don’t have the time to blog! If you are a solo-entrepreneur there are many things you need to look after, however writing your blog takes priority.

Bloggers Unite

To me a blog is a fantastic marketing opportunity to showcase your knowledge, demonstrate your expertise and who you are. Blogs are much more than a brochure, it’s where you can share what you do, what your company does and you can make it very interactive. And it’s an inexpensive cash expense.

It’s not something in my view point for you to hand it over to someone else to do for you. There are likely little jobs that you do, you can give to someone else, to give you more time for writing your blog.

# What other collaborators or partnerships can you create to help you with your blogging
# What about doing a group blog
# Joining other people that you can come together a have one blog together
# Join a Blog Challenge – it will help you to get into the space, then it’s fun!

Yes, I know it takes time to write and post on blogs, I usually have three blogs of which I write articles for on an ongoing basis. Sometimes like today – I get a writers block, so be sure that you can sit down quietly even before your day starts, or at the end of the day – you know your rhythm, just put it on the calendar and do it.

According to the Social Media Examiner 2013 Marketers/Business Owners 62% want to learn more about blogging while an additional 68% of marketers/Business Owners are increasing their efforts.

Why would you have a Blog, what are your benefits?
#1. Increased Exposure
#2. Traffic – (I will say you want engaged traffic not just any kind)
#3. Loyal Fans
#4. Partnerships
#5. Generate Leads..
#6 Higher search rankings

Of course Blogging is just one of the main tools for Social Media Marketing..Blogging will remain strong, in marketing efforts. It seems to be more for B2B businesses. Marketer’s say more and more people will be increasing this as a tactic.

There are several ways that you can blog..writing, podcasting, video blogs, guest bloggers there are multiple ways to create content. If you still don’t have the time, maybe it’s just not for you right now. If you would like to get some help with your blog or develop a Social Media Strategy.. give me a call. t: 510-564-7880. Today!

Your business depends upon it.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

How to get more influence

Get more influence in using Google+. Having more fans, people to wherever you are directing people to. This is why a Strategy is important in getting fans, leads and sales.

Google+ has become more attractive for people in business it more of a site for B2B, however studies are showing the we are using more P2P than any other category. A P2P is a Person 2 Person. We need to look at WHO we are reaching and WHO do we want to engage with. Let me share some ways in which Google+ can work for you.

+ Add a Google+ Badge on your site like:

+ Create your circles based on themes or interests..
My circles are people from different communities or groups such as Artists, Financial, Social Media, Marketing, Foodies..you get the picture in how to create circles. The reason I have them this way, is when something comes up on a certain topic I can just share it to that particular circle.

+ Use larger images not just thumbnail
Larger pictures work better on Google+, where on Facebook or your blog works better with smaller pictures.

+ Use #Hash tags
To find related posts and topics in your search and in your posts.

+ Use mentions
If you want to engage people to invite them to join the conversation your are having on your blog in in sharing a question- mentions are highlighting people from your circles. It’s like you are inviting them to join you.
This is what will happen when you post on Google +

+ Join communities and Hangouts
Just like in Facebook and LinkedIn have groups, there are over 50,000 communities on Google+

+ Create Hangouts
You can do a Hangout to educate your audience and then post it on your blog, it also automatically will be posted on your YouTube Channel. A hangout is a video-webinar. There is also a plugin you can add for a WordPress site.

+ Get acquainted with the new Google analytics Social Reports
You’ll find more information about Social Reports

+ Claim your Google+ Authorship
There is a plugin for this if you are using WordPress, when you do, it will show up on Google.
google authorship

Photo Credits

These tips will help you to have more influence on Google+ which of course puts you into Google faster. What tips have you used and are working for you? Share what you have discovered.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

It’s Not Just DPI

Two important terms you need to know and it’s not just DPI. The first is that Resolution (DPI) plus Pixel Dimension equals file size.

Logo Exhibitions without Walls

Why is that important?

Well, it has to do with the second term you need to know. “DPI” (resolution) is important for you to use but more importantly, what file size do you need, using a dpi of 72. Again, file size is determined by resolution and pixel dimension (height/width).

Below are some suggestions on file sizes to use for different types of Internet uses:

I would suggest that you use a file size no more than 150K for headshots. With images such as artwork or book covers, I would use somewhere between 250-300K. You may have to create a file that size. You will then need to bring the image into your image processing software (i.e. Photoshop), go to file size and enter 72 into resolution and then play around with pixel dimension until you get the file size you want or need.

Images to a friend/someone else, other than competitions.
I usually create my artwork images with a file size of somewhere between 1.5MB and 2.0 MB. Most Internet connections are able to handle this size and more importantly the Internet connections today can handle more than one image at a time. I am assuming however that you are sending the image(s) as an attachment to your email.

The file size is dependent on the website builder you are using. I use WordPress and a theme specifically built for photographers. In this theme, file size is dependent on what you want to accomplish. If I want an image that doesn’t change size, then I can upload an image up to 10MB. To upload an image that can enlarge, if you click on it, I can’t use more than 2MB.

What I am saying is that you have to know the image size requirements for whatever website builder you use which include the online galleries. Again, if you don’t have file(s) in the size you need, you will have to go into your image processing software and the file(s).

Social Media
If it is a headshot or some icon that you need to upload, use a file size of around 150K. If it is for artwork or something of that sort, I would suggest that you use a file size between 1.7MB and 2 MB. The image will probably show large but I want people to see my artwork with detail, so that size does well for me.

Follow their competition requirements. They will supply requirements that are in dpi as well as in pixel dimension. For example, “Image(s) should be 72 dpi and no more that 1000 pixels in either height or width.” The most important thing is to follow their requirements. If you don’t, you run the risk of your submission being rejected.

These file sizes are not cut in stone. They are file sizes that have been successful for me. In the end, the choice is up to you, but consider what the image will be used for. That will go along way in what you decide to use as file size, not just “dpi.”

Ed Wedman

Ed Wedman

Ed Wedman is the co-founder of Exhibitions Without Walls for Photographers and Digital Artists, online-juried competitions and exhibitions. Under the name of Arthur Jacob he is also an abstract photographer and digital artists. His work has been show in several group and solo exhibitions as well as winning several regional and national awards.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Going Viral with Ripplin’

Ripplin’ is now saying they are going to be the next Social App that you want to be using. It’s already gone viral, over 900,000 people have signed up for this free app.

A new social media app is coming out that has got me and a lot of other people very excited. It’s a totally new twist on social media and will reward people!!!! It’s a new concept kind of like Amazon meets Groupon meets Facebook! Looks like it’s going to beat the record of every social platform out there, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to reach 1 million users. (BTW, Instagram holds the record at 2 1/2 months).

Create your free account right now with just your email and a password. No other info needed. Takes less than 1 minute! See what buzz is about. Watch this video -..

How to Blog

How to blog and what are some tips to blogging. This is one of the most often asked questions, that are asked in groups on LinkedIn or some of the other forum boards and of course everyone has an opinion.

Blog Hub
If you have been meaning to ask this question, let’s answer some questions here.

First of all a blog to me is like a client magnet – when you share your expertise through blogging (writing posts) – writing articles, giving tips or just sharing your experiences soon you will begin to have a following. Your followers will start to leave comments, share their stories and suggestions. To me, a blog is the HUB for all your social media activities, it is from here that you start your Social Buzz.

Some people may want to consider using Facebook as a place to blog, I personally don’t recommend it as you are building traffic for FaceBook, not for yourself. Yes share your blog posts on Facebook by all means.

Share your blog posts in as many places as you can..

When you are setting up your blog, I recommend using a service provider so that you are self-hosting your site. With companies like BlueHost, HostGater or DreamHost these are very reputable service providers. You want to be sure that you can access customer service when you are stuck. There will be a learning curve, however you will be better for it.

Even if you hand over your site to a website developer to create for you and then you are going to manage it yourself, you will want to still have a company that you can ask help from. There is nothing worse than having someone in total control of your site that you need to go through all the time unless you really don’t want to know how to manage it yourself. There have been some horror stories.

It’s not any different that when you buy a car, you need to consider it has an engine, what kind, and who can you go to when you need help if it fails, or when something is broken? As a driver of your car, you need to at least know and understand how it all works.

Pick WordPress only because it is easy to use, it’s a free platform..it’s the software that supports your blog. Then you will want to get a theme. The theme is the part that makes your site pretty. A template it’s called sometimes. I recommend that you get a paid theme, because once again you will get some support to help you when you get stuck. Most themes these days that are FREE, are like having a trial version, they only work to a certain point and of course no support.

I use Thesis, there is Genius, and many other packages of themes you can buy. Still you need to ask questions before you buy, like what is included with the theme you buy.

A basic blog is about 5 pages – you will need a home – which is your blog posts, an About page (who are you what do you offer) products/services, a media/news page, some people have a page as a landing page or squeeze page. More on this later.

When you blog, you will want to share information and write to your audience. What do you readers want to know more information about? Who are they? Pick a niche and write to them. What are their challenges, what pain can you solve for them and what solutions are they seeking? You can just ask them. Of if they are an audience that you know about because you’ve been there, then it will be easy to come up with some posts.

How often should you blog? It used to be to develop your audience it could be everyday, however as time goes on you will not be able to keep up with this schedule. I would say at least 2x a week. There are several ways you can cover this to work for you.

This ought to get you started..if you got any ideas or comments that you would like to share..post in the comment section.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist
P.S. I’ll share more tips about blogging. What would you like to know?

Crowd-Funding is it for you?

A few years ago crowd-funding was just up and coming, now there are over 700 places to go to to raise money for your projects.

As abundance of money

I’ve been getting ready to do my own funding for a couple of project I have going on..I found a few that may be a fit for you too.

Did you know that there is a new site where you can sell stock in yourself? This is what Trina did she raised money from investors in exchange for equity in herself. It’s called a human capital contract. The idea is a bit unsettling. It sounds like either a modern version of indentured servitude, or the early version of some dystopian future in which every person is valued in dollars. Read more about how Trina did it.

Then I was thinking today, do I really need someone else’s website to crowdsource for myself? Not, really. Just that there are several why I shouldn’t. However I did find a list of crowdsourcing platforms you can buy or use. Check them out.

Indiegogo is International – This site is Great for Creatives, and Artists. The money you raise you keep. It’s not a all or nothing platform. At Indiegogo, creating a campaign is simple. Tell people what you are doing, how they can help and what unique perks they’ll get for becoming contributors. You keep 100% ownership of your campaign and you don’t owe us a cent until you raise money. Our customer happiness team is here to make sure you have the support you need any time of day.

Go fund Me
Great for individual projects, fundraising and even businesses. You share with friends on Facebook. You can give incentives, or just ask for donations.

CrowdIt Whatever your dreams are be, then share them and ask for what you want. It’s a new platform, with social networking, support and help it you need it..let’s see how I do on this site. It’s an all or nothing.

When you do Crowd-sourcing you’ll want to add incentives to your campaign. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Things made by you or what the project is going to create, such as artisanal goods made by a community-run social enterprise you established Access to an experience: a personal tour, a dinner meetup, VIP tickets to an event you’re creating, like your launch party or just a party for your contributors
  • Tokens of thanks: a handwritten card, a postcard from the set, or artwork that provides a connection to the culture you work in.
  • A social media shout out.
  • Acknowledgement: being named as a producer on a film, one of the supporters of a book, or honored on your website. You don’t need to buy or make rewards yourself. Consider approaching organizations relevant to your community and asking them to donate goods or services that you can pass on as rewards.
  • Make your incentives personable..collaborate with them
  • Create a poll – ask their opinion

I hope this will help you decide what will work for you..Share with us, what platform you have used and what worked the best.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Feeling Anxious?

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until today..”I’ve been feeling anxious” in the past couple of days.

Why? I have so many deadlines..putting together crowdsourcing proposals, grants..attracting matches for my new project.. by listening to the audio below, I have released my anxiousness..recognized that once I released them, I feel better. You can too, release the negatives- you’ll then feel better.

Angel Healing

This is an unusual post, I believe if you are feeling stuck, or that you are struggling by just talking a few minutes to be still you’ll begin to feel calmer. We lead such busy lives..and sometimes we think nothing is getting done..or our projects aren’t moving fast enough. Sharing this invitation to help you to be calm, less anxious, trusting yourself.


We would also like to invite you to be part of a special ‘Earth Healing Meditation’ designed to bring powerful and beneficial higher energies to the earth, for the good of all. We have been asked by the angels to get 11,000 people to join in this meditation.

To listen use the link below. You can perform this meditation at any time, wherever you are in the world. Ideally on 30th May or within 24 hours if you can, to create a wave of healing energy encircling the globe.


Say a prayer or make a wish. What would be wonderful? Share these positive energies with your friends.

Join the Earth Healing Meditation, the angels promise you will be DOUBLY rewarded, as gratitude for your commitment and willingness to help the world.
Here’s the Mediation, just click Mediation.

Presented by Darren Linton. Dareen means ‘little great one’ in Gaelic. I am the founder and creator of LifeWorks, and run all of the programmes. I have allowed myself to be guided, so that I now spend my life helping others find and develop their true Path in life, contact their angels, and make their unique contribution, for the benefit of themselves and the rest of the world. Read more about Darren and how he got started in this new business.

Thank you, for reading and listening to this mediation.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Sharing the Best Customer Service Experiences

What are your best customer service experiences you’ve had? Here are three experiences. Many more on Quora.

First Experience:
Several years ago my family came home from a very much needed vacation at about 10 pm December 30th only to find our house was in the process of burning.
The next evening (1/1) we decided to eat at Carraba’s Italian restaurant to celebrate everyone being ok. We didn’t say anything about our purpose there that evening. Roughly halfway through our meal our server asked how our New Year’s Eve had been. We then informed him of what had happened and why we really hadn’t celebrated that year.

He expressed his sorrow at hearing this news and the meal went on. Towards the end he encouraged us to get dessert, which we didn’t normally do when eating out. We finally acquiesced and ordered dessert. He then brought our check which was blank. We flagged him back down and explained there must have been an issue with the restaurant’s system as there was no amount on the check.

Our server then explained he had told the owner about our experience and that they has agreed our meal would be on the house that night as a way to help us during our time of need.  We had neither asked for not expected any treatment of this type. Needless to say, this server received a rather large tip that evening and we frequented this restaurant many times during the next few months of house rebuilding. 

Thanks to the actions of this server I will still, years later, only eat Italian at Carraba’s. I don’t know if he realized just how much he impacted my family that evening but his actions helped make what seemed like an impossibly difficult time that much more bearable.

Second Experience:
Considering the magnitude of the other posts, my story is relatively small, but it made me happy and increased my respect and liking towards Starbucks.
Third Experience:
It was during our second honeymoon. We were visiting the Starbucks near to Eagle Square in Langkawi, Malaysia. We arrived from Kualalumpur in the afternoon after a hectic bus plus ferry ride and were really tired. Me and my wife simply wanted to hangout and have a peaceful time drinking our favorite coffee.

I ordered a hazelnut latte, and wifey ordered a cup of Mocha. It was a weekday, and business was slow. Later on, I came to know that most people who visit Langkawi are usually in the beach during evening and few people visit a coffee shop during those hours.

After taking a few sips, my wife complained that she chose the wrong drink and wasn’t feeling like finishing her cup. I asked her whether she wanted a  new drink, but she said no. (obviously considering the premium price tag) and just placed her mug on the table and we resumed talking.

Not more than 5 minutes later, a Barista walked up to our table asked my wife if there was any problem with the drink. She answered that she was not liking the taste and doesn’t want to finish it. Without speaking much, he went away.

Surprisingly, he came back after 5-10 minutes with another cup of coffee and offered it to her saying that “This is the best coffee we have, almost everyone likes it. I hope you will like this one”.

Both of us were humbled by this kind and unexpected gesture. She accepted it and loved it. I don’t exactly remember the blend, but it really was good.

I am not sure whether this is a usual practice in Starbucks store, but we really liked this extra customer service and whenever we go abroad (unfortunately, Starbucks is yet to open a store in Bangladesh). by Ishtiaque Khan

Mac Book Air
For me, it’s Apple. I had a 2012 13″ MacBook Air. It was the base model upgraded with 8GB of RAM. 3 months after getting it, there was a defect in the screen. You could see a blueish/gray spot in the screen if you looked at it from a certain angle. I knew it was an issue with the screen itself because the spot wouldn’t go away even after I cleaned the screen and restarted the computer.

Disappointed, I brought it in to my local Apple store. The Genius at the store took a quick look at it and said that it would take about 10 days to repair it as they had a number of iMacs that they needed to repair first.

Without me asking for anything, the Genius said he’d replace my Air. Except the replacement was a top-of-the-line MacBook Air with a 2.0 GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB SSD with a new power adapter.

It was a better machine than the one I’d brought it. And it retailed for about $800 USD more. Not only did he do that, he restarted my Apple Care too, which meant I’d get a full 3 year coverage on my new Air. That’s how you win customers for life.
Samuel Chan

There are some other fabulous experiences on Quora.read some other wonderful stories.

What have been some of your best customer service experiences? Leave a comment below..Love to hear about them

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Heart@Work is Required

It’s incredibly hard sometimes to keep going, when there are so many reasons to give up, just don’t your Heart@Work is required.

This is where you need to decide if you want to do something with your life or you’re okay with being average. Don’t throw away all that hard work you did – obstacles are here only to see if you’re worth succeeding!

Watch this video, it’s produced by Heart Required

Open this website with your smartphone during tough times while you’re out running, working out in the gym or just feeling down, we’ve prepared strongest motivational videos for you.

This website and all our videos to say the truth to all the people on this planet: “You are limitless! There is nothing you can’t do when you believe in it enough!“.

When things aren’t going your way, it’s time to be grateful anyway.

  • When you’ve been looking for a job for so long and nothing seems to be showing up for you, just say Thank you!
  • When you have pain in your body and it doesn’t go away, it’s gratitude time.
  • When you just can’t seem to be consistent in your messaging of what services and products you offer, just say Thank you!
  • When you feel you have so many talents, gifts that you don’t know which one to share, it’s gratitude time.
  • When you have people willing to help you and you don’t take them up on their offer it’s gratitude time.
  • When everything is going along very well, and success is coming to you fast say Thank you!
  • When you are in the flow it’s gratitude time.
  • When you have comments, readers and fans it’s gratitude time
  • When you have friends that will support and pick you up and help you, it’s gratitude time.
  • When someone invites you to a networking meeting or event, what’s your answer? It’s gratitude time
  • If something you are wanting and you don’t know who to ask – it’s gratitude time
  • When you body is healthy and working well, it’s gratitude time
  • When you have anxiety in picking up the phone to call people – just to do a one on one call to develop a relationship with them, or get to know them it’s gratitude time.
  • If someone is calling you to have a 15 minute chat, they would like to get to know you better,, you say what? It’s gratitude time
  • f you want to get what you want, you become a connector – and it’s gratitude time
  • If someone calls to ask for help, what do you do? Say YES and help them
  • You are feeling blue, do the happy dance..it’s gratitude time.
  • Someone shows up in your life and wants some help from you and they aren’t grateful or appreciative of how you have helped them. Just Bless Them and yourself
  • When in your life is it gratitude time? Anytime, all the time 24/7. When you are faced with a challenge give thanks for it, it’s  just a blessing.


Thank you for all my friends, referral partners, fans, readers of my blogs – My deepest Gratitude is for you. You inspire me to keep going, keep writing and being of service.

I Love you!

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Ways to Say Thank you

You have created a community or your own tribe and now you want to stay in touch with them. How can you say Thank you?


Creating your own Community page or group is a wonderful way to get to know your clients, customers and connections.

Have you heard of Time Banking?
It’s a community of one hour at a time. It’s where everyone has something to give. Time Banks create trust and well-being by asking people to share what they can offer to help.

The spontaneous Thank you, give a time dollar to to a family member, or a work colleague or a client or when you are out networking. This certificate represents your commitment to give. Plus, have you ever said to someone call me let’s have a chat? And you forget who they are? A time dollar is great for this and why not just say what you are willing to do something for them using the time dollar.

You can simply create gift certificates to give to your customers with a reward, or gift, it’s your choice.

Surprise a member by mailing out Appreciation cards or a coffee card.

Do or send out a random act of kindness gift. Like a postcard letting them know you are thinking about them.

Give them a blank Time Dollar to share with someone else.

Donate to a cause that matters to your audience..in their name.

Create you own Award to give out, when you catch them doing something good.

A simple Thank you! will do too.

Kill People with Kindness

Share your Vision with Delight

Little-Known Ways to Spread Kindness

There are so many ways to say Thank You, leave your suggestions below in the comment box.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Artists How to Get More Sales

Artists, wouldn’t you like to have more sales easier? You can, when you develop relationships with other collaborators.

We all would like money come to you easily and effortlessly, no matter where you are or what you are doing?

We all would agree that is would be a wonderful thing. Putting all our eggs in one basket is something I have learned that hasn’t really worked for me.

Earlier this year I decided that hunting for work, spending my energy on this task was wearing me out.

A friend of mine asked me, “How’s it working for you?” My answer was of course “It’s not.”

What I felt in that moment, was I could let go of my struggles and worries. Struggling wasn’t getting me anywhere. I was given an incredible opportunity to live with a friend and just re-focus, get my stomach and legs back, spend time just to think about what it is that I really wanted to be and do.

I have many ideas and things that I want to do..I came up with Food 4 Social Change. It’s not just about food, it’s about inspiration, it’s about Kindness (you’ll find many articles here on Heart@Work about Kindness), it’s about being passionate and what I do and want to offer.

It’s about supporting other Entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in our world, or maybe it’s just making a difference in our local economy. Creating jobs, helping people have money come to them, to have other revenue streams, help them launch their passions.

I bring this up, because if we are struggling then maybe it’s time to give it up, surrender it. Life ought to flow. It also means we need to listen to ourselves, take risks, be open minded to new opportunities that present themselves.

Money tree

Since saying, “YES,” I have found many opportunities to meet new people, gigs and other adventures have come to me. When we have obstacles or mountains sometimes we feel, “I give up!”

It’s ok, just to give up for a time or rest. It’s an opportunity to look at the situation and find a way around it, or through it or just learn to LOVE what’s in your way. Once it is released or a resource or idea or solution will come to you.

I remember a friend of mine who wanted to make some extra money as she was just covering her rent. I suggested an idea to her. It was like the doors and windows immediately shut.

If you want more money, or another revenue stream or sales and you just feel stuck then you also need to be open to new ideas.

Be careful what you ask for. As you will likely get it.

This is a call for Artists —

Masterminding to help Artists make more money. A lesson on “How to” will be presented in getting started in getting more sales.

+ Formulate a relationship marketing strategy
+ What to say when you talk to people
+ How to grow your own tribe or community
+ When is the best time to start
+ Who are the best people to approach

If you are ready to have more money from your art business then come join me. Just fill out the form on the side bar..I’ll be sending out a more information and a registration form at the end of this week.

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Relationship Marketing for Artists

Relationships are the life blood of any business as your sales will come from people who admire your work. I was asked by Ed Wedman about Relationship Marketing for Digital Artists.

I answered some questions Ed had, as he read one of my posts of “Know who your customers are?” He’ll be posting my answers on Exhibitions without walls.

Logo Exhibitions without Walls

Marketing is where you promote, share yourself and your art. You are the person people seek to know more about. Your Art is the product of which you are selling. By developing relationships with people who become your customers/buyers you will now begin to grow your business.

Getting sales is a challenge for any business, especially for artists, as they are more creative, emotionally attached to their art, express themselves through their art. Sometimes you may think this is all that is what you have to do. Not so. Developing relationships is where the sales process begins.

With his audience I am giving away a 30 minute Coaching call and one spot in the the Mastermind group. Be sure to check out his website.

What are some best ways to nurture business relationships?

Forming solid relationships, whether they are customers or people that you hope who will be Strategic Alliances or people who will be customers or can help you. I will be writing more about this if you want more in-depth in the next few posts. I recommend that you join the Mastermind group.

Say you are in a retail store shopping you are ready to buy something, you have a question, you go to a store clerk to ask for help, they say to you, “Give me a minute.” (Meanwhile, they take a phone call, chat with other customers, take a break..then they get back to you.)

Finally they show back up to help you. Are you ready to still buy what you came to buy? Maybe, maybe you are ready to leave the store.

This applies to forming solid relationships with customers and partners.. The sooner you respond the more likely they’ll want to do business with you.

One of the best ways to deepen your business relationships is to meet, follow up with them and meet one on one. To save time for both parties a 15 minute chat on the phone works too.

After a face to face meeting or chat on the phone, you will know if you can help them or if they are truly interested in buying from you. Some sales are not just transactional some people like the opportunity to get to know you first.

Follow-up with people of whom you have met at shows, networking events, even if you have met them on Facebook or in a group that you are a member of. A quick “Hello, How are you.” Or “Just following up from out conversation.” You would be surprise how much people would appreciate it and remember you.

Invite them to your a show, a networking meeting or something that they would be interested in attending.

Growing relationships for your Art Business isn’t that much different than any other business. We all have challenges in following up. You are not alone in this. However, you still need to do it.

Love to read your comments or suggestions that have helped you.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Know Who Your Clients Are

This video lesson is based on knowing who your clients are. When we figure out who they are, it will drastically save time, money and frustration.

So often we get into business thinking of what we want to do and we haven’t figured out who our clients are going to be. This is not an unusual problem. Recently, I was speaking to a guy who I hadn’t spoken to for while and he was sharing with me, if you can’t beet them you might as well join them. More and more churches were coming to him for branding and web design. For me I’ve been working with young Entrepreneurs who want to know more about networking and of course developing relationships. This worked for a while and then I changed direction. Sometimes, we just got to stick with what works rather than mixing it up.

Do watch this video, it’s about 15-20 minutes long.

If you enjoyed the video, leave a comment in the Facebook box..

Ways to Get Customers

There are many ways to get more customers. These three articles, offer you a way to check in how you are doing in getting more customers.

Besides getting more customers, how are you retaining them? How is your sales processes? Without sales, or converting people into customers then perhaps we ought to quit our business. Or hire someone who can do the job for you.

Read how to retain your customers

If you take a look at what other people are doing, are they successful? What challenges are they overcoming? find someone who does what you do, and copy them. Or ask them if there is some synergy that you can work together on. Ask people for their help or ask them if they can introduce you to people and build a relationship with these people.

Without sales – your business isn’t going to grow, it’s just this simple.

Developing a Sales Plan
Many entrepreneurs and business owners know that their business can be successful through sales, but many professionals don’t have a plan for getting new business. This part of your sales is very important. So often I encounter solo-entrepreneurs who either don’t want to do this step or they really son’t see the point of it. Believe me, even if you are going to jump into the Social Media arena, this is very pertinent. Otherwise, you will find yourself shouting and not being targeted to the audience that you want to reach and the audience who will hear your message.

Working with Collaboration
Have you ever thought of there has to be a better way to grow your business? Imagine the Possibilities to grow your business with Collaboration. By getting more clients and maybe even have better employees?

Here’s another great article on getting more visitors to you website.
This list was complied after a wonderful discussion on the Art Marketing group..so between what other people were doing and what I came up with from my own tool box.. I am sure you could keep adding another tactic or your favorite one to this list. If you have anything you would like to add, please leave it in the comment section. I would love to hear from else you are doing.

What are you doing to get more customers? Would love to get your comments and feedback.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

How to Convert Your Prospects to a Customer

How to convert your prospects to a customer. A suspect or prospect is a person of interest, possible suspect, and even possible person of interest. You still need to get them to be a customer.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

How are you converting people?

Do you spend time with them asking questions? Do you friend them? When you spend more time with your prospects, they’ll likely then want to join you. When we want more customers we need to know what our sales cycle is. If you close too early, it’s like being on a date for the 1st time, and they say to you, what to go to bed with me? The answer is likely NO! (there are exceptions to this rule). if you are asking this question, they are back peddling and can’t wait to get away from you.

The challenge I have found is that we are asking the wrong questions or we just don’t spend enough quality time with people for them to say to us, I’m in! Or say tell me more. Another reason most people don’t join you because they don’t have the skills to what you want them to do. If you give someone a binder and say read this.. they read it, however, they may not know what to do next. If there is something you need them to do, you need to mentor or teach them how to do it. A one on one teaching session is more effective than in a group.

Do you or your company offer Webinars? or Workshops? Once you have established a program or someone who can do one on one training for you..you’ll have more committed people who want to stay working with you and will help you grow your business.

You want to give each person you talk to who says to you I’m in, now what? What process do you take them to? They need confidence and the new skills to help you attract more people, more customers, etc. You have to show them how to jump in. Do you have a process or step by step way to become a Leader with you?

One of the most recent complaints I heard about was, people who want support for their events, but for whatever reason they won’t support or share other peoples events.

1st of all, how have you empowered people to promote the networking events? Posting an event and asking people to share it, doesn’t always work as they may not know how to share it. Or they feel they don’t know enough people to invite people to the next networking event. There are a couple of ways you can teach someone to share the networking events. Ask them individually if they know how to share the events. Put into place a benefit for them to share it.

In re-capping set goals to be more communicative to your customers and staff:

1. Ask more questions – befriend them.
2. Ask them why they aren’t joining you.
3. Teach by mentoring them a new skill so they will feel more confident in helping you.
4. Make weekly dates with people.

We all get rusty sometimes, a refresher is all that is what we need.

If you aren’t converting your prospects or getting a higher volume of customers who are buying from you, perhaps it’s time to get some mentoring help. Let me know how I can help you.

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10 Tips to Improve your Marketing

10 Tips that you can implement today to help you to improve your marketing in growing your business.

Which way for quality customers?

Which way for quality customers?

Marketing tip #1
Write your own e-zine to reach new global customers. Use a E-mail service company such as Mailchimp rather than your own IP.

Marketing tip #2
Develop Partnerships for your Biz
1. First, tally up all your marketing assets of what you can offer to a
potential partner in terms of exposure. Find a niche that you can own.
2. Assign yourself or someone else to develop these partnerships
3. Nurture your relationships as it may take anywhere from 3 months to 1
yearly to finalize a partnership

Marketing tip #3
Get your own Blog such as: WordPress Use a blog to promote your book, your e-zine, your website. Some people have personal blogs. Just remember when you write that it is like putting it on TV.

Marketing tip #4
Offer a FREE bonus or booklet about your own expertise

Marketing tip #5
Develop referral sources – these are warm to hot people who have used your services or they know what you are capable of.

Marketing tip #6
Join Linkedin or another social networks – ask me for an invite to my network at LinkedIn

Marketing tip #7
Develop partnerships for your products or services. This could be affiliates or vendors or other people that you do business with.

Marketing tip #8
Adopt a cause marketing partner – these are nonprofit groups or causes. It will help the both of you tap into markets or customers you would not have gotten on your own.

Marketing tip #9
Establish a Seal of Approval – Give Awards or Sponsor an award.

Marketing tip #10
Write articles and post them in your newsletter, blog, e-zine or offer them to other newsletters for content. Submit them to Article Banks like e-zine articles or HUB Pages.

Read more related articles.
How to get more busines

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Why Relationship Marketing Works!

Relationship Marketing works because people do business with people. Business does not come to us via another business only through our relationships.

Relationship Marketing

Heart@Work’s Services

Originally when I wrote about this concept it was posted under Reverse Marketing. Wiki posts: “Reverse marketing deals with strategies that would make the customer find the company offering the product.”

Some people seem to think that if they keep doing the traditional marketing like advertising it works the best. For some companies it may.

When I share this concept with people, they just shake their heads and say, “What are you talking about?”

What’s kindness got to do with business?

If you are kind, to other people they will reciprocate to you. It’s just really simple. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Some people just don’t get it. I guess it’s because the traditional marketing is so ingrained. Did you know that it has been shown that Relationship Marketing can cut costs of direct marketing from 5 to 30%?

Attraction Marketing is very similar to Relationship Marketing. Since the movie “The Secret” came out, there are 100’s of books out there about attracting whatever you want into your life. I think it’s great, even if you make a 5% shift in what you are doing now, you can change your business quicker.

You can now take advantage of opportunities that come your way. “Allow yourself to be dazzled and surprised by the results.” Quote by Joe Vitale Mr. Fire.

Here are 4 tips to change your position in attracting customers and using Relationship Marketing strategies.

1. Attract – provide incentives like FREE e-zines, a FREE e-book or another promotional item that your customers want or may need. Remember FREE is the most powerful word on the internet.

2. Assist – co-create, co-operate and collaborate with your strategic alliances and/or your customers.

3. Affiliate – develop affiliate partnerships! These are 3rd party relationships. They could be businesses that offer similar products and services than your own, or perhaps they completely different.
4. Offer anywhere from a 1 – 20% commission in sending business your way. Don’t be stingy. Pay well and on time.
If 20% of our customers buy our services and we can keep up-selling them why do we think we need 1000’s of customers? Can you serve them all? Maybe, maybe not. It’s something to consider.

Over at Food 4 Social Change they are offering a commission for their affiliates on memberships of 17% on the 1st level and when someone signs up you will get an additional 3% on their referral who joins their membership. It’s means being an Insider. Just in this shift they’ll increase their membership.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Successful Networking as an Artist

The main thing about successful networking as an Artist is to always remember this: “It’s not what can you do for me? – but always “What can I do to help you?”

Inspiring other people

Do not expect people to help you, but be very grateful if they do.

Sue Martin said, she posted some information about an up-coming art project that she was doing in San Francisco. Some days later I even got a mail from an investor who is a partner of one of the largest independent galleries in the Bay Area, asking if we wanted to have the exhibition there. Amazing!

I think Mari-Lyn is right on the spot when saying “If you like friends – then what do friends do? They help each other.”

There are some rules to follow:

 Be positive – if you have a bad day, don´t let others be bothered with that. You do not HAVE to update your status every day.
 Be friendly – encourage others when they do something positive.
  • Remember to greet them when they share something positive and say “happy birthday” when you can.
  • Clean your site – remove “tags” on photos you do not like, remove negative comments if you do not want them, and so on
  • Never – ever – overdo it.
  • Be careful about how often you invite someone to (the same) exhibition. It is much better that your connections ASKS for updates, than being overflowed by it.

Eric Olson said, I love people! I love making new friends! And I love art! 

I am very fascinated by the new social media. I use Facebook a lot, I am at LinkedIn, I do Twitter (not so much, though), I am a Couch Surfer I am a truly devoted fan of social media networking.

For me social media networking just makes it even easier to connect, and stay connected, with people. It makes me feel that I belong to a larger society of artists. It makes our planet smaller in a way. I really like that.

Mary Lawler says it’s true that outgoing people pick up social media pretty quickly. In the beginning I thought it would be laborious and time consuming, and it was for the first two weeks or so until I got the hang of what worked, who was a waste of time and where the smart people hung out. Now I spend two hours a day or less keeping up with and making new contacts, leaving comments, but remember, I am doing it for a company, not just for myself.

Blogging is one of the best ways I know to get information out to a broad audience. Buying original art online or otherwise isn’t the hip, hot thing to do but I guarantee you, if Oprah talked about it, encouraged it, or wrote about it in her magazine, the whole world would start buying art.

As Artists we can’t afford to be elitist about anything anymore. Do we want people to buy art or don’t we? WE have to be the educators, the communicators, the marketers and the advocates. In order to reach people we have to go where they are, and that is on the internet.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

10 Tips to Keep the Funnel Full

In order to have ongoing clients we need to keep the funnel full. If you aren’t keeping the funnel full, who is?

Imagine your Possibilities jumping into the big pond

Imagine your Possibilities jumping into the big pond

Who’s doing your marketing and promotions for you while you are busy with clients?

Got lots of clients? And are they keeping you busy? That’s great!

This has been one of my BIGGEST lessons to learn in having my own business as a consultant. It’s been great to work for my clients, getting paid and helping them, to grow their business,… until the day arrived that I didn’t have any clients.

Does this sound familiar?

We need to keep the funnel going. Many of us have hidden profits in our business, so where is it? Do we know where to look to find the hidden profits or opportunities to keep the flow going?

Some of the action activities’ that we need to implement is developing a system that allows us to keep attracting more clients in the funnel. Here are a few ideas in how you can improve your systems:

  1. Write down everything you do when a client arrives – this will help you to develop your own system.
  2. Set-aside extra cash so that you can spend if you need to for marketing purposes
  3. Book time just for you. This way you are making space for more opportunities to come your way. Refrain from running up and down the coast looking for clients.
  4. Surrender
  5. Spend time with friends, family and activities or hobbies that you have
  6. Be flexible with what comes to you
  7. Write down what you can do for your current clients in getting referrals from them
  8. Write a list of things that you can do to help you attract your clients faster
  9. Make a list of things your clients have been asking for that you don’t provide and see if somehow you can offer it, even if it means you partner up with someone else to deliver it.
  10. What communication tools or tactics do you use, make a list.

If you need further help in increasing your clients, or profits then it’s time to bring in someone who can help you. I would also be available to help you on a one on one basis as well. Fill out the form and Let’s get to work.

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Little-Known Ways to Spread Kindness

Don’t let the closing of Kindness Week stop you from spreading Kindness around. Here’s some ways to spread Kindness.


Kindness is like a viral video. It can spread quickly, and it brings smiles to everyone it touches. In fact, one act of kindness can inspire dozens of others, which results in a beautiful chain of acts that improve others’ lives, bolster our faith in mankind, and simply make people happy.

Here are some examples of how far a chain of kindness can reach.
Offering to Help a Sick Friend

Whether your friend is ill with a long-term sickness or simply has a case of strep throat, offering to watch the kids can be a great way to inspire further acts of kindness.

The children will see what it is to be a true friend and be likely to pass on such caring and concern to their own friends, who will appreciate the extra attention. You also have a chance to share with those children why you are helping your friend and how good it makes you feel, setting a kindness example they can emulate for years to come.

And no doubt your own friend will enjoy paying back your kindness once he or she gets on his or her feet.

Reaching Out to Our Service Men and Women

Another tremendous way to start a chain of kindness is to help out our nation’s veterans, the brave men and women who protect our country.

This is a wonderful example of paying it forward. There are hundreds of programs throughout the country you can contribute to, and many of them encourage you to work with your neighbors and family to accomplish your goals. You can often find listings for these programs via the local newspaper, in the online Christian forum community or by word of mouth.

This service sets an example for your own children, who become more likely to reach out to someone else in need. You can start a chain of kindness at their school by setting this wonderful example.
Giving Up a Holiday.

Volunteer to work at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday. Serve food to those who are less fortunate. Sure, it seems like a big sacrifice, but on a larger scale, isn’t helping people more important than getting presents or stuffing yourself with turkey?

Many, including those who you serve and those who you tell that you are going to serve, will feel your kindness. They will take heart in what you do and perhaps be inspired to give up a day of their time as well.

If they are one of the homeless you are tending, you may give them new faith that people believe in them and inspire them to treat others with kindness, too, as you have shown.

Guest Blogger: Michelle Rebecca is an aspiring writer with a passion for blogging. She enjoys writing about a vast variety of topics and loves that blogging gives her the opportunity to publicly voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience. She is the founder of SocialweLove

How are you Retaining your Customers?

Customer Retention is very important to almost every business. How are you retaining your customers?

Great Job

Jordan Witkov
Customer retention is important for your company’s reputation as well as its pocketbook.  The cost of getting a new customer typically exceeds that of keeping an existing one.

It is important to but a program in place where you have contact with your customers beyond the sale.  I suggest using a CRM to manage followup with existing clients.

If you or your company is looking for one to try, Base is a FREE small business simple CRM and sales tracking app offering unlimited users and contacts.

Paul DeJoe
You MUST FIRST understand “why” and “what” makes them keep coming back.  If you reach out to more potential customers without knowing these answers, you’re wasting time and guessing at what is working.  This has happened to me three different times.  I recently wrote about this exact situation if you care to check out how we approach this situation:

Jose Simoes
Depends on the business. But to put it in a simple way, what is cheapest? Getting new customers or retaining existing ones?
Check out this software.

Tucker Marsano
All businesses should realize that cus­tomer reten­tion is a cost-effective and prof­itable strategy that is imper­a­tive in today’s com­pet­i­tive eco­nomic environment. Take a look at these statistics on the effects of customer retention:
• Acquir­ing new cus­tomers can cost as much as five times more than sat­is­fy­ing and retain­ing cur­rent customers
• A 2% increase in cus­tomer reten­tion has the same effect as decreas­ing costs by 10%
• Depend­ing on the indus­try, reduc­ing your cus­tomer defec­tion rate by 5% can increase your prof­itabil­ity by 25 to 125%
• Cus­tomer prof­itabil­ity tends to increase over the life of a retained customer
Customer retention leads to increased revenue, lower customer acquisition costs, and increased referrals. If you are interested in any additional information about the value of customer retention, check out this article.

Jim Palmer
Let me answer why customer retention is so important in two words: Lifetime Value. If you want to sell more of your goods and services, and therefore increase your profits, then turn to the people who have already identified themselves as buyers – your current customers!

Here’s something that should get you very excited! Each 1% increase in customer retention equals 7% increase in profits! One big reason for that is that it typically costs at least five times more to obtain new customers than it does to retain (and sell more to) customers you already have.

I like all their comments and suggestions..if you liked them or have a tip to share..be sure to leave your comment below.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

I Believe in Your Dreams

Dr. Martin Luther Jr had a dream, the people who liked what his dream was about walked with him. The ache in their heart was YES! I believe in your dream.

How can we go forth? They began to organize themselves together, soon more and more people stood up and said, “We need to take a stand.” Rosa Parks was another person who took a stand said, “I deserve to sit in the front of the bus.” in her actions and her words. Was it a dream? I don’t know, she just knew she deserved more.

It’s time for us to walk together to support our dreams. I love to share Juliette’s story of how her dream board has come together, not just for her, also for other people. When we join hands and start believing in our dreams then we can do what we came here to do. What do you want? What inspires you?

Inspire your Dreams

We all have dreams of of which perhaps have forgotten to dream because of your current financial situation or you are just trying to survive. Surviving meaning just having a roof over your head, enough food to eat or how can you get to the next place? Maybe you think, who has time to dream?

How do we get to the next place of dreaming what we truly want to have, be and do? You can join Juliette’s World Wide Dream Board to get started. Start believing in your dreams. Start to take a step or action towards what to want, even if it’s just making some inquiries asking for assistance from people you have met. I interviewed her a few days ago, listen to it. Helice Bridges also jumped on the call as she had a dream..here how she began on her journey.

One of the things I have started to do to create one of my dreams is to Interview people who are making a difference with their businesses, by building in a Social Change aspect in their products and services. I have a great interest in this.. who do I ask? I started joining groups on LinkedIn and see if I could interview them and then posted the interviews on my new blog. It’s becoming fun and I am also seeing how my conversations with people are inspiring me.

Dreams come true when we start believing in them. They are in the unseen, meaning we don’t always know how the Universe or God is arranging things for us, until we are either ready or the other parties are ready for us. There is a process called TRUST that we really need to allow and believe in.

Like Martin Luther King, I am sure he had no idea of how his Dream of equality would come together. Yet, he is greatly remembered. As he had a dream and believed in it.

What are your dreams?

Post your comments below or go to the Facebook page and leave your dreams.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Creating a High Performing Organization

After writing a White Paper about this topic ten years ago I wanted to see if anything had really changed in creating a high performing organization.

Not a lot, however there were a few suggestions and ideas. One of the post popular answers were higher better people?? I am not saying that it’s part of it, to really create a high performing organization is more about how you create one that is the betterment for all.

James Davis

The key to a high performing organization is a strong culture. You need to have the basics in place. These basics are Engagement, Satisfaction, Confidence, and Loyalty. If you build the basics, you will find the rest coming into place. 

You need to think about the value proposition of hard work and performance for your employees, and how your organizational goals can be made to align with employee goals.

Chet Nichols

  1. Take people out for coffee in the morning and just get out of the office. Rule is, though, we can’t talk about business. My teams have loved this.
  2. This is a little bit of “tough love”, but I have a standing rule when we are brain storming or thought showering and it is this: The word “NO” is NEVER allowed in any of these sessions. Also, ANY stupid idea is MOST welcome so we can put it up on the white board. I really press for this because that stupid idea may be “Blocking” a great idea.
  3. I let people know that I am there to help them be their best and not to tell them what to do.

Mark Herbert

I have devoted the last few years of my career as both an executive and consultant to helping organizations develop and implement fully integrated employee engagement strategies.

The results have been impressive including significant improvement in all key performance indicators and ancillary benefit in employee recruitment and retention, savings in health care expenditures, etc. 
I think the key is that my approach has been systemic rather than systematic. 
I created a model some years back I call c2C or moving from a compliance model to a commitment model. It works!
Bob Panic

The best thing that I have personally done to create high-performing organizations (other than leading by example), is the development of my Kinetic Enterprise Methodology.

The Kinetic Enterprise Method is a proven set of implementable actions and strategies that deliver Kinetic Enterprises, ones that create high performing individuals able to continually evolve with the needs and demands of the client and embrace change. 

But the creation of a high performers is a top-to-bottom and a bottom-to-top approach and must include every one from the Board of Directors, CEO and executive management to the cleaners! Every aspect of the enterprise, from a holistic view, must me taken into account to create a high performing organisation.

Starting essentials:

From the top down, every manager needs to be onboard. 
Empower your employees to do what’s right.
  2. Teach the concept of win-win, everyone must win for the organization to win. 
Recognize, celebrate and reward successes.
  3. Team build and problem solve with your vendors.
Cross train employees, on a voluntary basis, to do multiple jobs and reward them for learning more.
Eliminate waste/mistakes with best procedures and simplified production and correct mistakes, not punish them.
  6. Pick your leader(s) based on buy-in and passion rather then previous position… you never know where your heroes will come from.
  7. Accept the fact that not everyone will buy-in to change and move those who oppose it out of the way but don’t punish them.
  8. One important addition – Training – for everyone on everything about the changes

Kenneth Larson

  1. Knowing how much leadership to offer and how much to let the individuals grow on their own.
  2.  Trying to strike the right balance between specific and generic guidance so the unique individual traits of the workers come through in the business model and solutions to problems, system design and success of the firm are derived from the people running the enterprise.
  3. Managing constructively by fostering an environment respectful of all points of view but lead by driving to fulfilling progressive objectives as a first priority and blending differences of opinion decisively.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Especially in big organizations, each collaborator is assigned to well defined tasks and is not entitled to mind anything outside. 

Thus, if you aim to obtain a high-performing organization, you must diffuse a collaborative culture which may only be endorsed by the top level: this will progressively go down and afterwards useful insights and initiatives will come from any level even the cleaner’s one. 

Culture is a necessary condition but is not sufficient: you must set up a suitable organization, workflows and rules underpinned by an information system and various incentives/rewards.

If you need assistance in this area try these guys..or of course your can contact me.

Thank you
Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

What’s a Money Tree?

What’s a money tree? I like to call it a visual view of what your revenue streams (money) for your business looks like, it’s a visual perspective.

This painting represents a money tree. Some call it a place where you can visit in your imagination. I call it a visual view of what your revenue streams for your business looks like.

Money Tree

One day I was out walking and hugging the trees and looking at them, even while it’s winter, they all have a vibrancy that I saw in each one of them. The tree that I painted represents my business. The seeds that I am planting, that you are planting to grow your business, the trunk being strong, growing with several branches. Each color represents a different revenue stream that I and you can add to make the other branches healthier and continue to flourish.

Many of us, have created a plan in what we intend to create in our businesses, the marketing initiatives we are going to launch and what avenues we are going to reach out to our community to help us to learn and prosper.

Know that we don’t always have the answer in “HOW” we are going to have a rich abundant tree, we just need to take the next step. Allow yourself to not know all the answers they will be revealed as you reach the next step. This is what I am becoming to know. Have faith, trust and believe in all the possibilities that are all around you. Start saying “YES,” more often. Even if you say yes to something it may not be your time, you are just letting the universe know that you are ready to receive.

Receiving from a giver’s point of view is to challenging sometimes. Unless we are willing to receive we cannot have all what we say we want out of our businesses. I learnt a very simple lesson from a young man, he said “if you give someone a $5.00 coffee card, and they don’t want to receive it, then likely they have a hard time receiving.” Do you want to work with people who can’t receive?

I love my money tree as it is vibrant, healthy and ready to receive to have a flourishing business.

How about you?

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist
P.S. Reminder about about Empowering Masterminding

Girlfriends you are not alone!

Girlfriends you are not alone! I’ve been speaking with many of my girlfriends, and most of them are saying the same thing, that “I” just really need some support and help to get done all the things I need to get done.

Go for your dreams now!

If it’s not having enough money, or customers or time or the support to help me (us) move forward in my (our) business or extra projects that we all have going on. Plus, jumping into a bigger pond with our client base. Where do you find them?

While I was speaking to my friends I asked them, if a Mastermind group would be helpful? Most of us have been in a group at one time or another and have gotten so much out of being a part of one. I know I certainly have. From doing joint ventures, to co-creating with someone or simply just giving encouragement to people. The answer is: YES! It would.

Yes, we have friends that may or may not support our ideas or support what we are doing. Quite often I’ve been told I am doing it wrong. Who needs to be told this all the time? We each have our own path or journey to take and it just may look very different to other people. We are all at choice. If a friend wants to help us, and we feel not empowered or ready to take on the world then sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Since, I have facilitated Masterminded many times before, us girls sometimes just need another kind of support than what we get from our friends and family..I feel you’ll really get empowered and ready for action.

I am recommending that the Empowered Masterminding group to be $30.00/ month, we meet 2x per month. What I am also, saying is that you can add any amount of the value you are receiving of being in the group, as well. There are the two options, $30.00/ month or whatever you feel it is worth to you.

If you are wondering why I am even charging for this..I have found that when people are paying a nominal amount that they are investing in themselves, they’ll get more value out of it and are more likely to show up.

The Empowering Masterminding group will consist of 6-8 people..you really need to be committed in attending. I know things and our schedules get changed..as the saying goes ** shit happens.** Your intention needs to be that you’ll show up for each meeting, other members are counting on you, just as much as they’ll be counting on you.

January 22, 2012
Tuesdays – 9:00am PST 12:00noon for EST
Duration: 60-75 minutes

For more info about the Empowering Women Masterminding Group, and read the #1 Key to Success for your business.

Well girlfriends, it’s time to get done and do what we are called to do. Here’s the EM Shopping page

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

P.S. Subscribe to the Empowering Women group and come join the Empowering Mastermind Group.

Enriching Women’s Lives

Enriching women means when we are giving to ourselves, then can enrich others including your family, friends and your clients. When we help ourselves we also give hope and love to inspire others to take action.

Paying Kindness Forward

How do we come together to enrich our lives? Where do we start?

This interesting thing about where we start, it’s where ever we are at, as simple as this is, it’s the best place for us to begin. How can we enrich others? I believe when we are doing what we are meant to do, people will begin to come to you. Plus, you also need to believe in you and your message.

If you have been on the hamster wheel where you find yourself not in any direction specifically yet, you have a dream what you want to create or make happen. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s time.

Do you find when you share your ideas with, your friends or people of whom you have shared your ideas with, they sometimes don’t encourage you, they tend to tell you that won’t work? This pulls you away from what you originally intended.

I know, I’ve been there many times in 2012. The key thing is here, just jump start it anyway. I’ve learned that failure is good..This tells you, whatever or idea or experiment didn’t work. It’s doesn’t mean it won’t work, it’s just time to let it sit.

Each of us has a dream in us, it’s a spark waiting to ignite in you, it wants to help you to shine brightly.

We all are successful are meant to shine brightly, be proud of our work. For me, it works best for me to have support and have encouragement from people who I will call my tribe. We can’t do it alone. Well, you can. It’s just a longer and challenging to do it solo. When we have a group of women or a tribe of people to fully support us it’s much better and will get us to a much higher level of success.

As I embrace changes in the direction that I am choosing to go in my business and my life, I know that my life will change quicker, more peaceful. I would like to help you with this..As I have been on my own Spiritual Journey this past year I’ll share with you some lessons and mistakes with you. If this resonates with you, follow along.

I believe by working together, collaborating, doing Joint Ventures together, sharing and supporting each other we all win. It’s being in the FLOW of LIFE and LOVE.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Happy New Year for 2013

Wow another year is passing through..as we merge into 2013, wishing you a Happy Holiday and New Year for 2013.

Now is a good time to finish off loose ends that you haven’t gotten to do yet. It’s also a time to write out your desires and want you want to manifest for yourself. Know that whatever you decide or send to the flow of the universe ask for the best for all concerned.

I wish for you much Success, Love, Abundance and all your wishes to come true. I am so grateful for you. Thank you!

Happy Holidays

I Love You!

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to have Great Relationships

Great Relationships are about giving..in order to have great relationships there are ways in which you can have better ones.

Heart@Work’s Services

In a business or personally, we all have learned of how some things word and some haven’t. I just read a wonderful article by Reid Hoffman, of which really expresses a point of when we give, we’ll have better relationships that. It’s amazing of how many people will say to me “I can’t afford it”, or “What do you want?” When I reach out to them. My answer is usually nothing or I have learned to say “I just want to get to know you.” “Why?” The person may ask. There are many ways around this question, quite often..they are not openminded or willing to receive. I’ve had my own lesson this year about receiving. Just reach out and touch someone, and make this place a better world. Your world, your business.

Relationships are living, breathing people. Feed, nurture, and care about them: they grow. Neglect them: they die. The best way to strengthen a relationship is to jump-start the long-term process of give-and-take. Do something for another person–help. But how? Read more

In this post, 8 tips to build better relationships, I share tips on better ways to communicate and how to build your trust muscles. When you make trust deposits like depositing in a bank account you’ll have stronger relationships. It’s a great read, I learned some quite insightful things. Read more.

Why should you consider using Kindness to brand your business? Rather, than ask why? Why not? Kindness is a self-generated product or service you won’t get the benefit until you use it. By using Kindness in how you communicate, act and show-up in your life, will make a difference. Read more

Appreciating your clients. When you don’t hear from the people in your business it’s called Silence. This is quite often what our clients often hear from us besides our marketing messages. (I know sometimes it’s a challenge). I also share 7 ideas that you can appreciate your clients. Read more.

Until next time…
In Joy!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

How to get more business..

If you want to get more business you have to be open to new ideas in building your business. This, it will help you to increase sales and have social proof.

I’ve been having conversations with people who have not done anything new to promoting and marketing themselves and yet they sit in judgement about how other people are doing things. Or how big their list is? I am always learning about different ways to do things. I have actually gotten to the place where I want to shift from what I’ve been doing into a new direction.

One day I joined this Author Marketing Club, and I just said to myself, “I’m just going to enter this group with the idea I know nothing about book marketing.” (I know some, just not enough.) I started watching their tutorials, taking their advice and executing some of their ideas. They have been around long enough so why not learn some things from them?

It’s a great resource if you are starting out, in mid-stream or like me who just wasn’t getting anywhere promoting and selling the . Kindness@Work ebook. Which by the way, it will be available from December 14-17 for FREE on Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download a free app to read it on your Mac or cell phone. Once you have read it, I kindly ask you to write a customer review about the book. You also can get it by filling out the optin form on the right sidebar of this site. You’ll also get five (5) BONUSES, which will be mailed out to you on a weekly basis.

The Author Marketing Club is about the digital book business is booming! New and existing authors need marketing help more than ever, as well as more readers to ensure a successful book selling campaign. The Author Marketing Club is a matchmaking service between authors that need things like reviews and sales and marketing help, with readers who want to get a first look at new books. All for free. Now you don’t have any excuses to get your book out into the marketplace.”

As “The get it done Gal”, I’m a Marketing Professional who will help you to get more business by being a part of “Get New Business Group.” In order for you to increase your influence you need to be ready to get connected, have great relationships with your audience and promoters. We’ll do a series of “Shoe String Tactics,” to help you get to where you want to go. Your message isn’t about what you are selling, it’s about your benefits and how you can help advance your clients. What is it that they are wanting more of?

We all need to start where we are in the present moment..This will only work if you are willing to be curious and try something new. Are you ready to have more clients? If so, fill out the form below and let’s get started.

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To your Success!

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

The Call for Love with Mercedes

Spirit is calling us to love more..are we hearing the message? A call for Love with Mercedes Warrick is just this – LOVE.

Mercedes Warrick

I want to recommend Mercedes Warrick for some time..since working with her for a awhile now, I’ve had a great improvement in my own life and of course with this, I have to say that I am much more at peace, stronger in my own self-confidence.

As my friend Mercedes says: “Stand in your power
.” It simply means no matter what is going on around you stand in faith, trust and believe in yourself. I know from personal experience it sounds easy, it’s not always so.

Believing in myself, is my greatest challenge..why? Just from mistakes I’ve made or all the times that I have failed to produce the results that I expected or wanted. a marriage break-up. It’s about Standing in my Power. Breathing, praying, surrendering and asking for an intervention. Being empowered to lovingly move myself forward one step at a time.

As we move into this new transition, December 12, what I find is happening, is we are called to “Be Loving.” No matter how challenging people are towards you, or if you find in situations that you have no idea how you have found yourself in.

I had two separate incidents yesterday that appeared to me this week..one wasn’t really about the phone call I didn’t do, it was a message about how I was not performing as a friend. A girlfriend’s expectations what a friend is, I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t live up to her expectations. When I asked, how can I help, I was ignored, when I expressed my gratitude and appreciation I was ignored again, after awhile I just left her alone. She was in a space of not hearing and getting enough sleep, her mother passing and dealing with her family..I just gave her the space and I would call her later. Within a couple of days I received a whole bunch of slams and put-downs that came from her. I am thinking, what is happening??

Yes, I jumped into her drama, I realized by the end of the day, it wasn’t about me..I just took it personal. When I tried to rectify the situation of how she was feeling it just got worse. I just quietly said, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you and I love you! Later a friend shared with me, about the lessons in receiving. I can be grateful and appreciative of someone, however if the other person isn’t able to receive the message or gift that I wanted to share with her, then I need to let it go.

The second situation, this gal came up to me and said, “Stay out of my face!” I asked her, “What is the problem?” She said, to me “I don’t like you.” I replied, “You don’t even know me!.” I realized in this moment just to say – Thank you God! I am sorry, Please forgive me, I Forgive you, Thank you and I love you!

What came to mind is crucification of Jesus, saying “They know not what they do.” I don’t know what made me think of this..These gals were calling out for Love and rather than just saying so, she would rather put me down or rather not call me, to see if I moved okay or ? Or ask why I did not call her to say good-bye.

The 2nd gal was upset because, the Manager was helping me to find a place to live in the community, plus they hired me to do some work for them. And they allowed me to pop in the community center if though I was not a resident of the community.

What is happening, we are being called to forgive and send out Love to those around us. This is coming to us fast and furious, for the December 12th. It is meant to help us to move into our Mother, Spirit energy rather than the controlling energy. What I learned many years ago is that, we really don’t have control it’s an illusion. Share your love, forgive others for their trespasses, as they do not know what they do.

I will say for sure, if you really want the help to transition to help you move through your challenging times then do jump into Mercedes Warrick’s calls. They happen every week – Wednesdays 5:00pm PST. Called I AM Love I AM. It’s all about your healing as you allow spirit, Father, Mother God so you can have more peace in your life. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. She’s helped me tremendously, I am sure that you will find her very helpful for you too!

Tell Mercedes that I sent you. Get empowered

Mercedes specializes in unblocking you, moving forward, to be focused and inspired! Provides effective solutions, expanded visions, honest feedback, intuitive insights. It is her pleasure to serve you.
Mercedes Warrick – Intuitive CEO.

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

Pay What You Can Afford

Pay what you can afford for Concierge Services for December 2012, It’s a busy time of year, extra help is very valuable. Our specialty is Marketing, Events and Social Buzz.

Social Buzz

On November 28th, I was invited to attend a meet and greet for Concierge Professionals in Old Town Scottsdale. The event was sponsored by Scottsdale 3DMaps. Many of the advertisers were in attendance to meet each other.
Most concierge professionals who work in hotels say maps are a key component to their work and they Love the maps they get from http://scottsdale3dmaps.com.

Some other great people I met, Sedona Segway Tours, Lora has a great program to Empower Women, if you have a group that is wanting to do something different, she told me it’s just awesome how many women breakthrough their fears by riding on a Segway.

Arizona Balloon Works have breakfast with a view..you get to enjoy the panoramic views of Sedona, the Verde Valley, San Francisco Peaks or Prescott Valle. They have several packages to choose from..for a Balloon Ride.

If you are really adventurous, I met Mark from Sedona Off-Road Rentals..you need one of these to go on some hikes especially up on Dry Creek Road..

L’Auberge de Sedona, learned many things about them, their Sunday brunch, their Spa experiences, well known for their food and spa experiences.

My favorite things at the event was Petersen’s ice cream, I tried their cappuccino made with real espresso. They are in Old Town Scottsdale.

Eric and Jason drove us to the event in one of their Sedona Tour Vans. Overall we had fun, I really enjoyed everyone’s company and learned a lot their challenges and the different kind of fun they have in their businesses.

This is where I can come in, I assist other Entertainers, Foodies and Events to get more Social Buzz as I can share what they offer. As a Concierge Service business, I can help you too in your Marketing, Events and Social Buzz as this is my Specialty.

For the month of December, if you have work that needs to be done and you just haven’t been able to get it done, hire me and pay what you can afford. It’s a Trial Offer. When it’s quiet it’s great time to get all the things that you normally don’t have enough time to do.

Know that helping each other, is when we all succeed.

Have a great week!

Mari-Lyn Harris - Marketing Specialist

What is the Best Social Buzz have you created?

What is the best Social Buzz you have created and what kind of results did you have?

Even for someone that hasn’t yet, you can still create a Social Buzz for your business or cause. When I think of all the Social Buzz’s that happen, take a look at #GivingTuesday. They got the buy in from the Mayor of New York, any many more Executive Directors and companies.

Sol Adler, executive director, 92Y
“Communities like ours are about opening doors and bringing people together. #GivingTuesday allows us to create a new kind of community – across geographical borders – around the idea of ‘doing good.’ Giving Tuesday rose quickly on Twitter, become the talk of the town. Read more

I asked this question on LinkedIn – “What was the best Social Buzz you have created, what worked and what didn’t? Here’s a few answers:

How is William T. Cooper create his buzz for his fan page? He kept promoting his page to his audience, people who are Christians. Over a years time, he’s gotten over 1,500,000 Fans. How did he do it? He told me it would cost me to find out. To me it is obvious, when you target your message to your audience it works.

Dave Maskin doesn’t spam people he just answers questions on LinkedIn, shares his pearls of wisdom, participates in group discussion on LinkedIn. He says be a giver, don’t always promote yourself, you’ll create “Buzz” without any blatant spamming.

Axel Schultz his awareness initiative for Digital Sunrise Europe where we reached over 90 Million impressions during the conference and were trending in Twitter in three countries was probably one of the coolest buzz initiatives. 

A few others where very interesting as well as we created a buzz with only 12 people getting a report to number one on Google within 5 days despite the fact that the largest ad agency had the same name and “owned” the pole position. 

And then there were a few more that lead a blog post rise to 24,000 views and so forth :) Read more about their campaign.

Wendy Soucie, ran a large effort to promote an event with Chris Brogan and even wrote a blog post about it. I learned a lot about level of effort and asking early and often for my social ecosystem to help and share into their networks. I also learned that giving them 3-5 things to take action on each time was helpful since if they did even one action item it was a step to spread the message. Read more about what they did to create a buzz about their Social Media event.

Even though I’ve just launched the Kindness@Work ebook on World Kindness Day, I discovered that even though I put out some take action things to do, only a small percentage of people did do something. However there are two more action steps that I want to do, so it’s not over yet. What I know from doing other initiatives, everyone that says, YES! sometimes they just don’t.

Currently seeking book reviews and this is working out best by asking people if they would be willing. This is working, it will lead up to next promotion.

Do you have a Social Buzz that you created? What worked and what didn’t? Leave your comments below and let’s learn from each other.

Creating a Social Buzz

What is Social Buzz? When I think of creating a social buzz I think of the messages that I am sending out what’s important that I want people know about.

Creating a Social Buzz has to be about something that feels good to you to share and participate in. You can create Buzz simply by sharing your stories, joining a collaborative group of people, help each other, get involved in activities with as much full participation as you can. It’s about being the messenger. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate.

If you are going to participate in groups, be sure that you do participate – most of the time you’ll find lurkers, or people who just listen. Listening is great this is how we learn about opportunities..however, we really need to jump in and promote and DO when we have said, YES! I’m in.

As you know, I’ve got this book Kindness@Work, 11 other contributors who participated in sharing their story of how kindness has made a difference in their lives. I would say only 40% of the contributors are fulling engaged in creating a social buzz about the book. Why is this?

I have to look at myself and say, what is missing? Is there something I could be doing better to get them involved? Maybe or maybe not. I am learning I am not responsible or accountable for someone else’s behavior nor can I fix the situation. As long as I am leading and fully participating then this is all that counts. A part of this book, I saw that Mashable.com was promoting GivingTuesday..I jumped in with the Book, as Kindness@Work is giving $3.50 to the Sandy Hurricane Victims. Plus there will be many other opportunities to share the book and the difference it’s making.

Watch the little video I made for it..

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, it’s more than going to a another holiday commercial sale. It’s to me about celebrating with friends, family and being grateful.

There are so many people that I am grateful in my life for, people of whom I have learned life lessons from, people mostly who are strangers that have given me a place to live, friends and connections who refer me business and opportunities. Friends who have supported and encouraged me to move forward in my life. The kindness of all the contributors of the Kindness@Work ebook. In their stories of how kindness has helped them, of the legacy’s that have been created, the extra extension of hope, love and encouragement people have given each other.

I am grateful for all of you, who comment, who ask questions, who are willing to share my content with your audience, who have helped people in your everyday life, I THANK YOU!

My gratitude and wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving is true and heart-felt. Have a wonderful day..if you are hosting dinner..be sure to extend your hand and invite someone to join you.

The words in the picture say it all!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

How Can We Pay Kindness Forward?

How can we Pay kindness forward? There are many ways, here are a few suggestions:

  • How about if we had a 30 day experiment? Everyday to do a simple gesture 3x per day until the end of 30 days. That’s 90 kind acts per person per month. If I had 30 people to repeat this exercise that would be 2,700 acts. Get the picture? I believe that we could easily have World Kindness in no time flat.
  • What if we decided to take on bullying in our schools. What if kind deeds were practiced rather than hitting or beating someone up?
  • What if rather than gossiping in a negative way, you could catch someone doing good and gossip about this?

What if the schools or students took on this project to help stop bullying? “Being mean is cruel. Being kind is cool”. “Be kind, smile, laugh it’s good for your immune system.”    The Mental Health Association, started a campaign to stop bullying in 2005.

“A kind word or deed can reduce stress and have a very positive effect on the immune system” said, “Dr. Susan Abbey of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada”.

I used to make hearts out of clay, paint them and then write words of encouragement on them, they were meant to uplift people.   One day someone asked me “Do you know how many times your little Hearts go around?” My reply was no, this gal said to me, “She would really like to know”.

This was an exciting idea and very simple to do. I used them sometimes as my calling cards. Not too many people give them back or not chose to take one. One time a guy got one that said, “Mentor” as he picked it anonymously from my bag, “WOW” this is who I am. Maria said, “She leaves her heart on her desk, her co-workers come by once in awhile for a bit of inspiration for the day.”
Pay it forward “The art of spreading kindness is not only emotionally satisfying; it may even help you to reap rewards in the future.” Mark McCormack of, What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard.

What if you bought the Kindness@Work ebook, you could read about the experiences of 11 other people who have received and given kindness? You could share you story for Volume 2.

“Kindness is woven into our lives many times over, it’s actually everywhere –seen and unseen. All in all it is recognized as a kind act; sometimes we think it’s an obstacle or challenge to overcome. Everything is a blessing, it is all a matter of changing how we look at things.” Wayne Dyers from “Power of Intentions”

All great ideas to think about implementing in your business and personal life.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Kill people with Kindness


As the saying speaks “Kill people with Kindness” this will turn people around in their perceptions and beliefs. It’s all about kindness and relationships.

A friend of mine said to me once, “Convert them to your church,” which is more kindness please!

“A value led business can be highly profitable, there are plenty of companies thriving today. Altruism is the old answer. The new answer is it’s just good business.”

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream said this about being kinder.

Kindness is one value that is sometimes forgotten or thought of as a weakness. I have found that giving from one heart to another, can be challenging. Many times if we are more conscious of what we are saying or doing, then we can be kinder. As the saying speaks “Kill people with Kindness” this will turn people around in their perceptions and beliefs.

Kindness has been my journey to discover, to speak about, to take a look at and to learn how to be more kind to myself and others. Simple things, like thanking myself for cooking a wonderful meal, taking myself out for a walk, being grateful for my own company and birthing my own passions. What are you willing to discover for yourself?

As kindness relates to relationships, through customer service, to retention of employees and customers, it’s an ongoing concern. How are you going to keep them?

People stay where they are appreciated and valued. Do you stay as a friend or employee or customer if you aren’t valued and appreciated?

Kindness is a verb, a word that can simply make the difference. Yes, it takes action, it takes words, that are thoughtful and uplifting. Be grateful, share and show how you appreciate the people you work and associate with.

On a daily basis we have many opportunities to give to humanity, the guy who is impoverished begging on the street, we have the opportunity to give him a kind word, buy him a sandwich, bless him, or just have a conversation with this person.

To help someone go across the street, or mail out random acts of messages to encourage people whether we know them or not. I mailed out my new business cards to people who I had not spoken to for a while, with an individual message to them, the responses I got back were: “Thank you, I am speechless,” Thanks for brightening my day.” “What a beautiful card and the message just for me.”

There were those who did not reply back, that’s okay. We are at the right place at the right time to make a difference for someone every time . It’s not about us, it’s about how the you make the other person feel. What seeds of kindness can we plant?

Kindness is the glue that sticks us together…use it generously.”

by Mari-Lyn Harris

Kindness is all knowing, its always here with us, to use to pass it along, to share it to play with it, we can hold it in our hands, in our minds, to meditate on it, to use it generously, it’s supportive, its like a comfortable bra, its’ our friend, we can take pictures of it, it can be placed near our hearts. It all works best by passing it on.

Guess what, you now have the opportunity to do so. We are raising funds for the Red Cross relief fund for the Sandy storm.

Red cross

Help us to raise money for Red Cross Sandy Relief Fund

We are offering the Kindness@Work e-book for only $4.95 with $3.50 going to Red Cross.

Hop on over to Kindness@Work e-book, give to the Red Cross and get your e-book and bonuses.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

What do your Offer besides just your Event Services?

What sets you apart from other Event Planners and Services? I asked for ideas, of what do they offer besides their event services, this is what a few people said.

For some of us we have added services for some of us we do extra things in-between gigs. I asked this question in a Linkedin Group that I am a member of and found some very creative ideas.

Kim Rozell I offer make-up,hair, services for weddings and special events as well executive head shots for face book or any social media. HD TV or any time someone needs to look picture perfect and camera ready for the camera.
We offer other services like eyelash extensions, eyebrows, consultations, Make-up party’s and Lessons

Chelsea Sander offers customized invitations, for any occasion.

Itheria Hutson-Hollins -We offer Custom items, such as Custom Made/ hand crafted Invitations. Custom made/hand crafted CD covers for Wedding Favors, Wedding Programs – Fans – Silk florals. We also recommend vendors that we have worked with before and know the quality of their work. Such as Bakers – Photographers – Videographers – Musicians – DJ’s etc.

Varghese – We provide certain branding complimentary, when the client does branding and promotion of the event with them. Since we have in house facility for most of the event promotions and branding requirements.

Rich Reed • A new idea we are implementing this year is inviting the top 1500 people in our target group of cliental to join us for New Years Eve! Very nice response so far.

Sherri Broadnax • I’m an event planner at heart but when events are slow, I use my baking and cake decorating skills to promote my company by selling homemade desserts whole & by the slice. I also obtained my State of IL foodservice license to cater any small events, like home parties, showers, etc. Currently expanding my inventory to include small party rentals (linens, chafers, decor, etc.) Lastly, have been a dealer for Carlson Craft to offer invitations and accessories for events. Striving to be a 1-stop shop!

Latonya Washington,CEO • Besides planning I also host red carpet events or other functions that I am asked to moderate

Loretta Licata • Like may of the other comments in this discussion, IntaFood offer custom-made items in addition to our event management and cooking classes. This can be personalised favours or complimentary items such as bubbly, aprons, videographer or photographer services to complement our Food and Drink events.

Of course, while planning events for my clients, I created the Concierge Services for Events and Marketing for people. As there are so many details to cover or ideas planners or clients want to add they may not have the resources or connections. We provide a list of contacts for people. As well, I came up with a 50 Point Check Off list, if the event is too small, or the client doesn’t have the budget to to hire me.

I know when I first started out, producing my own events..I relied on a friend to help me – this was fantastic to guide me through. She was very happy to help on the day of the event..I gave her a very good recommendation a few times, just because she was willing to help me.

As this list got started I believe other event planners got some ideas of which they could incorporate in their event planning businesses.

I hope it will give you some ideas to think about.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Get Your Event Done!

To help you get your event done! Heart@Work Productions has started Concierge Services for Events and Marketing.

We have developed relationships with all the services we are offering in additional to producing, planning or coordinating your events.

As we have spoken to people in helping them create their events Big or Small sometimes they just need a few additional services they never thought of. By offering extra resources and services really helps Event Planners and their clients.

What does a Concierge do?

A corporate concierge caters to the needs of business clientele much like a hotel concierge takes care of hotel guests. He normally helps staff employees as well as managers and executives in procuring services for business activities and personal enjoyment to enable them to concentrate on their work without the distractions of everyday living. A number of large companies have a corporate concierge on staff, although the majority of people in this position have their own companies or work as independent contractors. As with our Event Concierge Services..everyone is a collaborative partner with us.

Here’s our latest news and what you can expect from us:

When Sedona Pies was operating and building their clientele, a gal called to order a pie for her Uncle as he loved pies and she wanted to do something special for him on Father’s Day. After the pie was made, it was delivered – video taped the delivery and sent a copy of the video to the niece who ordered the pie. She was so surprised to see him, and he said a few words to her. It was a memorable experience for the both of them. They both really appreciated the extra special gift we were able to give them.

We look forward in serving you and your events! Give us a call, and we’ll get it done! Learn more about The Concierge Services Directory and if you are a vendor add your name to the list.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

How do you Appreciate Your Clients

Why appreciate your fans, clients and people in your life? We all need each other in order for us to grow, to maintain our businesses and our relationships.

When you don’t hear from the people in your business it’s called Silence. This is quite often what our clients often hear from us besides our marketing messages.

We aren’t in the world alone, we are meant to be together – as a community keeping each other safe, communicating what we feel and why we appreciate all those that we care about. Even if this means we check in with our neighbors, find out how we can help them, maybe run an errand for them or we throw an Appreciation party for them.

“One must be appreciative and have something authentic to offer.” It’s also where you take the time to really value and appreciate – give gratitude to those who really matter to you. It’s more than just saying “Thanks for a great job!”

For example, a jewelry store did a campaign and called the customers that recently made a purchase and to find out if there was anything else they could do for their customers. Each customer that received a call – 70% of them made another purchase. 30% didn’t buy again.

Appreciation is an investment to those who you value. Your benefactors will feel appreciated and will support you in being successful. This marketing strategy is the easiest to use and to implement.

By implementing your own Client Appreciation Event you’ll reap many rewards such as these:

• More desirable clients
• You’ll be more attractive to new clients
• Your business will flow easier and quicker for everyone
• More recognition
• Increased sales
• You’ll be providing more value to your fans, clients and people in your life
• More value the higher the fees you can charge
• More referrals will come your way
• More people with want to work with you
• Less push marketing

Here’s 7 ideas that you can to to appreciate people with:

  • Send them hand-written Thank you notes
  • Throw them an appreciation reception or dinner
  • Stop and call a few people every day and see how you can support them
  • Send them a coffee card with $5.00 on it
  • Find out how you can help them
  • Get them help with their errands if this applies
  • Bring them a dish or casserole or pie

What are your favorite ways to appreciate people?

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

8 Tips in Building Trust in Relationships.

Learning from our mistakes about not having trust in your relationships are usually are our biggest insights and breakthroughs.

I’ve been reading the Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey Jr. It’s been quite insightful and a reminder as I think about what role do I or have I played in my relationships with people and myself about Trust.

I am just sharing tips on better ways to communicate and build your Trust muscles. How can you do this? When you make trust deposits like depositing in a bank account you’ll have stronger relationships.

1. Listen
Listen to your inner voice and act from this place, rather than everyone else’s opinion. This came up for me, as I was re-inventing or just changing the direction in which I was moving towards. A friend of mine, said, “You have too many people in the kitchen.” Everyone has an opinion on what I should do or not do. Valuable feedback is important, however like she said to me, I need to listen to my own heart and make a decision from what I was feeling.

2. Listen to people first.
Be willing to understand them 1st. Think of a time when you didn’t listen first, What were your results? If you had listened 1st would your results be different? So, many people ask me how do you do it Mari-Lyn? You are so good at listening. Most of the time I do listen well and sometimes..well, what can I say I fail too!

3.Listen before you speak
Listening to what the person is saying 1st, not what you are going to say to them. Drop all the head conversation. Truly listen and then respond. Don’t assume you know what matters to them. Don’t assume you have all the answers.

Roger Merrill said, “When you mike a commitment you build hope, when you keep it, you build trust. Given the impact of violating commitments, it’s vital to be careful with the commitments you make.”

4. Be Accountable
Hold yourself accountable and hold other accountable. Take responsibility for your results.

I recently had a conversation with someone who we had made a commitment to do a project together we had deadlines..some of them were not being kept and I was just ready to drop it. As I couldn’t get any sort of deadline or commitment from him. Rather than sticking to the commitment and deadlines he wanted to push the time line. I just wanted him to be accountable and stick to what we agreed to. To have our product out on time. What is it that I really wanted? Him to be accountable for his results and that we got on the same page.

5. Keep Promises
Not doing what you say you will is a deal breaker. Unless you go back to the person and re-negotiate your original agreement.

6. Keep Conversations Confidential
Don’t share information your spouse or business partner has shared with you to everyone else, even if it was information you did not agree with. Your confidentiality is a promise.

7. Don’t Gossip Negatively
The same for gossip, when you negatively gossip about someone or share confidential information then you are not trust worthy. I had a neighbor who always would ask me what the latest scoop or gossip was. I told her, unless it’s happy gossip or praises I won’t be sharing anything.

8.Build Self-Trust
Trust is so important, it will give you power and confidence = Self-Trust in yourself. Don’t attempt to PR your way out of a commitment that you have broken. Just sincerely apologize and get back on track.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Get Inspired with Heart@Work

Get Inspired with Heart@Work, a bit of a pun, it works! It’s all about bringing people together.

The Inspirational Talks came about after discussing it with my Advisory Board some ideas. It has come full circle in how it has all come about. Interesting life is. When or if you are feeling that you are in a debunk or you get depressed and you have not sure where you are headed, be sure to know everything good is coming your way.

Think of abundance for everyone. Choose to trust God, or your source that everything will work out. You will be surprise to discover how inspired you will be. I remember there was a friend of mine, several years ago, who wanted to someone special and I just said to him, “Enjoy your life, the girl that you are meant to be with isn’t ready yet.” He thanked me for saying this to him because he was beginning to feel depressed and he was starting to think, he wasn’t going to meet a wonderful gal for him. I knew in my heart he would meet someone.

Sometimes, our business ideas don’t show up like we imagined or how we want them to show up yet, it’s just because we aren’t ready yet. Ideas, need to percolate, all the pieces aren’t ready to fit into place. Even though your idea or job or business hasn’t jelled it doesn’t mean it won’t it sometimes takes time to come together.

What can you do in the meantime? Keep moving one foot in front of the other, give thanks, volunteer, go out and help someone else. Don’t give up! Believe in yourself!

My idea of the Inspirational Talks, is to give ideas, to bring people together, connect, collaborate and co-operate together for a higher purpose. To be inspired! To take action! When we all work together we all win. Read a little more information in how Heart@Work Productions can help you.

Thanks for visiting us!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

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Do you have a Promotional Strategy?

People love new content, tips and how to’s, anything that will help your audience in their business or life. It’s important to have your own Promotional Strategy.

Promotional Tools

An Editorial Calendar can work wonders. I created one for a client today, just by using Google Calendar, there is something said for a visual impact. I picked up an editorial calendar from a guy from a Facebook conversation. He was happy to share it.

For Facebook:
Monday – updates, news
Tuesday – share your blog posts
Wednesday – Run contests, or get everyone to participate in Facebook or Twitter day. Everyone posts their links.
Thursday – share your blog posts or ask questions, photo’s
Friday – Do testimonials, Tips, respond to questions that people ask, if they don’t ask one

Your Blog/Website is where you want to direct people to, so they can explore and find out more information about you. For every content piece you have you want to share it every day. 5-7 Tweets each day and 1 or 2 shares on Facebook.

On Facebook you don’t want to over power people with everything you got, there is a gal who owns a paint store, she posts the same ad in every group about at least once per day, this is over kill. Another over Kill is to use an automatic feed in your Facebook page. The problem with both of these scenario’s is that you are basically shouting out to people what you are offering and people aren’t likely to share your ad or articles unless they leave a comment, will you answer them back?

Be sure to like, make comments, make a recommendation, share other people’s content, if you want people to reciprocate. It’s one of those pay it forward things to do.

Let people find you. Share your links in your e-mail address, if someone wants to follow you, then they can click on the link. The other thing you can use is called xeeme.com, it’s one place where people can find your social media links. It’s a handy tool.

As you are posting your blog articles, you always ought to have a photo to place in the post. The reason is, it’s a visual effect, visuals get attention. Now that you can’t just pull photos’s without giving credit or permission due to the Copyright laws. I found some photo sites are worth checking out.

Photo Dropper it’s a WordPress Plugin

Don’t forget to use Google +

Google+ is an interesting combination of professional and playful. In some ways, it works like Facebook, allowing you to provide status updates and post on your friends’ pages. However, it has some other features unique to Google+ that allow it to be used as a purely professional resource as well. With Google+ you can separate people into different circles, which are like Lists on Facebook. It’s easy to get out your message to a targeted audience based on who you want to see them. Google+ is best for companies that wish to target different types of people and also for those looking for a social networking site that combines playfulness and professional.

I hope these tips help your to create a Promotional Strategy.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Do you as a “Heart-Centered Entrepreneur,” or sometimes called a Social Change Agent? Are you having trouble in getting your message out to the world?

When I started Heart@Work..I just finished producing a conference on Kindness to Colleagues in the Workplace, from the response of this conference, it was felt that employees really wanted so changes to have healthier and happier places to work at. Non-profits were willing to do something about it, as they wanted to keep their volunteers.

In 2001 the second conference, I was given the same feedback, my main sponsor asked me if I was ready to go head? Yes! I was gung-ho to change the world into a Kinder one. After a couple years, I realized that employers didn’t see the benefits of being kinder..I let it go. Now 10+ years later people are still talking about making a difference in workplaces. There have been studies about how kindness, happiness and virtuousness plays a role in having better workplaces and relationships.

I’ve wanted to re-kindle the Kindness Conferences. Instead I am producing It’s called “Inspirational Talks.”

As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, I decided to focus on producing events to help other Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to have more business, more visibility and better results in delivering their message to the world. After speaking to a few Speakers, Socially Conscious and Spiritual Entrepreneurs..most of you don’t have a Strategy or Marketing plan in how you are going to deliver your message. I’ll be able to help you with this, Social Media, PR and whatever else that you need help in.

I believe that when we have mentors, we collaborate and co-operate together as business partners, we’ll have all the business and growth we want faster.

I am getting prepared for it.. Are you ready for Success?? If so, call me. 510-564-7880 or just leave a comment.
I encourage you to join my LinkedIn group Mari-Lyn Harris & Friends..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Best Practices for Creating a Community

Here are a few best practices in creating a community for your business or yourself.

Creating a community means several things for people..Communication is very important, this is the first step in creating any relationship with another person.

One of the first things you want do is just to sit down with people and listen, hear what they have to say, when you listen you are helping yourself to understand them better they will begin to feel more supported, heard, and important.

Hug people around you, we all could use that physical touch. I remember meeting someone for the 1st time, and after we stood and talked for awhile I asked for a hug, The guy said to me, “You life dangerously..some people don’t like to be that close.” my response back was, “I would rather live dangerously, and share my Love than not..” How is it that I am living dangerously?

You’ve got to have friends.

Everybody needs friends to share are celebrations, our sorrows, our joys, stress and even grief. Friends can be made in a minute. at the restaurant entrance was this sign that said, ” Strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet!” This was quotes by Will Rogers. I love this quote..

Most people want the same things..friendship, Love, feeling connected to their local community. There is a FaceBook community, local and offline friends, there is our family. There are many bonds that hold us together, you just need to find where your tribe is.

One Community One Family One World.

We just need to reach out and find each other to discover how much the same we really are. Sure we have different characteristics, talents, personalities, all in all we just want to be loved and feel like we belong. Start inviting people to join you, wherever you are and hang out. People will be appreciative that you took the time out.

I was sharing with a friend today, that I just want to plot myself down in a community and get involved with people. Have an address, or place i call home. She said, “ Wherever she goes it’s home.” It’s all what we make it. If you want to create a community, we just need to communicate what we want, gather up our friends and start serving. We’ll then become a community with one family and one world.

What do you want?

We are connected and bonded by this thing called life. Isn’t human spirit a great thing?

We all want to be appreciated in what we do. If it is a Hug, or a Thank you or you can nominate someone for a Kindness Hero Award. Yep, it’s that time again. Accepting nominations until October 31, 2012.

Thanks for reading and listening…

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Share your Vision with Delight!

Share your vision by adding some delight in your life. Picture it what you want and it will change.

Smile and share

Be Nice

I’m reading is really uplifting book called “Out of the Blue” by Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara Nichols and Patty Hansen. There wasn’t book cover on it, just a plain jane hardcover book. I picked it up for something to read. It’s been really good..story after story about people and the path about delight. It’s really about helping the reader in my case to change the focus into having a life of “Delight.”

“Delight is that fire of enthusiasm that turns work into play and challenges into pleasurable learning experiences. It is having natural zest for life, loving one another without fear, laughing out loud. Delight is passion and enjoyment, singing in the shower, dancing on the street. Delight comes to us from out of the blue in the form of everyday magic and minor epiphanies.”

“Taking delight in who you are, what you do, and what you have is the secret of personal power and high-energy living.

“Delight connects you to the beauty and power of the Universe, with your HIgher Power and Divinity.”

“Delight is contagious; it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.”

What this book so far has given me is HOPE a sense of meaning and a reminder of how I can change my life to feel better.

A group of Teachers came up with 38 words of Delight. I feel delight could be replaced with other words, like Kindness, Compassion – Delight is a word one does not hear of often. The 38 words of delight came about as there was an inner school who the teachers didn’t show up half the time, and children were not passing and the Principle really wanted to have this school to excel. He approached the Teachers to share his vision, and they came up with these words to educate the kids with. The words that they selected were to build character in the kids, help them learn better and get the parents involved. 78% of the kids were from single-parented homes,, 60% were African-American and 5% other.

This school became one of the best schools, it also shifted from negative to positive. Everyone became well educated and well mannered.

When you believe in the work you are doing, your are following your heart, you’ll find you’ll have extra energy to make things happen.

Extra-ordinary people do extraordinary things, when delight leads the way.

Leading an organization or tribe is no different, an organization means “a group of people who get together for a certain cause or reason can help make a difference.”

One of the things I am leading right now is a group called Sedona’s Genuine Networking Association, where we will work together to to make a difference in our local businesses. By forming a Mastermind group, we’ll network, exchange ideas, contacts and solutions to help our businesses grow. This I feel is the best way in which we all can prosper. In a short time we’ll begin to see the opportunities rather than the problems we are facing in our own businesses and city. By giving each person support, we’ll feel more vitalized to want to work together.

Another thing we’ll start doing is visualizing what we want. Whatever we want, wants us! How do we receive this? When we visualize our goals, we can change our subconscious to help our mental pictures to come true. We just have to think and see BIGGER pictures. See the end result first.

Be grateful for what we see for ourselves.. and go to sleep with your vision in your brain each night and allow it to come to you. Be in delight, throughout your days and give thanks!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

10 Best Ways to Rock at Networking

It seems that our circle of connections are becoming more important to us as the economy has shrunk. Here are 10 best way to rock at networking.

More and more people are really finding ways to increase their connection base and to get more visibility. Let people know what you offer and how you may be able to help each other.

#1 One of the things that I have been working on as I have been working on collaborating with people..like I have a few of projects that I am working on. I have put a list together of job that I need to fill. Ask people if would recommend someone…

#2 Ask for help and introductions. If you don’t ask for what you want, you are likely not to get it. If no different when looking for a job, the people who are hiring are interested in what you can do for them.

#3 When you are out networking at a local event, have an intention to meet five (5) people. Get to know them as people not just in what they do.

#4. Make sure your language or your message is clear. If people are sure what you do, they’ll ignore you. A friend of mine, said, she wouldn’t hire me, I said “Why not?” She wasn’t clear what I was willing to do for her.

#5 If you are online networking, on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook or any other platform be sure to be a cheerleader. Comment, like, share their message Re-Tweet it. Ask questions answer theirs. You’ll only get results when you participate.

#6 Say Yes, more often. Ask people what they need next..or tell people what you need next. People can’t help you if you don’t share this

#7 Follow-up! I am amazed when I follow up with people they don’t call me back if I have left a message. Even if they may not be your prospect they have friends.

#8 Your success is an inside job, believe in yourself, if you are shy bring a friend.

#9 Begin to create a referral or social circle, people that you would recommend. These are people of whom you have built a relationship with, you trust each other.

#10 Evaluate in how you are networking, if you aren’t getting the return that you want to have then change how you are doing it.

Relationships is what is going to bring you in business. It’s the little things that make a difference in any relationship. Developing relationships is a part of networking. Follow these tips in your networking and you’ll rock.

Soon people will be excited to see you!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Connecting You to Greater Possibilities

Connecting you to greater possibilities, it means we really want you to be very successful. Success has many various meanings, what is yours?

Imagine your Possibilities jumping into the big pond

When you imagine can imagine your possibilities, your vision will be BIG. For some people taking their next step is all they have a capacity for. Both are good steps. How you you get to where you want to go? If you don’t step up, then you will?

Heart@Work Productions, is here to help you create your vision of your business. Whatever you need help with we can help. We work with any budget, in stages, a little at a time or all at once it really depends upon you.

I created this Newsletter, to share with you some of the things we have been doing behind the scenes and ready to launch to serve you. I hope that you will participate with us whatever your challenges are.

I’ve been working in collaboration with many people for the past few months, and what I have found is that it is much easier to do it with a group of people or a tribe of people for my own success and everyone else.

For example.. The Genuine Networking Association out of San Jose. They have a few groups. We both are on the same page with our mindset is.

Collaborative Marketing Tribe – is a program that is starting September 10, 2012, you can join us anytime.

I look forward in working with you soon!

Here’s the newsletter:

How often do you say YES?

How often do you say YES? OR do you say NO to opportunities? Every opportunity for a conversation will either advance you in all your relationships or not.


Have you ever been in a relationship where you want to help your partner or business, except when you talk to your husband or wife or people in your business they just keep saying NO? Guess what, every time you say no, your opportunities are going to dry up, your relationships are going to start to deteriorate because you keep saying NO. Saying NO, is more important for you than working together. It’s like you would rather be right than being happy. Saying NO, all the time is what you are going to get..nothing.

I am not suggesting that you say YES, all the time. There has to be some consideration of the idea or message that your partner, friend is sharing or proposing to you. If you aren’t going to consider saying YES, then what are you telling the people you are in relationship with?

Today, I got to take a look at a relationship that I had with someone, all the no’s or I am not doing this or that or no you can’t do that or blah blah. There was no room for consideration for YES’s. Eventually the relationship became dis-solvent. I felt this other person wasn’t on my team, they were on the NO team not on my team. They constantly complaining of how I wasn’t doing this or that, I asked for help. The answer was, guess it?

I heard from someone, the relationship should win, not each person.

From an outside perspective, when we focus on what we don’t want all the time, you’ll get what you asked for. By changing your mind about what you think about, what you ask for, get on the YES team, have more conversations, willing to have a discussion even if you don’t want to, do it anyway. Even if you don’t know how, to do it anyway. Even if your answer is still going to be no, at least you give the other person an opportunity to be heard. You might learn something about yourself and it will bring your relationships closer together. Learn to say, “Let’s see how we can do that.”

Love is the answer. The only answer. What is love?

Patient, kind, deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment; devotion, adoration, doting. Love for our fellow human beings: compassion, care, caring, regard, solicitude, concern, friendliness, friendship, kindness, charity, goodwill, sympathy, kindliness, altruism, unselfishness, philanthropy, benevolence, fellow feeling, humanity.

The above means for all relationships.

I am certainly more aware of what I say and what I listen to, now that I have experienced all this, all the negativity that is spoken and how damaging it is. Not just with me, also with the people in my life. Life is too short to be negative and not being open. I am learning to get out of my own way. There is so much that life has to offer..I would rather experience happiness, asking for what I want in a positive way. Be on my own loving and nurturing team.

What are you going to change your mind about?

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Imagine the Possibilities with Collaboration

Have you ever thought of there has to be a better way to grow your business? Imagine the Possibilities to grow your business with Collaboration. By getting more clients and maybe even have better employees?

Imagine your Possibilities jumping into the big pond

The Answer – There is!

A couple of months ago, I was at a networking meeting I met this guy and he was sharing with me about his ideas about networking. At this particular networking event the person who was the organizer, kept telling everyone to be quiet. She was busy announcing from the front of the room who wants to come up and ask what they are looking for next? Nice concept, it seemed to be a bit of a fish feeding meeting. Jeff and I were talking in the back of the room along with a few other people.

And she just kept telling us to shut- up! This was a networking meeting wasn’t it?

Jeff said to me, “Do you see the frenzy here?” Everyone was yapping and trying to get that one or two leads for their business.

Sometimes, networking meetings are too much like sales pitches. Everyone is so desperate to get business that they consistently just pitch their products or services to everyone they meet before taking the time to get to know someone.

Have you ever been approached this way before? Do you wonder if it’s because they don’t know how to network or is it that they need one more sale?

Anyway it’s a big turnoff!

What can we do different that will make a bigger difference in your business? As Jeff and I were chatting it’s really about Collaboration and Co-operation. What I find is people won’t do it because they either don’t know how to or it’s too much work. You know what? It’s a lot easier than trying to do something on your own…

I usually like to get to know people first, it’s just the way I work. I am into relationships. When you develop relationships first you are better off. build relationships first you’ll have more authority & trust with people.

Imagine your Possibilities  

Wouldn’t it be cool if a few people to come together to form a Collaborative
Marketing Group each of you would support five or more Businesses? As your group starts to promote each other you’ll grow faster, have more customers to serve and to win together.

Ready? Ask me how!!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Do you have a Tribe?

We all want to be a member of a Tribe or group, with our Tribe we’ll feel understood and will help us go after or goals and to pursue our dreams.

Heart-Centered Tribe

If this is the case, why is it so hard to find a tribe or get one going? Everyone’s tribe is made up of ‘your’ people, meaning there is always a select group of people who will fit your tribe. When you come together for a common interest, a synergy is more likely to be created. When we try to create something on our own, a tribe will be much greater than ever doing on your own.

When I hear this kind of statement, I think of collaborative groups. If you are feeling that you are tribe-less, it’s likely because you have not found them yet, it doesn’t mean they are there for you. This reminds me of, you have to kiss many toads until you find your prince.

I know for me, I start groups, everyone is gung-ho and then all of a sudden people drop off or they aren’t willing to participate. Sometimes, I just have to remind myself that maybe this just isn’t my tribe or don’t give up too soon. Creating your own tribe or collaborative group you need to think of the qualities you want your members to have.

Do you want:

  • Them to listen
  • Jump in and self-promote themselves
  • Treat people with respect
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Be loyal and trustworthy
  • Participate and share
  • Do you want to be friends
  • Do you want positive or optimistic people

How can you find members to join your tribe or collaborative project? If there is something you want to work on together you will want to set the perimeters of what the project or the community is about.

Here are some ways in which you can find people to join you:

  • On Twitter you can use keywords of the interests or activities that you are interested in.
  • Start a blog and write about what you are interested in, use keywords of the interests and you could even the city that you live in, if you want to meet locally.
  • Look for upcoming community events in your city that you can do together.
  • Yahoo groups or other forums like Quora or Focus

Whoever you decide to have in your tribe..they will likely be around for a long time. Always remember that as a member you have responsibilities in your tribe or collaborative group.

For a collaborative group you’ll want to allow members of the community to engage with one anther, expand ideas and help solve problems either as a collective or individually. Some of the ways you may want to consider are:

Member brainstorming and discussions;
• Sharing of insights and expertise;
• Networking;
• Speaker series;
• Mentorship and panel discussions;
• Proposal presentations;
• Round table lunches;
• Presentations by up-and-coming entrepreneurs; and
• Special events.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

14 Tips to Retain Customers

What are you not doing to retain customers? Here are 14 tips of why you want to retain and keep your customers.

There is a great book on How you can Build Your Business with Relationships.

Read how to retain your customers

  1. The costs of getting new customers
  2. The decline of revenue
  3. The lack of word of mouth for your promotions
  4. A lack of referrals
  5. Customers are switching to another business because of better customer service
  6. A lack of support or help
  7. Customers don’t feel appreciated
  8. Not a happy place to be – for your customers or employees
  9. More competition whether it’s new or been around awhile
  10. The lack of long term customer care
  11. You haven’t created enough value for your products or services
  12. Customer service sucks
  13. No marketing budget
  14. No plans or strategies to retain your customers – except get more new customers

With increasing competition it may cost five times more to attract new customers than it is to retain your current customers.

The worse case scenario is that you haven’t formally created a plan or created some objectives to market to your current customers. If you know that your service could be better, you just haven’t had the time to develop a plan, it’s time. If don’t you’ll definitely have some turnover. Spending more money on advertising, coupons, ads in the paper isn’t necessarily going to help you.

During tough economic times or in off seasons, it’s important to communicate with your customers. Jack Welsh the former CEO of General Electric suggests that you be proactive. “Don’t wait for your best customer to defect.”

If you assume anything assume the worst. It’s well documented that 65% of customers leave existing businesses because they feel that the owner of the business doesn’t care. Be honest with yourself.

Have spent too much time on getting new clients? Are you or have you taken your existing customer for granted? If you think you haven’t, have you noticed that they don’t call often or come into your store? When was the last time you called them? Think about your top ten (10) customers and climb inside their shoes and ask yourself where are they? How does it feel now?

Why are they not returning to your place of business? There could be several factors that you need to look at. What are the internal and external marketplace of your business like. What is happening?

You’ll keep existing customers longer, which is more cost effective than keep attracting new consumers to your business. Your customer retention program ought to be boosting customer satisfaction and retention. When you are running full speed ahead, you’ll foster a generation of brand advocates or fans who are eager to spread the news about how wonderful you are.

Are you ready to be known as the best secret in your city or town? If not, let’s chat and see how you can be.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Culinary Underground in Sedona

Since I love putting events together, I was thinking what can I do to get started? I came up with Sedona Culinary Underground . It’s about enjoying dinner with friends.

Sacrebleu a slice of life

About every two months I used to coordinate Couple Dinners, sometimes they were potlucks, sometimes we just went out for dinner. It was a great time. I was new to Sedona, didn’t know a whole bunch of people, this is how I began. Soon, more people asked me to put them on a list.

As an Event Production Company – I am seeking ways to build my track record..too!. I love producing events. When I was working in Hospitality, many years ago, one of my positions was a Promotions Manager. I had a lot of fun in that job. Every second month I would coordinate a themed party within the restaurant that I was working at. Everyone dressed in the theme’s costume, food specials reflected the theme, drink specials reflected the theme you see where I am going with this? It was a 2- 3 day event over the weekend. Our sales food and alcohol doubled. Why? Because everyone was having fun! Customers would line up outside the restaurant just to get in. (We didn’t take reservations) when there is a line up, curiosity bites you and you go check it out, right? As you the customer you really want to hang out where the fun is, excitement and people are talking about the event and experience. How much fun they had, it’s the experience people have and how much they feel good after they have spent a few dollars.

It’s just like your business or event, your intention should be on the experience you are delivering. If it’s hard work, you aren’t enjoying yourself then what’s the point. Right? Outsource it.

In every event that you create, yes there is behind the scenes work to do, this is where an Event Producer (like me) can really help you make a BIG splash. After all, do you have the time to create an event or experience all the time? Nope, not usually. Sure you can hand it off to your Secretary most likely they don’t have the time either. What are you really saving, it’s not time or money.

Anyway, got off on a different track..Are you a Foodie? Love to eat great food? Like to Socialize? Great! I am seeking a places to host my “Sedona Culinary Underground Adventures.” Like a winery, a restaurant, a few chefs, farmers, and of course foodies. This means you..

On the right side bar, you can jump in and add your name to the guest list, this is how you will find out about the Culinary Adventures. They won’t be advertised as seating will always be limited.

I hope you’ll join us!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Generate Your Own Client Stimulus

From these few ideas, you can create your own client stimulus packages, they are great ways to build relationships and get more clients.

Building your business with relationships

Relationships that Build Your Business

As an Event Manager and Marketing professional, people are always asking for ways to have more clients. Most of the time you can take a look at what other companies, or verticals are doing and swipe the ideas. Once you do, then you can hire an Event professional to help you.

One of the many ways is to create events, take for example a Show & Tell networking meeting. I used to belong to a networking group, that every week a company would present their product and or service to the audience and then of course they would share some of the benefits of using their company. These networking meetings were on a Saturday morning.. and a large audience would show up every week. This would be great for a company who work with many companies.

Lunch and Learns, these are starting to become a little more popular..years ago companies would provide a speaker and lunch for it’s employees to learn about health, wealth, creating a lifestyle that would help their employees. You can do these easily as well. They are more educational based than sales based.

Create your own groups on LinkedIn and FaceBook, whether they are purely interest based or you want to join a group. If you create one, then you are seen as a leader. Besides networking, you get to learn from others in the group and even collaborate with each other.

Want to create a group? I met a gal Mara who was part of a Financial Services business and they once a month have Wine & Wealth evenings, where they educate women on their money, provide wine and snacks and there is a little networking after too! Now they have grown so much, they keep expanding, as it has proved very successful for them

These few ideas, can really help you to stimulate your own business. Build Relationships, get to know more people, and it’s a very important way to extend and provide outreach to your key audience.

When you are ready to do this, call an event planner to help you. Sure you can do it yourself, why not provide some business for someone else and they’ll relieve the stress from you, doing it all yourself.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share what you are doing, please by all means leave a comment below.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Ready to Collaborate?

My project that I am seeking partners who are ready to collaborate together. My intention is to help us get seed capital for our projects and our businesses.

Through Divine Guidance, Spirt or whatever you want to call it, I got a message. A message or hit to say, get a group of people together to collaborate.


I have been doing is side business, for a couple of months, just haven’t been able to get out and talk to people about it. For me, it was besides having extra money.. what’s in it for them the people I present to and what’s in it for me? I also wanted to see how it worked and what opportunities it would provide. My hit was to offer it as a way to get Seed Capital for a business. The other thing I got was, get a few people together to collaborate by helping each other to get Seed Capital. I know for me if I can work with a group of people by collaborating together, whether it is partnering up, working on a project or jumping in and saying YES! Let’s work and grow into a much bigger and better place.

When I participated in “How to build your business with relationships”. The book went to Amazon #1. I shared this concept of collaborating to a networking group I attended. A couple of people came up to me later and said, “Yes, I am in.” the rest well.. they aren’t.

If you have heard the some will , some won’t, so what? Next!

Not everyone is interested in what we have to offer, when we do find the perfect people who want to join us, then it’s fabulous, isn’t it?

The collaboration project is about helping each other to raise seed capital for each other’s business. If you are interested in getting more information about this project, then please fill out the form below.

Let’s get started.

My intention is for me to get to CEO Space, you might need the money to launch your business or hire people or you will have your reasons..However each of us, needs to work together to accomplish our project goals and our individual goals and intentions.

Life wants us to be happy, if we aren’t happy then we need to take a look at ourselves to find a better way to help us move through life. We can overcome our challenges and obstacles when we go inside to discover who we are. And grow from the inside out.

Collaboration is growing from the inside out..to greater success is easier together than by yourself alone. Consider giving collaboration a chance if you haven’t tried it before. It’s pretty awesome.

I look forward in working with you…

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

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12 Ways to Develop Relationships

Without having relationships with people, you will NOT have a successful business or life. Here are 12 ways to develop relationships.

It’s been interesting for me that past few months, as I have been traveling, met some great people, supported them the best I can, sometimes I have just relied on the relationships with people I’ve nurtured to help me.

Then there are the people who have asked me to help them, in getting their message out to the world, my first question is who is your key audience? Most people say it’s everyone. Without this knowing, it’s not a very good place to start. Once you know, you have begun to develop relationships with those people. If you haven’t you can start now.

Sadly, however I have trained people to not call me back or nurture the relationship with me. I’ve always been the person to reach out, ask a bit about people, and see if there is a way I can support them. Most of them immediately go to the place, you can support me by sending me clients.


This is how you would NOT engage or nurture a relationship. Your reply, might be, let’s stay in touch by:

  1. Let’s tweet each others’ messages out
  2. Let’s chat every other month or so
  3. Let’s use Twitterfeed and share our blogs content
  4. Let’s find out more about each other – our interests, where we live, what we do and find ways we can help each other.
  5. Let’s attend each other’s events if we can..or promote their events
  6. Let’s show our appreciation for each other
  7. Let’s give a shout out
  8. Let’s recommend them
  9. Let’s listen and really hear each other
  10. Let’s say YES more often
  11. Let’s not expect or kept count of how many times you have helped them
  12. Let’s call them just to say hello, how are you?

Over time you will find other ways to help each other. Relationships are the key in our business and life successes. All business and Love flows through relationships. It’s what we give, what we pay it forward and what are willing to receive, saying YES, I am willing to have this.

One friend said, “You have continued to nurture our friendship, without any expectations.” When I really needed a place to stay, she offered her place, it was not my intention in staying at her place. I did for a couple of weeks. Our friendship has deepened. I can see we will be friends for a long time. She understood what challenges I was going through. And helped me. I have really appreciated her kindness and help.

When we give freely without expectation of return at any time, you’ll be surprised who will come and lift you up.

If you are struggling in getting clients, gigs or to have a presence online or offline. Start developing relationships with people.

Discover your own success as you build relationships with people.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to Build your Confidence

James Evanow one of my favorite people, he’s doing a series of video messages on his blog about “How to build your confidence..

James Evanow is an International Speaker, Empowerment Coach and the Founder of P.A.C.E. Your Self Empowerment Systems and The Emotional Persuasion Institute.

The Emotional Persuasion Institute™ is an organization that combines Emotional Intelligence theory with speaking & presentation tools to allow you to become a deeply impactful communicator. Better relationships, smooth business transactions, more engaged clients will naturally flow from developing this capacity. The Institute offers the Emotional Persuasion Communication System™, it’s marquee product, that is turning people into master communicators.

Enjoy his talk! Leave your comments below or on the Facebook page..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to Get Speaking Gigs

As an Event Manager, I’ve gotten quite a few requests to help speakers to get gigs for them, some of them need some help with their marketing.

Apparently, after doing the call, it did not record.(there’s no volume) if you would like to join me, I can do the call again. Please leave me a comment if you would be interested in joining me and I will do another a call. I am so sorry.

My first question for them is “What are you doing in marketing yourself?

Helping speakers to get gigs.  I’ve put together a tele-semiar about some ideas for their marketing.

Do you have a Blog   This will allow you to bond with your readers, it’s social, use your own voice, build a sense of community. Being a thought leader/ expert/authority.

Video’s is #1 tool for you. You can cover what you do, a demonstration, a web series, introductions, testimonials. The 1st video needs to be 7 minutes long to stay on top longer – this is not a long time. Do 3 short videos’ and edit them together of different events that you have spoken at. Create your own channel or TV

E-newsletters - persmission based marketing.. it will allow you to start building your list and share great content. Your content should be about 80% about them and 20% about you.

Join review sites like Yelp, City Search, – if you get a negative review address it right away. Be sure to collect feedback after you have spoken and find out what they said about you. If you can reach out to the people to find out exactly what they liked and didn’t.
Collaborate and share each others content.

Twitter is a very valuable resource. Make friends, get RT’s share content

Facebook – create a business page, hangout, network with people, coupons, video’s, pictures

LinkedIn - it’s a word of mouth tools, join groups, answering questions, posting polls, share your expertise.

Networking tips:
Elias Mela my first tip for a good networker is first of all to show up, and then be consistent!!! :-) Those are the most important aspects in my opinion. It really makes me wonder why some networkers complain about never getting any business when they are inconsistent, LOL!!! :-) Just my thoughts.

Bette Daoust My best tip is to follow up – people quite often talk to people at events and then never call them to make an appointment and get new business.

Chef Cindy’s Cards Follow up after 24-48 hrs and give referral not a lead. Edify both parties before connecting and most importantly call both parties 2-3 weeks later!

Debi Daisy Walsh Anything FREE that will help your Business – Free Advertising = Craigslist, EBay Classifields, Free Events, Ie Go and Hand Out Flyer ( Booth For Free Be a Vendor )

Patty Farmer  Collaborate with other people you meet networking

Carol Deckert  Do networking on and offline

I go into much more detail in the call. Be sure to listen to the call 1st.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Are You in Fears Bucket?

Go for your dreams now!

Over the past few days I have witnessed how relationships, struggle with money, with communication with each other. How often do we jump into the Fears’ Bucket.

If you are fearful, you will become frozen or you won’t move forward especially when you are called by God or whatever you call it. God tells us that it is our time to shine, by putting people in front of you to show you how. God calls us in a wide variety of ways..if we do things only for money and not because we feel good about it, this will work against us. When we are called to do something, we just have to take a few deep breaths, move forward with love knowing that every thing will work out.

Sometimes, when our partners want to control everything, like get a job or I don’t want you to do this or that..it’s their own fears that they may lose you, or if your partner starts to yell at you, it’s about their own fears and disbeliefs.

We all have free will, are you in the Fear Bucket or are you ready to just be of service by sharing your wealth or knowledge? Are you taking classes and learning “how to do?” Start preparing yourself for your success. Take your Free will and break free. Do what you are called to do or be. Ask God for help.

As a child we have wished for many things – what did you dream about as a child? Maybe you still do. What steps are you taking towards your dream? It doesn’t have to be about making money, maybe is volunteering your time, maybe it’s about teaching others how to do something.

As a child my parents fought, I got picked on..and my dream was why can’t we all hear each other? We all just want to be heard.

Heart@Work’s purpose/miission is to create events to help people to be heard. I did lots of little gigs, promoting someone else in getting their sales training with students ready to learn. By connecting people together – then in 2000 & 2002 I produced “Kindness Conferences” The focus was for workplaces to be kinder. I had no idea how or who I was going to call to pull this together to do this conference.. I did it with the help of God. Asking God to just put the people in front of me.

From 2009 – 2010, I produced Sedona’s 1st Social Media Conference, Twitter networking groups, Women’s networking groups…

Rather than just producing events for other people, I am going to produce my own events, like Kindness Speaks.

Am I in my fear bucket? I may get scared, I am not in fear becasue I have God that keeps me in love, harmony, peace, all it takes is a few deep breaths and I am there.

You can too!

Need some help in helping you to discover your businesses’ purpose? Contact: Mercedes Warrick

If you want help to release your beliefs that aren’t working so well for you Contact: James Evanow

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Are You Ready to Deliver Your Message?

Are you ready to deliver your message out to the world?

For some people even very intuitive people they get scared. how many times have you practiced your talk that you want to deliver to an audience, and it’s not perfect yet?

We all get scared of doing our next video, or tele-seminar or public speaking engagement or? You want everyone to understand you, as you are talking you’ll get some ahh moments. Can you look at things from a different perspective, from the audiences perspective.

I remember several years ago, I was giving a presentation on Leadership, after I got to the event, my powerpoint presentation, wasn’t working, it was OMG, what am I doing to do now?? Well, I knew the points I wanted to cover I just opened up the talk with some questions..(while I was shaking in my boots). When my talk ended, people from the audience came up to me to thank me, I was very surprised.. You see we all get scared, we have to be willing to jump in again and keep doing what we want to do. If your message is important, let’s get going, you can perfect your talk along the way.

When you are ready to move forward in getting your business of transforming out into the world, people let’s talk and see how I can help you. Right now, the two cities I am working in is San Diego, CA and Sedona, AZ, cross promoting people to each city. It’s funny that to get our name known we find ourselves in other cities. This is no different for Musicians, Artists, Speakers the people who have a message to help other people. If you aren’t sharing it, then how are you helping people to transform their life?

One of the things that has been happening is, people who are speakers are asking me if I can get them speaking gigs? At first, I am going that is a whole other game and market, however, after speaking with a guy he shared with me in how we can help them get gigs. I would still advise you to keep doing your own marketing and promoting until we are able to perfect it. It’s going to be a wonderful service!

Then there is another couple who have started a a group called “The Soul Connectors.” it’s a resource center for coaches and speakers..there is much that is unfolding stay tuned.

When you are ready to share your gifts, talents and help people to transform, all you have to do is to reach out and call. Book an appointment to get started. Call me at: 510-564-7880.

Or you can fill out this form, I’ll contact you and we can set up an appointment to see if you are ready.

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Discovering Your Key Audience

Discovering your Key Audience is easier when you use Social Media as it’s ease of use, with a low cost to get started using it and it’s mostly free.

Except you need to view your time and productivity. If you are anything like me, before you know it you find yourself on Facebook for an hour and you really only had 20 minutes.

The results in reaching out to your key audience, does produce results when you work with a group of people like a tribe..not only will you lean how to be more effective using the variety of tools, you will be enhancing your business’s visibility. This looks like more reviews, higher rankings, more friends, fans and followers and then your are becoming seen and heard.

Did you know that 65% of people use the internet to find business information? That your about page is the most visited page on your site?

Being flexible…

While I have been networking, I’ve been asking for Speakers and well as Non-profits as a way for people to know who they can refer to me. Quite a few times, speakers have asked me can you get me speaking engagements too? This is a whole different market, however, until a day or two ago, I didn’t have a way to help those who want me to help them get speaking gigs. There are many speakers bureaus out there that you can get listed in..as a directory it doesn’t work very well unless you work it.

Now, I can go back to those speakers who want gigs..as I have found a way to help them. When we are promoting something, rather than saying no, it’s a good thing to say Yes or think about how you can service an audience that wants attention.

Now that I have converted Heart@Work into a Event Production Company, I’ve been writing down and meeting with people who want to collaborate with me.. or maybe they’ll just provide a service to me when I need it. It’s just a lot more fun when you can collaborate together, more ideas flow and you get to realize of how much you actually do have in common.

  • If you are having trouble finding your key audience sit down and brainstorm some ideas with people
  • If there is someone who is asking for help from you call them up and ask what they really want
  • Pick a key audience and play with it, to see if you get a response, if you don’t change it
  • Volunteer and hang out with people, you’ll maybe discover something new
  • Be consistent with your messaging and networking
  • Find groups that speak to you, and hang out go to their meetings a few times get to know the people. It’s about the relationships that your grow and develop

I hope this helps you to find your key audience… don’t be shy and leave your comments or suggestions on my Facebook page.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Social Media Questions

This audio is a Question and Answer call about Social Media.

The reason why I decided to do the Q & A call was, that when I was speaking to a few people it was suggested that I do a series of workshops. The 1st one was Social Media – Basic, and one guy on the call said, “that he just wanted his questions answered, didn’t want me to go through a variety of platforms you could use for your Social Media marketing.” He felt it was too much information. It was great feedback, because most people seem to ask their friends for information.. Why? I don’t know..Why would you ask a friend when they are learning by trial and error.

If you would like to listen to the 30 minute call Dial: 1-209-255-1099 Access Code 480636#

I answered question about:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • How to more traffic to your site.
  • How can you monetize your site.
  • How to get more clients? 

    One of the articles that I wrote about a year ago, there are 30 ways to get more visitors to your site.

What’s your next step?

You could join the Social Media Jump Start, where you will really learn the how to’s of using Social Media tools. Check it out!

The other program I created is called the Collaborative Implementation, this is where we’ll learn what works, what isn’t working and sharing each others content. You will also be accountable for what you say, you are going to do.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Is Collaborating for you?

When I have shared a collaboration project like working on the book about Building your Business with Relationships. I didn’t get paid cash for my contribution, what I got was an opporunity to work with Marnie, some media exposure..and I made a few new friends. It was a lot easier to reach #1 on Amazon together rather than doing this solo.

What does collaboration mean?

When we take action, work with a group of people to produce something great to achieve a goal. By working together we realize a shared goal by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus. Most collaboration requires leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a decentralized and egalitarian group. In particular, teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.

If this collaborating, why don’t we do more of it?

I feel it’s because some of us are cut out to do this type of contribution, some of us think OMG, I’ll be working with my competitors I don’t want them to know about what I am doing!!

Or maybe you just don’tknow how to do it…I have been thinking of ways to put together a project that I could get more people on board with me. The book Kindness-Ripples is one of them.

If we have some projects that we would like to get a team together and work on them, then perhaps collaboration can happen with ease. What’s one goal do you have that you would like to work on?

One of the goals that I would like to get a group together for is Prosperity..to help each of us make more money, this would make a difference in our own lives, make a difference for others and it would benefit our causes that we believe in. This collaborative project would mean we would each work together on it then we could either end this project or we could start another one. Out of this Joint Venture Partnership could also gather momentum.

When I was speaking to a new friend, we were saying of how many networking groups have good intentions, except after awhile they can become clicky or pitch fests. This is a big turn off for me.

If this resonates for you, I recommend that you start with an idea that will work for you and run with it.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

What is your BIG dream?

Art by Pam Utton

We all have a big dreams, it’s just being willing to share it and be it. Even though one of my BIG dreams is Kindness, this takes several forms like being kind to me, others and my community. I guess you would say, my community dream is for the world.

For myself it includes eating well, getting excerise and having the right mind-set. By sharing my purpose and passion with people I will find people who want to join me.

We all shifts and movements going forward or sideways or we zigazag along our path..however when we are really clear in our hearts of what we want to offer everything flows..I mean in the flow of the Universe or God whatever you want to call this.

From this point we can begin to reap the rewards, the connections, the people who come into our life to help us or to offer some assistance.

I was at a women’s event last night, it was amazing of how these young women were full of vitality, energy and passion for what they are doing. It was exciting. I learned a few things too…of how often I can get stuck in my story or not receiving by just listening and not judging what people are suggesting to me, to look at things in a different perspective. I honor these women who were in the moment present and willing to listen and accept the feedback. How many times have you assumed that so and so doesn’t want your services? It’s true, not all people want to buy your services.. however this allows you to get more clarity in what you want and who you really serve.

It’s taken me several years to come to my purpose and mission, if you have always known what you want then it ought to be pretty easy to put into flow your purpose. Some of you may not know yet what your big dream is..it will come just listen to your heart and what it says to you.

Dreams are all possible..

Your dream could be something that you’ve been thinking about since you were a child, it could be a passion or cause of something that happened in your life and you want to change they way the world is or from a sickness or something happened to someone close to you and you decided to do something about it.

When you find your tribe then all things are possible, you’ll grow your following – once you do then they will help you to fulfill your dreams. By the way, it doesn’t have to be a business it could be something that is purely a giving to your community.

The more heart-centred you are the more people will respond..it’s being authentic. the more you ask for help or assistance more people will help you. This is why I encourage you to develop relationships with people, all people not just in your tribe, as they will have people in there own tribe that may feel a connection to your cause.

What is your BIG Dream? I would Love to hear it..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Step into your Destiny

Passionate flowers

You are Beautiful

HAPPY DAD’S DAY! May you have a great time spending it with your man in your life, or your dad…I miss mine. All the best to you!

From the book Build your business by building relationships for your business, I was really into what Lisa Rae Preston’s article was about. Stepping into your Destiny. She has a quiz to find out more about stepping into your destiny her Guide to Living Your Dreams. You can get your copy of the book here. After reading her story in the book, I hopped over to her site to check out her offer.

After some research she discovered a formula that you could discover your own destiny.. It’s about what your core passion/s is about. Mine is “Potential”.

While my skills and talent come quite naturally, I have four other cores like Service, Truth and Empathy.

Some of the questions I answered were repeated and asked in a different way.

I often meet life with zest and adventure, enthusiastic about ideas, challenges and supposed obstacles. Nothing seems to be impossible. ( I get this – my friend Linda and I would brainstorm some wild ideas, it was fun) Then we would encourage each other to make our ideas to come to life. Obstacles are just challenges, there has to be a way around the obstacles that we perceived to be true.

I see the potential in others, and like to cheerlead or empower people to help them create an action plan for them. Not many are willing to take the BIG leap, I think just because we don’t necessarily believe in ourselves.

As someone who is a “Potential Person” as I crave inspiration and be willing to drop whatever is at hand, to something that is more inspring to me..this is true..And I am a pioneer which means I am usually ahead of my time. I want to change with world – yep “I want World Kindness.” I am happy when I can improve a situation by bringing success and hope into my passion.

When I came up with promoting Masterminding groups I know the value of them and how much they can develop and grow a person and a business. Not everyone wants to join one..or is ready to particpate in one..Ahead in my timing? No, just haven’t met the right people yet. .

Ready to see what the quiz says about you? Find you what your Core-Passion is? , let Lisa Rae know that I have sent you..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to get more business

Growing your business

I found this great article, while I was cleaning out my e-mail box…I’ve covered this topic before..it’s just another take on how you get more business and keeping prospects in your sales funnel. They write about how it is important to keep qualified prospects in your pipeline. Not just anyone but qualified ones. Especially when at one time or another they have spoken to you and said they were interested and nothing came out of your conversation with them

3 Tips to Help Keep the Marketing & Sales Pipeline Full

Do you ever find yourself pushing prospects into buying your products or services, even though at the current time they are not the best fit?  We may know full well that they don’t have the budget right now, that they’re in a contract with another organization that runs through the rest of the year, or that they just don’t have the need at the current time. 

Regardless of the reason, even if we know they’re not the best fit, we still feel inclined to stuff the proverbial square peg into the round hole.  We do this because we don’t have enough prospects in our pipeline.  This is why it is so important that we are engaging in the right activities that will be consistently filling our pipeline with qualified prospects.  Those are the two key words – CONSISTENCY and QUALIFIED.  By consistently filling the pipeline with qualified prospects, we’ll never feel the urge to push a prospect that is just not ready to close.  Here are 3 easy tips to help your pipeline stay full!

1. When visiting your clients, ask them 3 things – Do they have any additional upcoming needs? Would they introduce you to others with in their organization that may need your products and/or services, and lastly, ask them who else they may know in their network that could use your products and services the same way they do.

2.  Identify strategic alliances that sell into similar industries or to the same buyer but are not your competition. Leverage these relationships for warm introductions (click here for a LinkedIn tip on leveraging networking relationships).

3. Go back through old proposals, leads and introductions that never panned out and make a few calls – they may be ready now!

Read more of the whole article.

There are many times also when we can call up our connections and ask them for help as well. I started to respond to my connections on LinkedIn, with a welcome message and let them know that I am available for a 15 minute conversation..people do call me. Mostly it has been people who are seeking work or connections to help them get to where you go. Even if you share with them what has worked for you or someone else..it’s just nice to know that you aren’t the only one having a challenge, right?

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Recession Proof Your Business

Sharing ideas

Ever feel like that you aren’t getting as much done as you would like? Or you feel you are doing lots of actions however, nothing feels like it is moving along for you? I have felt this way many times. What I have found that just when I am ready to give up everything seems to turn around. It’s just when I get an inspired action to do something I just do it.

For example, I went to a networking meeting and met a guy of whom I could collaborate with on this business. The next time, I was speaking to a friend of mine about a BIG challenge I was facing – What is it I do?Later my answer came to me, when I just allowed everything to be complete. In other words after I said – “It is done!” and let my struggles go with the flow or to the Universe. Within a few days I started seeing shifts happening. It’s like I just said, I want to find people to help in the areas of Marketing, Events and Promotions. Within a couple of days two people said, I need help with that.

If you bounce off ideas to a few people you too can get clear, this is how my Mastermind group was beginning to help me. You really begin to see how you are recession proofing your business.

Masterminding or being in a Mastermind Group filled with the right people can and has the power to immediately and significantly grow your business. Economic advantages may be created by any person who surrounds him / herself  with the advice, counsel and personal cooperation of a group of people who are willing to lend him/her wholehearted aid, in a spirit of perfect harmony. Furthermore, no two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind to take on the nature and habits and the power of thought of those with whom we associate in spirit of sympathy and harmony.

In a Mastermind group you can also find yourself collaborating with others on a new project or business. I have see this happen many times.

If you truly want to recession proof your business you will join one of my empowerment groups. You really need to be committed once you decide to join a group. They do get intensive and you don’t want to miss one meeting.

Some questions to ask yourself if you are really ready..like

  1. Are you ready to grow personally and professionally?
  2. Are you committed to attend all the meetings?
  3. Do you want to reach or exceed your goals?
  4. Are you willing to give as much as you receive?
  5. What area of your business or you, do you want to work on?

Need more information? Just fill out this form and I will get right back to you.

Thank you,

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

If you are ready sign up today at: I’m ready to Recession Proof my Business
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The Secret in Growing your Business

As a Entrepreneur and business owner, you know that you need to get out to network, however 90% of you don’t follow up after meeting people after you have met them. Not even an email to say it was a pleasure to meet them. This is shocking, how can people get any business if they don’t even show the simple courtesy of saying Thank you?

I like this picture and quote, because this is how we all ought to consider treating people.

Growing Relationships

After attending a meeting, if you think that, well I met them and they aren’t a customer, how do you know? They not be a customer for you, however, they know people. The more you stand out from what every one else is doing then you’ll be remembered. The simple gestures that you show people the more they’ll want to connect with you.

If you don’t want to send an e-mail, then call them up and just say Thank you! Your kindness, is about building relationships to grow your business. Once you start to help others first – find out what they are looking for, refer or introduce them to people they ought to meet, or invite them to an upcoming networking meetings. Or even just ask them how you can support them..

It’s like being a Host at a party..when you invite someone over what do you do? You introduce them to everyone at your party, get them a beverage and start a conversation with them. You find out about their family, their interests, how they got into their business or job or? Got the picture? You want to find out more about them..once you do..you will know how to help them, likely you can fit in, if not refer them to someone. If you are at a party, what do you say? Thanks for coming, Thanks for dropping by. It was a pleasure to meet you. Come again.

These relationships that you are developing shouldn’t be taken for granted..as you never know what will come out of all your seed planting of making friends. Plant everywhere..Be yourself by sharing who you are and how you can help someone else.

Recently, I was at a networking meeting, and it just felt like it was a sales pitch event..it felt awful. Be sure you are out making friends, help them and keep following up.

You want to build your business with relationships..There is the book about this topic just click here.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Trust is more Valuable than Gold

Trust is earned. Trust is more valuable than gold. People will pay for it. And if you’re working to earn it now, you’re already creating equity in your relationships.


Trust isn’t just essential to relationships; it’s necessary for a happy, meaningful life. rebuilding trust can be staggeringly difficult Friendship demands that partners be willing to understand each other’s inner world—their needs, desires, motivations, and sense of well-being.

It’s important to have respect for yourself and others. Disclosing private information betrays the very trust someone has placed in you. Trust takes time to build, lots of time. It takes one careless — and selfish — act to destroy.

The golden rule “do unto others as yourself” would you like people to talk about you in a disrespectful way? Likely not, so be sure that you are following what you would want others to do to you.

If you aren’t holding someone’s trust or being respectful you are causing a betrayal. If you aren’t willing to work through any betrayal you have committed, then it likely means that relationships or friendships to you, aren’t of value to you. 

If you are willing to work the on the relationship whether this is moving away or not being in touch with the people that you engaged with. If you have betrayed someone then you really need to take responsibility for your actions. It will take time maybe up to a year to repair the trust that has been damaged. At times there will be painful conversations to heal the things you did to betray someone. Seek therapy if you need it.

Here are 6 types of Toxic Friends and How you Can Deal with Them.

The Promise Breaker
Someone who keeps breaking their promises continually whether it is to show up for an appointment, for coffee or an event.

A Double Crosser
This negative friend betrays you big-time. It could happen when someone does something to hurt you, such as spreading a malicious rumor or lies about you. Or it could be an emotional double-cross; for example, when a close or best friend stops speaking to you and you never find out why.

Is usually someone who can stand the silence especially with those who have intimacy problems. They love to talk about themselves.

The Discloser
When you say to your friend “This is just between us” this is just a short promise until they can’t wait to tell someone else. They have big mouths.

The Competitor
Has always one up from you, has difficulty in having friends or close ones. They may have lots of education and if you don’t know about what they are talking about, they want to show off what they know and you don’t. If you want to remain  friends you’ll have to be willing to listen to their brags and boast far more often than you can share your own.

The Fault-Finder
Nothing you say is good enough, criticizing others is what turns them on. To break their spell, you will have to let them know how you feel about their criticism. Be aware that they may cutoff your friendship just because you pointed it out what they say hurts you.

To read more about Toxic friends and how you can deal with them..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Success Starts with Being Empowered

Every Entrepreneur needs help in their business.. I am inviting you to join a Mastermind Group, it will Empower you to grow and transform your business and you. Each group has their own theme, for example:

  • Prosperity
  • Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Transition

The right group, is filled with the right people which gives the power to immediately and significantly help you to grow your business. Many people before you have been a part of a Mastermind groups sharing their experiences and prospering, by being able to share ideas and solve problems together.

What can a Mastermind Group do for your business?

When you collaborate with others, by coming together to either work on a project or to help you solve your most pressing problems or obstacles you are now facing.  You now have the support and the team will believe in you, until you believe in yourself. When you have the support that you need, a group of people who have your back, it just feels so great that you may feel that you can do anything!

So often we we lose a job or are ready to enter into starting your business, you will feel at some point, oh my God, what an I doing? Not everyone survives without being supported by doing it yourself. You may be able to, however, it will be much slower process by doing it on your own.

When you are in a group of like-minded, success-focused, positive business professionals, there are infinite possibilities, creativity and resources to be shared. Oftentimes, we cannot see what’s missing in our own business. It’s extremely valuable to have someone else to point out your blind spots or offer you solutions you would not have thought of by yourself.

A monthly fee is charged upon registering, for more information..

Here’s what will happen:

  • I will have a meeting with you one on one to see what group would help you the most
  • We’ll meet once a week on a conference call
  • You’ll have an opportunity to share who you are and what your challenges are
  • What you want to get out of the group
  • Tele-seminars, available every 2nd week, on a relevant topic that you would like to know more about.

You’ll find this Empowerment program generous and captivating. You’ll gain from the experience from everyone in the group.

All training and other programs will be vetted for content and applicability.

There was a time when all you had to do was to open your doors and people would beat a path through your door. Not anymore. Being Good isn’t enough.

Not convinced? Here’s what a few of my participants have said about me…

“It is always a pleasure to work with Mari-Lyn, she is an inspiration, full of ideas and brings her insights and experience to every project. Mari-Lyn is a networker and knows how to effectively communicate her message. Tim Moores – Provision Graphics and Multimedia Inc., & WOW Edmonton – Edmonton, AB

“Mari-Lyn were so willing to lend their expertise to our conference on Leadership issues, which made it a success that it was.” Robert Peilletier, Mayor of Legal – Legal, AB

“I found the workshops I’ve taken inspiring, Mari-Lyn & Patricia helped me to focus on who my customers are based who I want. The idea of defining the person that make you tick was very insightful. Our group was from very different sectors, it was useful to discover what other people were going through. I would highly recommend this training.” Michelle Dodds of Cargo & James Tea – Franchise Sales

“What I got from their workshops, was the cross-section of ideas that I could modify. The brain-storming, the diversity of options and feedback that I gained was very valuable. Creating my client profile certainly gave me a kick in the butt to keep on attracting clients for my business.” Beth Simpson Ace Clear Defense Security Laminates, Edmonton, AB

“I enjoy workshops where we get to do the WORK in stead of just listening. In a short few hours I got improved clarity of who my customer is, what they want and what I have to deliver. The clarity gives me great momentum to be working on my projects right now.” John Robson of Higher Awareness, Edmonton, AB

Sign up here.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

P.S. If you sign up by June 1, 2012 you’ll receive an Empowerment Gift at the end of the second month.

Creating Relationships for Your Business

Building your business with relationships

My friend Marnie Pehrson has spent decades building profitable relationships with expert building profitable relationships with expert marketers (bringing in more than $280,415 from one project)…I shared this from my last post.

…and now she’s offering you the ability to pull up a chair and join in her inner circle of folks who are mining relationship gold. I’m talking showcasing YOUR face, YOUR message, YOUR products YOUR business. …in front of the eyeballs of 
successful experts who want to build mutually beneficial relationships with entrepreneurs just like you!

Unbelievably, your investment is a miniscule $12 (or less). Simply take 3 minutes on Thursday, May 24 to purchase the new book Trust Your Heart:. Building Relationships that Build Your Business and you’re invited to join the exclusive marketing partnership community…..placing your business in direct view of successful marketers who’ve built their businesses on creating relationships and who are open to getting to know you personally!

This unparalleled opportunity won’t happen again, friends. It’s why I’m giving you an early heads up so you can grab one of the coveted spots in this book launch. Only folks who buy the book on May 24 will get this special offer, in order to get this exclusive Marketing Partnership bonus.
 I wish I could tell you all the benefits Marnie and her team are planning for folks who buy this book, but you just have to 
see it to believe it.

Here’s the Link to buy the book on May 24th, 2012

Take a look now, so you don’t miss out on the launch of the year – they’ve pulled out all the stops to over deliver in a way I have never before witnessed.

Here’s to building relationships that build your business!

I am really excited to be a part of this book and project..I know you will love to get in front of these awesome Marketers that can help you.. It’s a great read. I am enjoying reading everyone’s story about how they have built their business through relationships.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How You Can Build Relationships that Build your Business

Come into my living room for a bit. I’m working with my mastermind partners, and we’re talking about marketing techniques that are working for us now.

Pull up a chair. I want to help you find different ways to grow your business through Relationships. I would love to have you join me in the next tele-seminar. Or perhaps you would like to interview me and I could tell them about the value of doing this. I would be happy to work with you.

Sound like a dream?

Well, it’s not. You can create the same kind of scenario for yourself, a tribe of like-minded, successful folks who join in mutually profitable partnerships. Interested?

My friend Marnie Pherson has built her business on creating profitable partnerships, one project brought in more that ($280,415.)

Marnie’s just published new book call “Trust your Heart: Building Relationships that Build your Business“… and this is on of those rare gems that bottle up the wisdom, shortcuts, and techiques of 25 successful individuals (including myself) who’ve created relationships that brought tens, even hundred of thousands of dollars of extra income into our businesses.

You’ll see on the left hand side of the book cover. The book launch is May 24, 2012 just a few days away. When you buy a book for ($12.00) you will receive this collections of relationship building insights, but also

* an exclusive invitation into Marnie’s Marketing Partnership community, in which
you can showcase your business in front of folks who are looking for experts to interview an partner with. (normally a $788 annual value)

* step-by-step training on how to use the community to build those profitable relationships.
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Building Relationships that support your business can take years. We’ve teamed up to shorten your journey significantly.

Here’s to Mining Relationship Gold!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

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What kind of Entrepreneur are you?

There are many kinds of Entrepreneurs and business owners you’ll want to be sure you work for the right one that fits your values. There are variety of different kinds and ways in which they do business. You want to be sure that you can work within their style. When you decide to work in the Direct Sales arena you want to pick someone that you feel good about, not just because they are well-known or famous.

A Social Entrepreneur will tend to have a business who desires to help improve and transform our world or social conditions. They are ambitious, they don’t like something in the world and go out and change it. They are driven by a emotional desire to change social and economic conditions like poverty, homelessness, hunger or health issues. They aren’t motivated by profits but by the social change they are able to make. Zahra said, “Social entrepreneurs make significant and diverse contributions to their communities and societies, adopting business models to offer creative solutions to complex and persistent social problems”.

A Social Entrepreneur is open to ideas, willing to develop innovative solutions, sometimes seek sponsors to help them move along their cause.

A Serial Entrepreneur is one who continually comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses and is can take on a higher propensity of risk for innovation and achievement. The challenge with this kind of Entrepreneur that they can get unfocused at times. As they have many projects going on at once. Some people may think that they are all over the place..they are not, they are just keeping their options open especially when there are social and economic factors in the play. Like little or no jobs, or they have so much experience that they become more risk takers.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs places passion before profit when it come to launching a business, they like to combine personal interests and talent with the ability to earn a living. Some hobbies should not become a business. Some Entrepreneurs are motivated to make their business profitable in order to sell to shareholders. In contrast, a lifestyle entrepreneur intentionally chooses a business model intended to develop and grow their business in order to make a long-term, sustainable and viable living working in a field where they have a particular interest, passion, talent, knowledge or high degree of expertise. Many of these people are self-employed, doing Direct sales, have control in their own life like with Baby Boomers, or those between 25 and 40.

Cooperative Entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t like to work alone rather they like to collaborate with other Entrepreneurs to develop projects. Everyone comes to the table with their own expertise and skill set and collectively they share in the risk and success of the venture.

Once you know what kind of Entrepreneur you are it is easier for you to move forward with your new business or project. And if you decide to work for one, you’ll know the type that will work best for you. Even though this describes the types of Entrepreneurs, you also want to consider their personalities. Can you work with them? Do you want to?

I hope this helps you to define you, so you are a better Entrepreneur. If you are open to explore having more success in your business consider in joining an Empowerment group. More details are on this page.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Is it Gratitude Time?

Are you grateful for everything in your life? If not, is it Gratitude Time for you? Even the times when you say to yourself what the??$%# is going on.

Showing some love for yourself

Yes, all the time. Even when you feel nothing is moving along for you – or you have so many great ideas and you become unfocused it’s gratitude time.

  • When you’ve been looking for a job for so long and nothing seems to be showing up for you it’s gratitude time
  • When you have pain in your body and it doesn’t go away, it’s gratitude time.
  • When you just can’t seem to be consistent in your messaging of what services and products you offer, it’s gratitude time
  • When you feel you have so many talents, gifts that you don’t know which one to share, it’s gratitude time.
  • When you have people willing to help you and you don’t take them up on their offer it’s gratitude time.
  • When everything is going along very well, and success is coming to you fast it’s gratitude time.
  • When you are in the flow it’s gratitude time.
  • When you have comments, readers and fans it’s gratitude time
  • When you have friends that will support and pick you up and help you, it’s gratitude time.
  • When someone invites you to a networking meeting or event, what’s your answer? It’s gratitude time
  • If something you are wanting and you don’t know who to ask – it’s gratitude time
  • When you body is healthy and working well, it’s gratitude time
  • When you have anxiety in picking up the phone to call people – just to do a one on one call to develop a relationship with them, or get to know them it’s gratitude time.
  • If someone is calling you to have a 15 minute chat, they would like to get to know you better, you say what? It’s gratitude time
  • If you want to get what you want, you become a connector – and it’s gratitude time
  • If someone calls to ask for help, what do you do? Say Yes..and it’s gratitude time.
  • You are feeling blue, do the happy dance..it’s gratitude time.
  • Someone shows up in your life and wants some help from you and they aren’t grateful or appreciative of how you have helped them, it’s gratitude time.
  • When in your life is it gratitude time? Anytime, all the time 24/7. When you are faced with a challenge give thanks for it, as it is just a blessing.

Thank you for all my friends, referral partners, fans, readers of my blogs – My deepest Gratitude is for you. You inspire me to keep going, keep writing and being of service.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Are You Ready for Growth?


What if you had all of this in your business?

  • Explosive growth
  • Be living your why
  • Have a group of best customers
  • You are doing what you want
  • You are able step forward in faith and trust
  • Help more people
  • You are spending more time with your family and friends

Would you find yourself excited and passionate about what you are doing? Of course you would, You would feel fantastic..like nothing could get in your way of having success in the way you want it to happen for you. Now the question is how can you get it?

I work with so many people who are at a loss of what to do next or what they should be offering..one of the things I have learned is when I am unfocused, is that I am doing a whole bunch of things and not getting anywhere.

Last night I met Paul who had to get back to work, he has so many great talents and skills and he wasn’t focused other than he knew he had to find a job. How many of you have been looking for work and it hasn’t panned out or you keep getting rejected? When we get rejected enough, we quit. Without support in our lives we keep doing the same things and expecting something different to happen to have the kind of success we want.

Back to Paul, he listed all things he is good at, made a decision to start his own business.

When I worked with David, he was doing the same thing applying for jobs, no one was hiring him..we worked out a plan so he could be the person to solve businesses their problems, in his area of expertise.

Mark was a guy who had several things going on at once and was spinning his wheels..I recommended that he do a few things to get focused – he said, he would call the people I recommended,  there were some things he was not willing to do. At least he got some clarity.

If you want more growth in your business or in building up your self-esteem and self-confidence, I recommend that you join one of my Mastermind groups. without supportive people in your life, it’s difficult and it certainly isn’t helpful for you to be doing the same things all the time and not getting anywhere. I know I have been there many times too! Because I have been there done that,  I can help you to grow your business or maybe it’s just getting your life back on track. Only you know, what you feel like, by reaching out for help you have just taken your 1st step.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

What if You Could be Limitless?

Ever thought of yourself as Limitless? If you want to become limitless, you need to work on not having limits. One of the things I learned was as long as you tell yourself or say to someone else that you “Can’t” do something. Or if you are in the “No Party” How many times do you tell yourself NO or CAN’T? Think about it. And if someone is telling you NO or Can’t, then is this really supporting you to move forward in being limitless?

  • Are you ready to limitless? If so, what if?
  • You were in a higher position in your company or
  • You achieved a level in your career or had success

What if you have all the time and money so you have total liberty.

When we put limits on ourselves, we can’t become limitless. It’s not about having this or that it’s about having whatever you want. It’s about changing your mind, your beliefs. In order to do this you need to step out of your comfort zone, out of your own limits, if you do you will experience:

  • Explosive growth
  • Be living your why
  • Have a group of best friends
  • Do you have and do what you want
  • You step forward in faith and trust
  • Great relationships
  • Help more people
  • More time with your family

And whatever else you want to have and experience in your life.

Your health is your wealth which includes:

  • Your mind set
  • Your body and energy
  • The story that you tell yourself and others that limit you
  • Balance
  • Hope – how you feel about life and your value
  • Are you getting things done?

What if?

  • If you could change your mind in how you view your health and wealth
  • If you changed the words that you think about and say
  • If you removed your limits
  • You can make a difference
  • If sing your song
  • You can just be great as you are
  • You would be willing to stand up for yourself

Why not?

  • You do more 10 relationship building calls
  • Remove your limits in believing in yourself
  • Just be yourself

If you are ready to Limitless, now is your opportunity to work on it. When are you going to start?

What is Self-Empowerment?

Break your Personal Limits

Self-empowerment means for us to take charge of our own lives to bring about the changes that we want to see in our lives. How do we get empowered? Sometimes, we rely on others to help us, sometimes we just need to be courageous and help ourselves. It’s easier to say this than just to do it.

If you were a self-empowered person you would not give your power away, or allow others to take advanatage of you, we should use our own power for our own self good. If we don’t know that we have our own power, where do or can we find it? Check out your own value and beliefs, what do they tell you?

Have you ever had an experience when you are living the same experience over again but with different people? I have many times, I haven’t found that by working with other professionals it’s easier to overcome this. I’ve worked with a Spiritual Intuitive, a couple of them actually to help me figure it out. Here’s a method that may help you to overcome the situation that you are facing.

Have you been faced with negative authority experienes, through your family, sociiety, cultural, workplace or being with people? Have you been encouraged to think for yourself? Have you always been told what to think and what to do? Do you see yourself as stuck, or that you don’t deserve better, or you are not good enough? Did you have cheerleaders to encourage you in what you wanted to do or have? If not, self-discovery will help you to feel empowered.

What can you do to feel empowered?

We have to ask questions of ourselves to gain what’s important to us, our choices and decisions how have they affected our lives. Learning to listen to ourselves, how does this feel? Is it something you want more of? or Less of? Deciding, ok, this is where I am in my business or personal life? If you don’t like it, you have the power to change it. you have this right to change it.

The Cycle of Empowerment is to discover more about yourself and your passions – this is your foundation. Discover what your ________ are:

  • Principles
  • Character
  • Morals
  • Ethics
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Virtues

Set some goals for yourself..strategize and stay on course or stick to the plan to reach your vision. Know yourself, appreciate what you are good at, know what you offer to the world and know what the world wants you to deliver it,  people are waiting for you. The power of your purpose inspires your confidence and it makes life living. Discover the difference between earning a living and having a life.

When you contribute to your own life, by sharing, givng to yourself and others. Then you will be rewarded with positive outcomes. For example “If you believe that money flows to you effortlessly and maintain the conscious and subconscious beliefs regarding that, you will find that money becomes easy to acquire.”

If you want to change your life and what to find out HOW – here is what you do. Register for a Mastermind group . A group starts on May 1. Where  the group of women are going to empowering each other, we all can provide the opportunities, resources and support that you need.

In short, you will break your personal limitations.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Empower Yourself with Kindness

Fresh Daisies

One of the things that come up quite frequently is how do I be kind to myself when there is so much going on and I have so many responsibilities? Once when I was speaking to a Business Association for Assistants..I had asked them how many of them acutally took time for themselves? There were only 3 women who said, they did take time for themselves whether it was going to the gym, or taking breaks throughout the day. They said, their jobs were so demanding that they didn’t take time off, there wasn’t any room to budge.

I challenged them to find the time, even if it was just 15 – 30 mins at a time. Our brains can only focus on any given task for 90 – 120 minutes at a time. When we are really getting a lot done, this is great. when we have days we are not accomplishing anything..then it’s time to take more breaks. As I say to friends “Quit beating up on my friend.”

Forgiving ourselves.. that we are not getting enough done, or we haven’t accomplished what we had or have hoped to have happen by now. I know, that even as I begin to create a new canvas of life for myself, and find myself sometimes still stuck in my story. And yet, by being upset at myself that I’m not further along in achieving my own dreams, that I had hoped for.

Catherine Foster helped me to let go of all the anger that I was hanging on to..a few weeks ago. It was amazing of how lighter I felt. A part of this, is forgiving and letting go of all the people that made a negative impact of my life.

Today, as Oprah, says “it’s time to let go,” to forgive all those including yourself for hanging on to your fears, pain and heartache. Even for broken up marriages, relationships and friendships, life is too short to harbor over or hold a grudge.

Some things that can help you in your financial affairs..and I know that I am too working on this issue. What I would suggest that you find alternative streams of revenue besides just your main business or job that you may have. I continue to do this, when a job has ended or there was a space inbetween clients, that I too forgot to be kind to myself by not looking after me. I do encourage you to empower yourself to find something that will allow you to grow and develop something for yourself. Even if you need to do it in secret.

The other kind deed to do for yourself, set up something you are going to do once a week for yourself. Even if it is just one flower, and give thanks for the beauty of your day; meditate; write in your gratitude journal.

Want another one?

At the end of April you will be able to subscribe for the Kindness Gift Box. Available on a monthly basis..It’s a wonderful gift for yourself, a friend or give anyomously. It will be mailed out to you, not an online gift or goodies. I really wanted to do soemthing different, that woul have more meaning when you receive it. The Gift Box, will have words of encouragement, could come in a book, a CD actviities and open to suggestions of what you would like to have.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Why should you follow your passion?

Some reasons why you want to consider to follow your passion or starting your own business and join the Empowered Womens’ Mastermind group.

Working together

With the job market overflowing with talent, you likely have come to the conclusion that is getting tough out there. We need to become our own free agents. Whether we like it or not. You are not just competing against other professionals, you are competing agains the shifts in the marketplace itself. For example have you noticed that companies are hiring more interns to do their Social Media? One place I found said, they were only hiring people who would work 30-60 days no pay and if they liked your work they would make you an offer. Sounds too much like slavery to me.

One guy I was speaking to, said employers are really hesitant to make the wrong choice for the position, so they are stalling even hiring at all. Or they are taking a long time to decide who to hire. I encouraged him to represent himself as his own independant counsel to help other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

You need to really stand out from the rest of the crowd fron the other applicants. Otherwise you are just doing the same things as thousands of other people out there are doing. Stop it!

Did you know that more companies are outsourcing rather than hiring inhouse? Between 2007 and 2008, financial, information, and professional service jobs were outsourced at an average rate of 5.4% (PDF). John McCarthy of Forrester Research predicts that at least 3.3 million white collar jobs and $136 billion in wages will shift from the U.S. to low-cost countries by 2015.

To beat the odds, you need to find a niche and service it. You are likely a professional that has experience that would be more valuable, if you were a contractor or had your own business. As an independent consultant you absorb the costs of benefits, and is a low-propostion for employers or other companies who could use your services, however, may not want to hire someone on a full-time or part-time basis. It also gives you the opportunity to show them what you can do, a possibliy get hired on later.

The truth of it is, that we all need support and encouragement when we venture on our own. Many years ago, after I started to be a consultant myself, I started to teach other people how to be consultants..the economic climate in the mid 90’s was about the same..just maybe not as drastic as it is now.

It’s time to grow BIG today. Don’t sell yourself short. One of my friends has the education, the skills and experience, however she has a hard time finding work..she said, when you have been out of work for awhile you don’t know if you ought to start at the bottom again, or at the same level you were at when you left your last job. It’s not effective to downgrade yourself or lower your skill set. De-valuing yourself is not competitive because now you are in direct competion to the low-cost, less-skilled people.

How do you win BIG time? Find a niche that you would like to serve, brand yourself as _______ and join a Mastermind group to empower yourself. Your new clients will appreciate you and you will begin to make more money and be happier.

Make things happen for yourself by growing and prospering your future than just being umemployable and frustrated. If you don’t change things now. who knows what will happen? One thing for sure you’ll start living your dreams again or at least dream again.

It’s Time to grow BIG, decide today to believe in yourself and your possibilities. the Empowerment groups are here to support you too!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Join the Womens’ Empowerment Movement

Empowering Women has been one of my callings for a while..I recently opened up my wish box, only to discover all my wishes and prayers. Wow, since 2007 I put out this to the Universe. The time is now to really help Women. With so many men and women out of work, for so many of us who want to do our passions, why aren’t we?

It’s time to listen to ourselves and get started even if we don’t know how. Our lives and businesses are blended, it’s hard for us to try to separate them, as they are a part of our whole life. There is a spark within us that speaks to us of which we really need to listen to. This spark within us wants to ignite, to shine brightly, we need to show ourselves and the world the difference we can and are making.

The Womens’ Empowerment Movement is about a group of women who are willing to take action. The Womens’ Empowerment Movement to demonstrate dramatic, positive changes in their lives, to have experienced happy, successful living. I know for
me when I have been involved in a Mastermind group – I have felt empowered and supported to know that I can too take my next steps with love and ease. To discover that anything is possible. Read about why this is a #1 Key to your Success.

As I have embraced changed in the direction of my business and my life I know that my life has changed and supported me.

When we enrich ourselves, we then can enrich others, including our families, friends and our clients. The more we help ourselves, the more we have to give, to help and inspire others.

I invite you to join the Empowering Womens’ Movement by joining a Mastermind group. Each group will have six women plus me as your facilitator. Are ready to move forward in your life and or business? If not, get committed to yourself and you will be filled with action, inspiration and fun!

The Women Empowered groups will provide ideas and challenge you in your business or your lifes’ passion:

  • You’ll be expected to do what you say you will do.
  • Your partners will hold you accountable.
  • You will be supported to get the results that you say you want.

There are two group styles:

  • One where you meet two times a month or every 2 weeks, the same time and day
  • Second group will meet every week, on the same day and time.

The Master Mind Principle  also teaches that other like-minded women who can believe for you — AND ACCEPT AS TRUE FOR YOU – things you may find difficult to conceive or believe for yourself. This is a Key to grow your business..

You’ll also recieve a BONUS GIFT  of the Empowerment News..a value of $25.00, of which it will be mailed out to you every two months.

Come join like-minded women for an innovative, enriching experience filled with inspiration, fun and laughter. You will also recieve the courage to move yourself forward with love.

Get your name on the list..this does not commit you, until you have paid. If you are thinking about this for you, DO IT! As the spots will fill up quickly.

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Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to Become Happier

On my own journey of doing a self-discovery of who am I? I woke up this morning, knowing that where I am today is perfect. I am starting to fix what I don’t like in my life right now.. Right now, all my experiences are for good, I own that I am a child of God, I can do anything.

As I begin to fill myself up, I am discovering that I am becoming happier, wealthier, ideas are flowing to me. The more I pronounce everything good and only good shall come to me.

One of the things, Bob Procter says is “Start writing I am happy and so grateful for ___________.” Write them down and set yourself a goal, write it on a card and carry it around with you.

Quit, buying into your own story – of what you tell yourself, especially the negatives of your life. For example, I used to say that I was stuck, well guess what? I was stuck, I couldn’t see a way out, I really needed a fresh perspective on my life. I have some very supportive friends.. of who I really LOVE! I have my own spiritual center and direct line to God. I usually say I have my own calling card.

When I started to open up my channels, in looking for work I just said “Wherever the job is this is where I am willing to move to.”. I got the move, not the job..so be careful what you ask for. Within two weeks, I landed in San Diego, CA. I wasn’t really excited about it,..to tell you the truth..so I started to do some inner reflection work – within a week, I am now in the perfect place. I can see all the things of why I was stuck. My story that I was telling myself was working against me. I have let this go, now remind myself that I can do anything. Tony Robbins, calls this Divorcing what isn’t working for you.


If you are in a relationship or married, I don’t suggest that you shake it up so much so that you divorce them. I believe you work on your relationships until they are working, then decide. Don’t give up on each other, even if one partner has given up on themselves.

Empowerment Coach

This is where you want to get support for yourself to work on you..we all need to be empowered enough to be inspired and look after ourselves. To be kind to yourself to fulfill you. Self-fill your life, so that you can move forward or shake up your life a little. A coach that specializes in empowering people is a great benefit to you. Go with someone that speaks to you, trust your intuition when you decide to work with a coach. After awhile your friends and partner don’t want to hear about your problems..or may not know how to help you or what to say to you.

Catherine Ponder says, “When you have done all the inner work to solve an old problem or to create a new solution and it hasn’t arrived yet, then you need to cease trying!” Give yourself a mental treatment:

“I let go, I let God work for my whole good of health, wealth and happiness now. Having done all that I know in this situation, I now rest, relax and let go. I stand firm in the Goodness of God. The finished results now come forth in this situation quickly and in peace. I give thanks and rejoice as those results appear in my life now.”

Be sure you are ready to receive what you have asked for..it may not look like you thought it should or of how it does show up. ie. like my move to San Diego.

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Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

You have the Power to Transform your Life

Pay it Forward

Many times throughout my marriage I found myself not being kind to me, just always willing to please and have the approval of my husband. This wasn’t working in the end, as always wanted from others approval before I made a decision this worked against me.

I was beside myself – I was having a rough day,  Catherine Foster offered to do an energy reading and healing for me. When we did to this we cleared out all the anger I was feeling from my father and mother. It was incredible. I was able to release most of it, I still felt some pain in my tailbone, of which after massaging my tailbone the next day, I was able to release all of the anger. This anger I have carried in my body some of it since I was 3 and 7 years old. It was incredible to feel so light and relieved of the pain I was feeling. Catherine, said, “Just go celebrate myself.” It was like, what do I do? Celebrating myself, was to begin a new journey for myself.

Well, let’s say, pick up from where I left off…bought my self some flowers, had a bubble bath and just relaxed. Started praying – affirming my blessings.

The next few days – I asked myself, what can I do to celebrate me? What are some kind things that would help me to move forward?

A few weeks went by, and I wrote the article “Are you Stuck,” I had people say that was great, will you write for us, many people could relate to it. One day, this week, I was sharing what I had been going through – my life just totally changed in a matter of a week – I’ve been remembering what story I was telling myself. The story was old and I wasn’t being kind to myself. Know that we all need to hold to our Faith..know that everything shall too pass. We will overcome what isn’t working for us – and create something different.

During our challenging times, is when we really need to be kind to ourselves, no one else is going to, if we aren’t. My ahh moments come to me in unexpected times, not sure when yours appear. In Oprahs OWN Life Class, she did not listen to anyone else’s nonsense about her being Black, in Mississippi, a Girl, that she won’t be anything special, as a matter of fact her Mother expected her to be a maid.  She ignored the messages everyone told her. She said, “when she found out that she was a child of God, she knew she could do anything.”

Why I mention this is, what she felt and heard is what we need to do..don’t listen to what other people say about us. It’s almost like it is none of our business. Don’t make it your business.

Create a vision for yourself – whatever it is – own it. Life gives us a bunch of detours, we do fall off the tracks once in a while – just like I did quite a few times. After speaking to Lisa about writing her a kindness column on her site – It’s about being kind at no matter what age we are at.

Whatever your fear is, this will be your healing – turn it into Faith – and develop a strategy to go after your dreams or vision. As you know my stories or fear has been not good enough..what happen to me – I believed this story so much that I created it. I wasn’t good enough for my husband.

Now I am turning this into “I have the power to be great and more than enough.””Helping people to find their purpose” or maybe it ought to be “Helping people to be kinder to themselves.” It’s one of the big things we can do to improve our own lives. It’s almost like we are scared of being kind to ourselves, to live the best life. – I want you to create an amazing life with purpose, passion, power and healing.

To get to this point you really need to ask yourself:

  • What is holding me back?
  • What is disempowering you?
  • Get a divorce of the fears or story we are believing or telling ourselves- according by Tony Robbins
  • Get yourself a new story
  • Create a strategy in which you can create the life you really want, transform it- a new state of mind.

I like this line – “Our thoughts are our prayers.”  What are you thinking? Change your thoughts…

Remember you have the power to Transform your life!

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Re-Creating You

Showing some love for yourself

What have your own experiences been, when work ends un-expectantly like getting laid off, or you quit or you get fired or relationships end for a variety of reasons. How can you re-create yourself?

Your core of who are are is where you need to start.. Get to the core of your pain, Iylana was on Oprah, for the second season, I really really like her. And she’s been on top and crashed and now can teach all of us to discover our pain. It does get deep. I firmly believe whatever your pain is, it your greatest healing. If you aren’t willing to go there, then you will become unhappy, moody and non-committal simply because you still think what is outside of yourself is what is going to help or heal you.

I have had some great insights for myself in the past week which have helped me to heal some real wounds that I had, after many years..it was a series of events that led me to discover my greatest pain.

1. I wasn’t valued
2. I wasn’t good enough

I still get emotional about this..however, by getting to my core pain and forgiving myself I will heal myself so I am beginning to value and appreciate myself more each day.

Once you have discovered your core pain, you heal it you’ll discover your passion. From there are you willing to embrace your power?

I decided that to get the support for myself I decided to form a YES! group like a mastermind group based on spirituality and offering everyone in the group to have accountability partners. We just had our 1st meeting last week, we meet every Thursday at 7:00pm PST. If you like to join us..let me know.

If you won’t want to join my Yes group, I would highly recommend that you start one or find one to join.

If you wanting to change your career or the direction you are taking or you want to tweak a few things in your business, go out and ask people you know that won’t feed you bullshit about what you want to do. For example, before I announced that I was going to be known and brand myself as a “Re-invention Coach” I asked people who are close to me, to see if I was passionate about, it..they just said things like – “your voice changed”, “I can hear the passion in your voice”, “it’s a fit for you, because you really do like to help people”. It’s similar to Relationship Marketing, it’s a person to person business service that women would respond to.

The other thing after putting time into looking for work, applying to all kinds of work that I could do and would like to do. I realized that for the people who had been out of work for awhile – it gets depressing, un-satisfiying, not a big happy experience. At least not for me. What about you?

What can we do about it? We can change our minds that it isn’t depressing or hard. However, wouldn’t you rather do something that you can get excited about? We are all selling ourselves, if we are passionate and happy we are more likely to have people want to hang with us, hire us or help us.

One of the things I wanted to do, a couple of years ago, was to interview people who are seeking work and help them to get their message out. Well, maybe it’s time to do this as well. Helping people by promoting people. I do this for Artists now.

Stay tuned..for the Interview series..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

3 Things Needed for Re-inventing

Ok, you are ready to do something different, but what?

Maybe you have always known what you want to do, just not sure where to start..maybe you want to start your own business or maybe you are ready to jump in to add some more excitement in your life. Mostly, we have been taking too much space and not really living our lives.

After a long marriage you want to venture onto something else or leave your job prospects open..my friend Lisa, I had asked her what she was doing to get work. She gave me her formula – even though she was married she had the full support of her husband, not every partner is willing to do this. Some partners decide it isn’t worth it to repair or re-commit to their marriage. One of my friends, took a risk, of having her own get away vacations from her husband. Their marriage was getting stale, to save herself she goes to Sedona, AZ where they have a condo for 4 months out of the year. Since she has been doing this, her husband and her have become closer. When we are 60’s it’s the new 40’s. We see so much more and a variety of possibilities that is open to us.

The three things we need to recognize that we need in order to re-invent ourselves:

Resilient – We have to be willing to rebound from any challenges we are faced with. By working with a coach will help you to find new ways to cope and even begin to enjoy your new life or business.

Reliance – We have to be willing to reach out and ask for help – have a circle of people that can help us. It requires us to ask for help.

Renewal – We need to be flexible take the leap of faith, sometimes we don’t feel there is a net below us. We may feel scared because we are venturing off into the unknown or will leave behind what we are used to having. When you get stuck it is important to have someone like a coach that you can reach out for support. As our old structures are no longer valid.

If you have been unemployed for a while, you may begin to do the same things of which you did before you got the last job..it isn’t working this way anymore. We need to revaluate where we want to go, find a new way of expressing or manifesting what we want.

How far do you want to go? Are you willing to think out of the box?

Watch Gary Hamel, celebrated management thinker and author and co-founder of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), make the case for reinventing management for the 21st century. In this fast-paced, idea-packed, 15-minute video essay, Hamel paints a vivid picture of what businesses need to do to change. It may even give you some ideas to apply in your personal life.


Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Unleashing Your Power

We are all presented with challenges and opportunities, that we can either say YES! or not. If they are relationships that are falling apart we need to take time to grieve and pay attention to the ahh moments that we discover for ourselves. They usually pop up when we least expect it.

That’s enough about that…

As I was writing out my new About Mari-Lyn page for my blog, I realized that I am quite good at re-inventing myself and asked some of my closest friends what they thought of the idea. When I talked about it, they felt my energy was high and I was passionate about it. I like seeing people get the ahh’s, it’s like the light bulb just went on for them.

I’ve been doing Marketing and Social Media for so long now, that it has been getting stale and of course people are either working with BIG Agencies or getting their staff to do the work let’s face it, there is so much FREE intormation online about it that it’s really becoming a DIYer business. Which I do think that we all need to understand it before we hand it over to someone else. This is part of my re-invention it’s time to switch to something else.

If you are a woman who is between 40-60 ready to make a change in your life, or if you have been unemployed for a long time this will help you too. As I wrote in my last post that the job market is shfiting, there are more people than jobs, more artists selling art work than buyers. It’s really a buyer marketplace. If you haven’t worked in awhile, then you really need to do something different. It’s time to change the gear that you are in.

As a Transformation Coach,  I’ll help you make a few tweeks to some major shifts so you can have what you want to come to you. Some people call this Attraction Marketing. We have to make ourselves attractive to attract what we say we want to have happen.

Many years ago, I was doing some group work to help people get what they wanted. One guy was teaching people about money – he was ready to grow his business and have the time to have a new partner in his life. One gal was, really wanted a new man in her life. another gal was a bookkeeper and wanted to increase her client base. Another gal wanted to start her own business. After 12 weeks everyone was well on their way to have what they wanted. Between setting intentions and taking action – more doors were opening up for everyone. This isn’t the only things that each member in this group did, it just shows that when you operate in a group, the energy becomes much more supportive and powerful.

  • The Money Coach was able to train someone to help him – to give him more time and expand his business
  • The gal who was seeking a man in her life – found one and got married
  • The bookkeeper – saw that if she partnered up with other financial parters she could get more business and developed a partnershp with the Money Coach.
  • The gal who wanted to start her own business, got a promotion in the job she had, so she gave up starting her own.

To unleash yourself from the pain of appying for jobs and getting nowhere or if you are in a business that isn’t making any money or you are just having trouble getting support in moving forward..I can help you.

When we surrender and ask for help, it does arrive. And sometimes it’s not what we expect to show up, it is exactly what we need and if it’s not we can change our mind.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Are You Stuck?

Life is Beautiful

Friends are like this rose

As I was writing a new about me page sharing my experiences and how I got to where I am today, I realized that I am very good at re-inventing myself. This happens when I feel stuck or a situation like a job loss or relationship loss occurs or the direction I am taking in my business or career isn’t working. I’ve re-invented myself a few times over my life, one time – I got burned out selling advertising for a company and I had a couple other part-time jobs. I was exhausted. Inside I felt stuck, I didn’t know what to do – my career wasn’t going anywhere and everything around me wasn’t working. My car died, I lived in a rural community, so there wasn’t a bus service – my friends didn’t want to keep coming to pick me up to take me someplace. It was a mess. Or was it?

A friend at the time suggested that I just surrender and be grateful for everything that was right, after 30 days things started to shift for me. I moved back home for a couple of months and began again. Surrendering for 30 days is a challenge, many times I didn’t think I could do it. With her love and support I made it through.

I found a job that I was happy to work at, attracted a wonderful man who later became my husband.

When life gets us down, whether it’s a failed business or not being about to raise capital for a business that you have, or your career or job has disappeared – we can’t give up. I’ve been there too! I felt like a failure and nothing in sight. I felt hopeless.

Many times when we are stuck we just need someone who is willing to encourage us and cheer us on. The most important thing is not to give up on yourself. Yes, do take the time to do some inner reflection work to see what is causing all of this. I think it’s important too! Whatever is going on inside will show up outside, in my experience anyway.

You are valuable, what you offer to the world is important we need to hear your message. First though we need to recognize that there is help to guide you through. You just need to ask for it.

If you are stuck then let me help you walk through the door to re-invent yourself or your business. When you have the support, more ideas, solutions will come to you. You’ll have a purpose again, I like to call it the “YES” Energy it’s our spiritual self, it begins to shine.

When we shine our business will shine too and you’ll become much more prosperous, passionate and step into believing in yourself. You are strong. I would be happy to help you if you are stuck in a rut by helping you to move forward and have the life you would rather have. We all need a little help sometimes..it’s nice to have someone that has your heart in mind.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Creating a Community

Communities take many forms. Not just for customers or business community also for a group based on an interest. Communities are a good way to stay in touch with people. For example, about every couple of months, I invite couples to our house for a potluck or we go out for dinner with each other.

Showing some love in a community

One of the things that I have found is most of us will have friends (single) not very many couple friends..I found this interesting. When I moved to a whole new area, I wanted to connect and meet new people, couples mostly since being married and not knowing very many.

This couple group encourages us to develop relationships with each other and have some fun. This little community of couples is really for socializing.

Of course it is common now to form a communty with people who are customers, or are affiliated some how will come together. Why would you want to form a community?

For companies it forms customer loyaly, will provide valuable feedback, increase your sales, find new solutions and ideas to add to whatever you already offer. Customers can find support, advice and get their questions answered more quickly. It’s been documented that users of a web community will likely to be twice as loyal if they get the support and help they need.

Here’s an example – Fast Company Magazine – decided to create a community by which readers can start have conversations about what they read, or about the issues they are facing. Five years later they have 165 local groups in 35 countries with 44,000 members. Some of the successes their group has found is:

  • Started companies together
  • Gotten jobs
  • Found employees
  • Obtained book publishing contracts
  • Met new people, gotten married

In September 2011, another group was formed to help stranded travelers, if someone was stuck in a city, people/friends would open up their homes to travelers, show the city, go out for dinner this community of friends has fun, meet new people and of course the magazine has a substantial influenece on their subscription base.

This is their suggestion of creating your own community.

1. Just try it, proceed, if it is not working they stop it
2. Stay involved. Employee participation nurtures the community
3. Loosen up. They said they succeeded becasue of a hands-off approach.
4. Don’t try to control the group – allow innovation to grow

One of the reasons you want to create a community is to create customer evangelists. A community encourages customers to bond with one another, underneath the umbrella of your orgainzation’s goodwill. One of the strategies is to offer a specialized, smaller offering or what is called a bite-sized chunk.

A bite-sized chunk is like the 5 minute bite, when people sample Sedona Pies. You know when you try something you are more likely to buy it. When you go to Costco when you sample something do you buy it? Mostly likely, maybe on that very day..later you do.

Here’s some stats about sampling:

92% of people who sample will likely buy from you
73% of your customers are more aware of what you offer
84% will consider buying the produce in the future

Is creating a community worth it to you? I don’t know, only if you give it a try. I’ll be writing another post about this topic, stay tuned…

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to do Grassroots Marketing

This is one of the best ways to start out..especially if you don’t have a budget for marketing, like most of us. It’s really about culivating relationships with your customer or people who can refer you.

Krispy Kreme started out in grass root marketing..sampling their customers – it’s been the emotional connection to their customers that has made a difference

Girl Scout Cookies – they raise money to cover costs of their trips.. – who doesn’t have a hard time turning down a girl selling her cookies?

Even Heart@Work, started out in grass root marketing..in some ways we still are..just because it is much more effective than doing ads. I am in the relationship business..developing relationships is how I grow my business.

A community needs to be bigger than you..the ideas to flow..the connections to connect..listen to get new ideas for new products. To listen and have everyone heard. We all want to be heard and understood.

Ask questions like:

  • How do they feel about you? Your products and services?
  • What do your customers want you to improve upon?
  • Can you write an article about your company?
  • Can you package your knowlege and create samples or bite-sized pieces so they have an experience with you?
  • Do you provide resources or other people to help them?

How to get the Buzz going?

  • Do you know what people are saying about you?
  • Are you nurturing relationships with people?
  • Do you offer them special access to you?
  • Do you solicit their input?
  • How are you standing out?

How to create a community for your customers..

  • Are you helping your customers to invite others to join you?
  • Ask your customer to help you create a community program
  • Ask them what kind of programs they would like to have
  • Add community features like a group online, bulletin boards or your website
  • Put a human face to your group
  • Solicit testimonials
  • Give special benefits
  • Is there a cause that you can add to the group? Is there an issue in the society that youe can address?
  • Instead of selling products sell a dream..What would change how your customers see you?

I recommend that you read this book about “Creating Customer Evangelists” bu Ben McConnel and Jackie Huba it’s a great read, and goes into much more detail of how other companies have created evangelists for their business.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

11 Ways to Create Connection Evangelists


One of the things I have been doing more on a concious level is connecting with people I already know. These are people on Facebook, LinkedIn and who are in my address book. I must confess that I haven’t been that active in staying in touch with people. Yes, I have a few of my closest networking buddies, just haven’t expanded my network too much.

With all the talk about all the new social networking platforms, we need to ask ourselves, just because everyone else is doing it, does it mean it’s a fit for us?

One of the questions on Focus was – Is anyone scaling back their connections and how are we managing our activity? One of the things we all agreed on, was getting caught up in the Social Media Frenzy – and that the most all of us can really have a good connection with is about 2,500 people. This includes, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Of course we may have groups that we really enjoy.

LinkedIn, for the most part I have let go over 20 groups that I used to belong to..and joined other discussion groups like Social Media Empire, Focus or Quora.

How can we stay in touch more often with our connections and create more supportive people around us?

Get rid of self- promotion, pull more people to us by offering incentives, ask people to opt-in to our conversations – this is where the discussion groups come into play. We are going to promote some things about what we offer, or promote an event however, it’s not about always showcasing our own stuff. Promote other people and their work too!

Pretend you don’t have a marketing budget (some of us don’t have one) to spend on ads, direct mail, as the money we spend in promoting and marketing ourselves won’t earn goodwill. Instead, partner up with people do promote each other i.e. A blog challenge. Focus on creating connection loyalty. These connectors are the ones who will become your evangelists, they will help you connect to someone who can help you, give a good word for you, or even recommend you.

Deepen these relationships, these people will help you to get leads for you. Evangelists will help you seek out customers, who are willing to take a look at what you have to offer and will keep your marketing costs down. These evangelists will do things for the right reason ans share the word of you and others that you word with.

We all agree that getting feedback from people is important – this is why you will see surveys, polls and feedback questions and comments. When we don’t have a marketing budget to spend, there are many free resources that we can use to get feedback from people. Usually just asking and listening to the responses that we get back will give us the answers. We may not like or we may like the answers we get back.

For example, in one of my newsletters I did for a couple of years, I had asked a survey what my readers want more of…the comments I got back was to have more polls and surveys. What did I do, I created a survey…I had people opting out and no one answered my survey. What do you think I got from this feedback?

Whether you have customers or connections – silent, unhappy ones usually dump you, never to call again. For every person that complains about you don’t.

What sort of things can we do to encourage more evangelists?

1. Believe in your connections/people
2. Focus on continual improvement
3. Don’t spend a vast amount of money
4. Ask for referrals and help often – people like to help
5. Use technology to help you
6. Share the feedback with people
7. Be valuable by helping your connections to get what they want
8. What are your connections saying about you? Keep the conversations positive
9. Make a real connection with people call them up – meet for coffee or take them out to lunch
10. Interview the people you would like to know more about
11. Share the Buzz about a few connections at a time

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Power Networking

Even as a Networking Addict, I am always looking for ways to be better. In the Success Magazine 2011, there are 10 actions we can do today to become better at networking

Transforming your Business

1. Connect the dots this just means have clear mesaurable goals to help you to get to where you want to go. Write up your main goal and find three ways in which you can achieve it.

2. Never hurts to ask – recently I asked someone on Facebook if they rent space out in their school – after a few calls I was able to strike a deal with the school to host to actually sponsor our event. My next ask was to ask a new store, if they would be willing to sell tickets for our event in town. Make a list on the action steps your are going to take this week to “ASK for something.” Make at least two requests.

3. Pay it Forward – there is always something we can do to help someone else. Go beyond just writing a cheque. Do you have special skills or products, can you donate your time? Go out and schedule one hour of your time.

4. Take one hour today and stand in your customers shoes. Experience time with your service and products, stand in line, check out the bathrooms, etc. From working in restaurants – if the bathrooms were not clean, this meant the rest of the place wasn’t either. Make a list of three things you can change today to improve upon for repeat business.

5. Sign up for change. Take stock of what three things you could do more often to reach your goals.

6. Don’t be a drop out.  Have you given up on your dreams? Have you been rejected enough that you have given up? It’s time revive your dreams. Write a mission or action statement that you are going to do in the next week about reviving your dreams.

7. You did what? Jack Canfield does five things each day to help him to stay on track. Today call a close friend or respected colleague who can be your accountabilty coach.

8. Who do you admire? Derek Jeter admired Hall of Famer Dave Winfield on of the first big athlets to start a foundation. Today Jeter has his foundation to aid simngle mothers. Write down three people you admire and why. For each one write your ownd goal based upond who you admire and select one to work on today!

9. Better Brainstorming.  If you aren’t getting stellar results in your marketing or sales – make al list of three ways in which you can foster an evironment that is supportive of new ideas. Try things like a ban on the word of NO or CAN’T -or do a 5 minute no-holds barred brain dump. For me, I just want to work with YES people.

10. Solicit compliments or referrals.  So many referrals are achieved throu word-of-mouth. Today write down four clients you can contact for referrals or postive reviews for your website. If you are e-mailing ask for a referral every third time you contact your list.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Relationship Tools

Have you noticed lately of all the new tools and updates on Facebook? I want to share with you some great new tools to help you get noticed and followed..

LinkedIn has a new follow your company button..LinkedIn is become the the best social network for lead generation. Hubspot did a survey and found LinkedIn to have almost 3x a higher visitor to lead conversation. They did this by doing an experiment..offering an ebook to readers or to their connections, when people followed their link they gathered their contact information. They did the same thing on Facebook and Twitter and measured from which network pulled in the most inquiries.

You can do the same thing in your business..once you do this you will know were you ought to spend the most time at.

Another tool I recently was introduced to was IBO ToolBox – it’s 100% free. They say it will always be free. You can advertise your business, Post blog posts, Lead generation, Events, A contact manager, a Live chat. Media sharing, a Business Social Network..and build a sales team.. I have just got on there after several tries. I needed up signing up with my gmail account. I’ll have to go back there and activate more tools and let you know how it is all working. To promote your business, helping each other. To promote high quality tools to help you grow your business. My link is

Talk Fusion to attract new clients and retain your current customers..How do you use this tool to do all this? It’s a simple video communication center. The main tool that I use is video e-mail. What’s cool is your recipient receives a personal message and your account is secure. You share your content on 200+ social networks. It’s about promoting your business services and products.

Pinterest – it’s about using photo’s for your marketing. There have been rave reviews. I personally just joined and can’t say I have had any great success. HubSpot cam out with an ebook on it. howtousepinterestforbusiness

This should keep you busy for a few days..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to Win at Relationships

Recently at a team meeting with a few of the members, they were surprised of how many business owners, who think that customer retention and working on appreciating them isn’t really that important. I know it’s a shocker. If we want our customers to keep buying from us the question is do we need to stay in touch with them?

It’s a great question, as our actions don’t seem to match what we say we want or is important you us.

It’s said that 58% of customers who make a referral to friend and colleagues and 54% has a emotional commitment to the relationship to their friends and colleagues. Only 32% of customers will consider contining in buying from the same service provider over time.

What gifts are we giving?

If the loyality effect, is a powerful profit generator, as consumers tend to spend more, refer more often and they cost less to serve, why then don’t we keep giving?

This is a good question.

The real answer in winning in our customer relationships is about creating more customer loyalty, thanking our customers, staying in touch with them, giving them service.

Only 1% of your customers will complain to you,, 96% will just go away and on average 91% never come back. Yet if you have a way to track your customers, where they are in your funnel you will be able to find out how you can serve them better.

These are signs that your customers are leaving for good:

• Customer approval of your proposals comes slower.
• Access to upper-level management decreases.
• The flow of customer data slows down.
• Plans for future work become progressively shorter-term.
• One or more of your products or services are discontinued.
• The volume of business the customer is doing with you is reduced.

Since people buy on emotion they tend to leave relationships on the lack of emotion as well. we have to show that we care and they want to hear from us. The human touch goes a long way.

Guy Kawasaki says in he book “Enchantment.” You need to create a place where people are welcomed, you smile at them, you listen to them you recieve them. When you aren’t doing this anymore, then your customers tend want to leave.

If you are serious in keeping your customers you will reward people, by making it happen day in and day out.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

The Thank You Economy

The Thank you Economy according to Gary Vay Ner Chuk, who wrote the fabulous book Crush It. – His second book is about “The Thank you Economy”..he believes it is much easier now to develop relationships with people via Social Media.

Heartfelt relationships

Developing relationships is time consuming, by doing the one on one with people, you want to win their hearts and minds. By doing it this way, you’ll gain better and more effective results in your sales results.

The easier way to try to get sales, is not advertising your offers, and you hope the someone will get your message and respond. This is not a very effective way to do it and it’s expensive.

The people who are willing to develop relationships will see word of mouth or referrals come to them and will have a much greater impact.

One of the lessons I learned when I was in sales for a company I worked with, I loved working with them..the upper management was challenging at times however, I found that I would personally offer delivery services and take the time to get to know my customers..I found them to actually to root for me..especially when my competition would show up at their door. I got referrals and introductions.

Social Media gives us the opportunity to crowd source ideas. For example on LinkedIn or Focus or Quora you can take part in the discussions, find out what people want, what they life and what they are willing to buy. Now we can customize our offers to the people who are listening to us. It’s also a place where you can follow others. By listening and participating, in discussions, will leave a lasting impression on people.

Did you know that only 29% of people stay in touch with their connections, customers and the like? Are you one of the 29%? This year make a commitment to yourself and grow your business through developing relationships. I’ve started to de-clutter my address book, as we can only really stay in touch and interact with 200 people at a time. I would rather make the room for people who want to engage with me than the ones who could care less. Plus, once we get to know each other better, we can refer and help each other more effectively.

Whether you are just developing relationships with your connections or your customers or your team members..reach out to them, help them and then they will help you.

You want to treat your customers and connections well..so they’ll want to stay in touch with you. Two things you need to do first:
1. Determine the lifetime value of your customers businesses or contacts
2. Determine the likelihood that they will leave you

Until next time..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to Show that You Care

How to show that you care is very simple, let people know you have their back, or offer help when they are having challenges or give them a phone call.

Carol Deckert and I were talking about some challenges she is facing in getting her blog up, I offered her some suggestions and said I would be happy to help her in any way I can. I know when I first learned how to do my own blogs it was a huge learning curve.

Smile and share

Be Nice

You want to share that you care about other people by being a good neighbor and friend. It’s not just about getting someone to buy from you. If you are your own boss, get on board in using Social Media to help you. Being kind and nice is the way do it everyday.

Here’s another thing about the networking platforms, whether you are using LinkedIn or Facebook or any other one that you like. It’s not about having lots of numbers of fans or followers, as you want to be able to have relationships with people. Of course, not everyone may want to have one with you. For example on LinkedIn, I get many requests from people who want to join my network…do I want to know them more or am I just a number not to be heard from again?

My experiment of being an Open Networker, did not work for me, simply because I am into getting to know people and establishing some sort of friendship with. I have since removed myself from the Open Networking groups and any other groups of who I thought I would be able to participate in..What I have found is alot of people still doing the sales pitch or self-promoting themselves. When I did it, I was called on it or it just didn’t feel good to me. It just isn’t an effective strategy for me. For someone else it may work.

Don’t be afraid of making changes as you become friends with people on the web. Social media making isn’t based on a quick fix or a short term sale. It’s a long term strategy.

Your customers and connections are really sick of being ignored and unappreciated.

When was the last time you connected with people, who are in your network? How can you show some love to them today? Well, it’s pretty easy. Just find ways to help people feel important.

1. Ask them how you can help them
2. Send them appreciation notes
3. Send them video e-mails just to say Thank you
4. Call them up to get to know them outside of being on-line with them

Traditional marketing messages no longer work anymore. It’s like ads yelling at your audience “Buy this or from me” – is dead.

Some businesses are still advertising on line, they are so desperate that they figure that advertising on line ought to work, they are just wasting their money and likely not getting the results that they want to have why? It’s a traditional method and it’s a dead method.

The new strategy is to show that you care..

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

We are in the Relationship Business

Heart@Work's Services

Why is network marketing so popular these days? Have you ever noticed everywhere you look or what you read there are hundreds of new network marketing companies or M.L.M.’s? There are several companies who haven’t really made it in the traditional way of making money or getting people to buy their products or services. For example if their products aren’t selling they’ll turn to other ways to get into the marketplace. Talk Fusion is one of these companies, when I first heard of them, their services were expensive, I was not their customer. I think at the time it was $1,500, just to get started in using video’s and using their platform. Now, you can get their services for as little as $125.00 membership and $20.00 a month to use their video e-mail services. More services higher packages. I am now a customer and I do refer others to use their services. Why? I am in the relationship business, helping others first.

Life Vantage produce two products now – Protandim is their main product along with their True Science face cream. They started out in drugstores, and the staff couldn’t either explain the benefits of it or it was too expensive for someone to buy a few bottles. A lack of education was the problem. The consumers didn’t really understand how this product was actually going to help them. Now they are structured as a network marketing company. More product is getting into the hands of the consumers, the distributors and the company is making more money and people are becoming healthier. There are several independent studies to show what Protandim can do. They are in the relationship business.

How can you turn your customers into believers and what to buy more of what you got to offer?

Network marketing is really about relationships, mentoring and training. I tend to look at what are other people doing in their marketing, that I like and how can I copy it or implement some of the structure in my own business. Ok, to turn my company into a M.L.M.? No. I would have to get FDC’s approval. This is a little too much for me. However, what components can I add to become more successful?

Many companies have many customer evangelists, we are all one, if we get great service from someone or a company we share it. We tell others..the only difference is that we may not necessarily get paid for it. Unless you become an affiliate for the company.

What about those who do joint ventures with other people, the JV’s otherwise are known as, don’t necessarily give products to each partner, they do offer a special price or gift to each others offer. I thought I would give a Self-improvement group a try and do a JV with them, I got hooked up with them through a friend – her affiliate link. Well, after signing up I soon discovered that they wanted me to pay to join the promotion My friend said, she got 200 new subscribers. I got new subscribers, just not real e-mail addresses – then a few weeks later in promoting their launch they sent me an e-mail to tell me that I was going to be downgraded. I wondered how could I be downgraded when I was at the free level. These people are in the relationship business and forgot.

The lesson to a JV is that you look at what they really want from you and what is the expectation and what is your return going to be by participating with them. Paying them money to participate to me isn’t really a JV. My friend was sharing an opportunity by letting me know about this great offer.. Be sure to check out all your JV offers before partaking. It’s like any thing it has to work for you.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Do people like you?

Friends are like this multicolored rose

Friends are like this rose

Our relationships shouldn’t be taken for granted. How many things have people done for you? I am not writing about the simple acts of kindness, like opening the doors for you, or sharing a smile, or buying you a cup of coffee – it’s the kind of things like giving up a cab for you in the rain, or driving someone home when it’s out of your way, or someone pays for your cab ride and not expecting payment back. I used to work for friends, I lived on the other side of town, and I would work New Years Eve for them. They paid for my cab, I was helping them and they were helping me.

For trusted relationships mean to reach out to your customers or friends on the Social Network space by calling them up out of the blue, emails to wish you a happy holiday, or you taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with you anyway. we need to develop more one on one relationships with people, not only our customers also other people we work or network with.

Social media has given us a way to stay in touch so much easier now. By delivering a whole bunch of heart felt messages or conversations you will have better relationships.

How can you get started? When you speak to them ask them about their family, what they do, extend an invite to join a group or a local networking event. As they talk as for ideas, it’s just conversation, eventually the relationship starts to blossom.

Did you know that, the more people who read and post information about their products and service on social media groups and see that you are sharing information, they will become more influenced by you. They’ll begin to ask you questions, ask for feedback or give you suggestions. When there is more sharing 3% of the people who read your information will become influenced. It’s care first and not sell first.

The time you spend on social networking is to help you to create brand ambassadors for yourself. You don’t want to leave any interactions behind. Your willingness to show that you care is important.

Thank people for re-tweeting your conversations or mentions or following you. Ask question or help them if they are looking for help. If you are on Facebook, like their comments, or share their content, only if it speaks to you. Engage in conversations, when you look on your news feeds people are sharing all kinds of stuff, quotes, videos, stories, or questions. Be sure to add your comments or suggestions. You want to be personable, maybe just not too personal.

You want to everyone to know who you are as a friend and neighbor.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Building Trust with Your Network

LinkedIn the professional network for business


What a great article in the Fortune Magazine about LinkedIn, where Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha wrote a book called “The Start-up of You”. They talk about the 3 degrees of separation. Three is the magic number because when you are introduced to a second or third degree connection at least one person personally knows the origin or target person. This is how Trust is preserved. On average we can only stay in touch with 150 people intimately and really help each other.

Reid’s rules are:
1. Look at your calendar for the past six months, identify the five people you spend the most time with – are you happy with their influence on you?
2. The following week, introduce two people to new people.
3. Who would be the 10 people who would ask help from? Don’t wait, invest in those people today
4. In the next month, find people that you would like to build an alliance with, and give a small gift to them like an article or job posting or a report
5. Create an interesting people fund to which you automatically funnel to pay for coffees, lunches or even plane tickets to meet new people.

You should be having one new introduction a month. It’s funny as when people invite me to join their network on LinkedIn, I have a list of people who I work with and we share links with. I can say, Carol Deckert is always sending me people and Michael is another one. It’s great to help new people, however I have to say as soon as I accept an invitation, 2 out of 10 will send me a sales pitch which I don’t really like. The sales pitches usually come from people overseas like Czech or India.

I may have 2,000 connections, however I have to say 3/4’s of them I do not know. When I have extended myself I don’t get a response. I am definitely doing things different this year. As a Relationship Specialist, I prefer to know who my connections are and how I can help them. What I started doing last year was categorizing them in my address book, and transferring them into Circles on Google+. This helps me to stay in touch with these people like Reid says – “send them an article” or sharing their content on the web.

In developing relationships with people in your network, the key is to ask them if they want to stay in touch..they may not, if they don’t I just delete them. I also, tried doing the A,B,C, list A – being the people who are mutually agreeing to stay connected
B- being the people who are quarterly
C – being the people who are annually

There are many ways to network and stay in touch. If I am out locally, networking if people don’t call me back or respond to my e-mails then I don’t add them in my address book. Some marketers keep everyone – why bother? Just to say you have a list of thousands of people? You need to ask yourself, do you know them?

We all need to find our own ways of helping each other – and staying in touch. I hope the few ideas I shared with you will help.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How to Nourish Your Mind – a Relationship with Yourself

Listen to this message it’s a part 1 of Bob Proctors’ program of Born Rich.

It’s a great video about how we allow our fears get in our own way in achieving our goals. Bob has all his series on You Tube, of which I suggest that you take the time to listen to.

From my previous post of why relationships are so challenging.. What I learned from my experience is I had to take a look at what part of the issue, was I playing in this challenging relationship. I got to heal, some childhood bullying situations and I got to see how I got caught up in all the drama. I have forgiven myself and the other person.

We all want meaningful relationships – they all start with ourselves.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Why do relationships have to be so challenging?

The Girls by Jacqueline van der venne - Artist

By Jacqueline van der venne - Artist

Recently, I was asked if I was interested in taking over a Women’s Networking group, since the gal who has been hosting it said she was done. And then all of a sudden a couple more gals said, they wanted to help. I thought great!

My intention was that it would give me an opportunity to get to know some local women and perhaps create my own friend circle. After our 1st meeting, boy what an explosion. It was not a successful one, heard feedback that it wasn’t the same, and why can’t it be the same..just a couple of gals didn’t want to change. One gal, said something to another gal in the meeting, and my mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe what she said. It was WOW moment for me.

I learned early in my life to embrace change..it’s an adventure.. nothing stays stagnate we are always evolving on a personal level so why would a group be any different? When we are in fear of something..it can be disastrous for us, it overwhelms us. And our monkey mind takes over..we no longer become conscious in what we are saying.

Darlene Hull • Thinks it’s because there are different layers. If I’m working with a friend, for instance, I feel a need to handle the relationship a little differently than if this is just an acquaintance. Also, in working relationships you need to think about the bottom line, and sometimes you have to draw a tight line that feels personal even when it truly is just about business. 

I actually think all relationships are complicated. I believe the Golden Rule applies here most especially, and people have to be very clear on expectations right from the start. Get it in writing!!!

After have been through a challenging relationships issue with a friend relating to a business matter, if they get abusive then it’s a real next! How else could I respond to them?

Like Darlene has said, we all face challenging people, how can we establish a relationships with them? Perhaps we need to ask ourselves what is our intention of having a friendship with them? If it is business, I believe that sincerity and grace can take you a long way, especially in challenging relationships.

Dale Carnegie is a great read – and worth reading when you want to lean how to be a better friend in our personal and business relationships.

What are some of your challenging relationships and solutions to them? Would love to read your feedback.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Success In 10 Steps

“Success In 10 Steps!” 
Warning: Don’t Get Toasted Like a Pop-Tart!

”No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

Mentoring – we all could use it, I fell across this mentoring program awhile ago and it really helps you to understand why so many people fail at Network Marketing. I have failed at a few of them myself – NuSkin, Mary Kay, Meleluca, Amway, Prime America likely a couple more in-between them as well. Before venturing into any more new ones, I’ve been listening to Michael.

Who teaches people about Network Marketing? Leaders of your company and not necessarily all of them know how to mentor or lead us very well. I just learned a new word in Network Marketing “Speed Sponsoring.” Scary, the people who do this remind me of some of the companies I failed at. They sign you up and disappear. Meanwhile, you struggle and make your own way. This is why most people fail. It is not your fault!

From a post I did a few weeks ago I created a Directory for Mentoring programs if you want to add your Mentoring program. You’ll find it on this page.

I’ve just added an e-book 10 Steps to Success, it’s not written by me, however it is very good starting place to really understand how to get started with Network Marketing and be a success at it.

It’s a solution or a way to put people back to work, it’s working with a Network Marketing Companies, just think it as of a revenue stream, we all need them. It’s a great opportunity to work on your relationships with people. How to listen. How to help people. As most of us know it is a challenging time for most people. So, let’s start to work with each other and put people on the right track to making money.

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Take the Ethics Pledge

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

What does Being Human Mean?

I was speaking with Christine and Rhonda today as we were talking about my company name Heart@Work, how did I come up with it..I could of went with Kindness@Work, except, Heart is about my heart in how I share and be in business. I started out in the Kindness business.

Pay Kindness Forward

Giving Kindness

Christine always thought that she would like to teach a class about being human, there is more to life than texting back and forth to your friends, or communicating strictly via e-mail or leaving voice mail messages. There are key words and actions like compassion, truth, kindness, sincerity, honesty being open ..

Coretta Scott King says:

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members … a heart of grace and a soul ..”

“There is a spirit and a need and a man at the beginning of every great human advance. Every one of these must be right for that particular moment of history, or nothing happens.”

We all have connections online and offline who we chat with, not all these people are true friends they are social connections. For example we have family, friends and acquaintances. We need to concern ourselves with how long we have been friends, how frequent do we interact with another person, how close are we to the other person, how much self-disclosure do we offer another person.

How are we sincere with the people we interact with? Recently, I was at a networking event and a person was literally putting down another person..my mouth dropped along with other people who were there..I would say, a great amount of grace and sincerity can take you a long distance. “Sincerity was first celebrated as an artistic and social ideal.” it’s the virtue of one who speaks truly about his or her own feelings, thoughts, desires. Sincere expression carries risks to the speaker, since the ordinary screens used in everyday life are opened to the outside world. At the same time, we expect our friends, our lovers, our leaders “to be sincere”.

In your relationships whether they are at work, online, at home or if you are out networking, we all need to take care of each other. And this means we have these terms of endearment to our behavior and what we say to people. As Oprah, says “When we know better, we need to do better.”

We all need each other’s support and help so let’s give ourselves these virtue and our fellow people of who we engage with.

About being Human:

  1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it’s yours to keep for the entire period.
  2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, “life.”
  3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately “work.”
  4. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.
  5. Learning lessons does not end. There’s no part of life that doesn’t contain its lessons. If you’re alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned.
  6. “There” is no better a place than “here.” When your “there” has become a “here”, you will simply obtain another “there” that will again look better than “here.”
  7. Other people are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.
  8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.
  9. Your answers lie within you. The answers to life’s questions lie within you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust.
Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Is Word of Mouth Working for You?

Word of Mouth usually happens when we experience something wonderful the we want to share it, or if we want to help others by sharing a product or service that will help someone.



WOM marketing campaigns happen if we get a gift or item we can use. Some companies will ask for reviewers to write about their products and services. Most often you don’t have to return the items, just keep using them. IT uses this analogy often. If you have ever gone to a conference, you get a bag, filled with product brochures and as you go along you pick up promotional items, like pens, USB ports, T-shirts, paperclip holders and the like.

Word of Mouth can either work for you or against you. “Social talk generates more than 3.3 billion brand impressions each day.” Can you you believe this? Each day! (According to Keller & Libai 2009)

What does make us talk about others?

Accessibility..it’s about what and who brings things to our attention..the suggestions come to us, as we want to be brilliant, sharp, intelligent so we share information. Who wants to be boring? We talk about things because we want to seem to be interesting.

For example:

You start talking about a conference, the trinkets you got some of the highlights that you liked or some of the presenters you didn’t like or what you didn’t agree with.

Valentines Day is coming up what are you chatting up about this day…the romance, chocolates, the flowers you got, or the specials you have heard about…on and on it goes.

You tried a great beer or wine, you start sharing this, or you discovered a great restaurant and you tell everyone you know about it..

Are samples or product giveaways really effective?

Giveaways might generate reciprocity or a positive affect, it is easier for people to learn about your product and share. Take for example food samples, I knew that when I sampled my pies, people would buy one. It was that 5 minute bite the converted them, following up with them, they said, “It was so delicious that they would share their experience with it with their friends.” The 5 minute test, was a way for me to convert samplers into buyers..and then get them to talk about their experience.

Some products get a great deal of buzz, “How do they do this?” or maybe the question should be “Why do companies use WOM to test their products?”

WOM is used quite often to test products, they get the buzz going, they can analyze their ROI the feedback from people will tell the company, whether this is going to work or not. It’s important as if affects diffusion and sales, as a result WOM campaigns have become a standard part of many companies’ marketing plans. The giveaways are more effective to create the buzz of the product..over long term it really depends upon the experience of people.

A Study by *Jonah Berger is the James G. Campbell Jr. Assistant Professor of Marketing , and Eric M. Schwartz is a doctoral student in Marketing , the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. it was published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Oct 2011.  You can read the whole report, here. 

How to Keep Strong

This is a guest blog post by Vincent Wright..

Rule #1: 
FACE the problem… No one on Earth can claim to be successful without facing problems. Facing problems is an ESSENTIAL part of success. It is THE FIRST STEP to your success

Rule #2: 
FIND your strength… Every living person seeking success has strength…But, power not found is power not available. Finding your power reduces the fear of facing your problems

Rule #3: 
FOCUS your time…  How can you possibly succeed without time? Time management helps you more accurately use your strength. Think about it – what power do you have that is not dependent upon time? Without time management, even strong people seem weak. Focus your time to feel your power, to feel your strength, to Keep STRONG!

Rule #4: 
FREE yourself from bad habits by PLANNING. Planning keeps you in contact with your power. That’s the whole purpose of planning. Bad habits are those things which pull you away from your power, away from your FOCUS. There is no greater solution to bad habits than PLANNING. REMEMBER THIS: Planning is about your FREEDOM

Rule #5:
FEEL your heart in your plan… If you can’t FEEL your plans leading you to success, you’ll not likely put those plans into action…No one can succeed without FEELING that they are going to succeed. Success is not an accident. Success doesn’t sneak up on you. It’s anticipatory – IF you can FEEL your heart in your plan and IF you can feel your hand doing the things in your plan, IF you can FEEL your heart and your hand working TOGETHER, you WILL succeed…

My comments:
You need to manage your time not the other way around..once you are clear in what you want to do, everything will fall into place. Even though I usually have many projects at hand, once they are done I add more or just expand them into the next step. Be sure to stay focused in what you are doing and why. If you don’t know your WHY – then think about it.

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

What is a Community Manager?

About Heart@Work

Online community managers may serve a variety of roles depending on the nature and purpose of their online community, which may or may not be part of a profit motivated enterprise. Patti Anklam has asserted that “Every network has an underlying purpose” and motivations for such network creation include; Mission, Business, Idea, Learning or Personal. She claims such leaders hold the collective vision, create and manage relationships and manage collaborative processes. Anklam does not distinguish a fundamental difference for these roles as related to the varying purposes of network, (i.e. community), creation. Your community could be a Facebook group, Local community events, Potlucks, Book Clubs, Festivals, Networking meetings, your Social Business. **According to Wiki

A Community manager needs to provide leadership and engage in co-operation is also needed. With a sense of belonging by developing, conversation, possibilities, commitment, connection and loyalty are sown. With caring, sustainability provides a breeding ground for sacrifice and unselfishness.

When I was in my spiritual services on Sunday, I got this story from what Rev Janet shared..about the Queen Bee, all she does is form a hive and all the other worker bees follow her. How does she do this? What do the worker bees want from her?

As a Queen Bee or Community Manager your role is to provide value, help others of whom you are serving, providing the space for people to share, uplift other people, develop relationships with your followers, share your story, upload pictures, testimonials, ask questions, don’t be afraid to share and listen to what they are asking or commenting on.

Ready to become a Community Manager?

Start small, start a networking group, or a Facebook or LinkedIn group..open up the space for people to engage with you. The real thing, is to make friends by developing a relationship with your followers and participants. Find out more information about each person on a personal level. Ask each person to invite other people to the group. When we can be relevant, engaging and have fun we will be successful.

The best way to get started as a community manager is to become one, by maintaining and sharing the good cheer for our own brand, which is ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how many social networks you use it’s about uplifting other people in your networks..share their content, Tweets, write about them, engage in conversation with them. Today is your chance to get started…Tuesday is Tweet day..
RT other people’s tweets, share other people’s content, introduce new people to your following.. I like using Hootsuite and then there is TweetDeck and you can also just use your own Tweet News Stream.

See you on the Twitter board – you can follow me @heartatatwork.

Here are some groups that can help your use Social Media more effectively..You Can Do

Join us on Facebook

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

What’s the Role of a Relationship Marketer?

The role of a relationship marketer, is simply to develop relationships with people and invite people to take a look at what you have to offer. That’s it!

heart at work relationship marketing


In order to do this you need a system that will work in your business.. A   S.Y.S.T.E.M. means
Save Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money.

If they aren’t interested in what you have to offer,  then be sure to ask for a referral. If you don’t ask, you don’t get them. Will it always be easy to do? No, because we ourselves tend to get in the way of having the success we want. Not every opportunity is the perfect timing for someone to buy from you. Every business needs a simple system that works to get the end result you want to have.

90% of the people you talk to may not want to buy from you, should this stop you from inviting people to take a look at what you have to offer, NO. Not everyone is going to like what you have. However, you just got to keep inviting people until you find the perfect match for you.

How do you know if it’s a perfect match for you?

Do you have some qualifiers that you want your buyer, client leader to have? What makes them a fit for you? I was listening to a call today, and this guy says he doesn’t want every person to buy from him. If they have credit card debt, he does’t them to buy his products or services. He feels, he would be doing a disservice to them.

In my case, I want them to get results, give me testimonials, who have dreams they want to achieve, who are willing to take action and have success. Is this too much? For some people it might be. I want to work with the right people – quality people. Relationship Marketing is built on the simple premise of everyone consistently will get the business they want by inviting and working with people to help them get what they want.

The biggest reason why most businesses fail is that they don’t have a system or if they do they don’t follow it. When you are only concerned about numbers or the quantity rather than the quality, you will not get the kind of results you want. If people decide it’s not the right time for them right now, ask for referrals and stay in touch with them. This is part of a Relationship Marketer’s role, it’s a people business. Business comes to us through people. Not through banner ads, stats, or trying to get a ROI on working with someone. If you analyze your stats, it will tell you what you are doing wrong or right..it doesn’t nurture relationships with people. Be positive and excited of what you do and share this energy.

  • If you are an Artist, your art provides beauty to a home or office
  • If you are a Realtor, you help your customers people buy a home
  • If you are a Relationship Marketer, you help your clients to do ____what? __

We all have our roles and solutions… What do you want?

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

How Are You Making a Positive Difference?

Arianna Huffington announces her paper will have a Good News section..she said, the new section will shine to showcase inspiring, what’s positive, what’s working and what’s missing from the media. I think she meant what’s missing from the mainstream media. I know there are many blogs and other people writing and sharing good news.

I congratulate her!

More good news

Good News Network was began by Geri Wies-Corbley and Tal Ben Shahar It is a paid subscription

Victoria Hay a Publisher has a magazine of People and Possibilities

Happy News

Right now I believe we are craving more positive news, things that confirm that we do live in a wonderful world. If we continue to listen and watch mainstream news we do start to feel dis-powered. We become hopeless, tired all the time..it’s time to take our power back and start paying attention to what we watch, listen to and do.

When Heart@Work first began it was about changing our behavior, getting people to think without boundaries – being a Thought Leader pioneering the idea that if we changed our workplaces and the communities in which we live we could all be happier and have less friction in working with our co-workers..

Many studies have proved this..you can find all the details in my White Paper.

Now along with Ian Hope we are embarking in writing a book on Kindness..just to give people hope and knowing we can change with world. It’s just simple Kindness, Sincerity and being thoughtful. We met in 2001, when I announced that I was venturing off in doing Training for companies to help them with their workplace challenges. He called, me up and since then we have been exchanging ideas – this is when the book came up that we would collaborate on.

Overall, I believe we are the kind of people who do care..sometimes we just need reminders about how to be so and knowing that what we all do makes a difference.

In business you may feel that you can’t be too close or warm and fuzzy – there are many companies that have succeed in being all of these. You can too!

Here’s a few ideas in how you can begin to have better relationships, how to nurture your fans , clients and your family by using Kindness as a verb in your communications and actions to create a healthier and happier life.

How to create Economic Capital with Kindness

Keeping a Positive Attitude

How Kindness can make a Difference

10 Ways to Make your Clients Feel Valued

Read about how Heart@Work has helped businesses through our Case Studies

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Is Relationship Marketing Important to you?

If not, I guess referrals and word of mouth recommendations aren’t important to you. This is what is changing businesses today.



When people recommend or refer something to someone 75% of them will act upon it. People have turned off the ads on TV, or skip the ads. When I used to watch TV, I would mute them or change the channel. 75% of people don’t believe what ads say. **According to Hubspot.

So what’s in?

  • 90% Consumers would rather get a recommendation or a referral
  • 50% will visit a company’s website
  • 70% believe consumer opinions – people trust strangers over advertisers
  • 86% of online retailers have a Facebook Business Page

How can you grow your recommendations or Likes on Facebook?

  • Have a like button on your website
  • Allow fans to send customized video messages
  • Offer a discounts or special when people become a fan on Facebook, it’s no different when you have an opt-in offer to your newsletter – 58% of the Facebook users expect offers, events and promotions when they become fans

These major retail stores put “Like” buttons on their websites and got these kind of returns..

  • Levis got a 40X increase in referral traffic
  • Giantnerd got a 100% increased revenue
  • American Eagle and shoppers spent 57% more money
  • Shoedazzle 50% of their shoppers shop 2x a month

HubSpot has a new grader – just did my Marketing Grader  for my site, see how you rate..They will even tell you how you need to improve your site. Just a couple of things they said, was I didn’t have any fans on Facebook..yet Facebook says I have 92 fans.

And then I should be blogging more often – I post every 3 days, what they were suggesting that I post 20x a month…this would be everyday… And not enough people are RT’s or sharing my blog posts..this tells me that what I write about is not important or not what people what to know about.

In regards to Social Media, if you think how many people follow you or the quantity that you have is more important, then you are wrong. It’s about how engaged your fans are leaving comments, asking questions introducing themselves, referring you. Not the numbers. Do you like just being a number?

Deb Mullen and I were talking about this, if relationships are important to you, do you accept all invitations on LinkedIn or are you selective. I have been guilty about this too..my new years focus is on quality relationships..weeding out the people who are only interested in knowing about me,  about them and how we can help each other.  Otherwise, how are we going to get referrals or recommendations?

Mari-Lyn Harris - a Relationship Marketing Specialist

Mari-Lyn Harris

Relationships: Mentoring

I’ve been thinking or Mentoring for the past few days, we all need mentoring or coaching to grow and develop our business or personal life. I have been taking a mentoring series on Network Marketing. Yes, I have been in a few and failed..who what makes it great for some people and not me? I discovered the program through one of my partners..I am learning a lot.


A few days ago I was looking at Mentoring myself, what is it people are looking for to know more about? I went on Facebook and asked what kind of topics would be important to them..ok, I can offer the topics that are important to the people I asked. For the topics I don’t, simply ask someone to offer a series to mentor someone else. By Paying it Forward.

Plus, I have started an Artist Marketing Association for Artists and I am offering them free mentoring for three (3) months. It’s a bit of an introduction to what the Art Marketing Association will provide. This is use one thing, there are many benefits. check it out for yourself.

Since I like to be of service and give..what does all this mean? How much giving needs to take place before someone or your customer buys from you?

Giving may refer to:
â–ª Gift, the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return
â–ª Generosity, the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return
â–ª Charity (practice), the giving of help to those in need who are not related to the giver

A Mentorship program refers to a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

Mentoring” is a process that always involves communication and is relationship based, but its precise definition is elusive. One definition of the many that have been proposed, is Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development; mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less is the student.

By starting a mentoring program, there are many of us who have a speciality that we can offer someone else. The demand is for people who have a speciality..rather than appealing to the masses. Schools and Universities are full of students who are thirsty to learn more.

  • When we have a skill that we want to develop further like we like numbers and we take a bookkeeping course to help small business owners with their books.
  • We want to learn how to better use Social Media to get our message out of what we do we learn how to do this from a Specialist like me.
  • We want to learn how to get referrals so we learn from someone who has a large network or has done it before. Carol Deckert does this..
  • We are good at photography, we teach others how to take pictures..my friend Linda wrote a workbook and teaches classes..
  • As you see there are many mentors or people you can learn from to help you to be a better business person or learn a new skill.

When we specialize in a field or have a speciality we become a leader..and in demand.

Consider in joining in my Mentorship Directory..

Mari-Lyn Harris

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is about developing friendship with people. Where can you stay in touch with people online? There are several place where you can find people and start a conversation with them.




Facebook is still the rage – I certainly spend enough time there and thinking about setting up groups that support my business in..The biggest thing people have concerns about is how can I use Facebook to get business from?

The best teachers I have ever come to find about Facebook is Mari Smith and of course she just published her book about Relationship Marketing. Looking forward in reading it.


It’s another place to develop friends and business connections with. What I do, is once I am connected with someone on LinkedIn, I invite them to Facebook and follow them on Twitter. These are the main tools, oh I forgot to add Google +. Once we are all connected on these places I usually recommend that you also get your own Social Media Address Bar it’s Free and it’s a real easy way to stay connected with everyone. It’s called the Xeeme.com.  I am mostly branded under Heart@Work, however I am the person you are going to have a business relationship with, right?

The key thing is you need to grow a very connected web of relationships with people, it’s sometimes called a tribe, a community a referral club. Whatever you call it, it’s important to know that you are in the relationship business. You need to treat everyone as a person, not another sale or a number. The best way to build your community is to be a mentor. Mentoring them in what they need not what you want.

Why do some people succeed in relationships and others don’t?

The answer is the same every time, figure out what makes other people tick – What motivates them? What is their why? See it from their point of view. Develop a friendship from this angle. I have met many people on or off line, and I have found that, most people are interested in telling you about themselves, some don’t even consider even asking you what you do or how can they help you. Whether, it’s a speaker for an event or, meeting or chatting with you for a 15-20 minutes of a coffee talk. Be sure to ask the other person about what they do, why they do it and find out something personal about them…over time you can get to know them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social network that you and the other person is on.

Until next time – get out and network with people off line and in the Social Networks.

Mari-Lyn Harris

6 Top Ways to Grow Business Relationships

I decided to pull a few articles that we related to growing your business relationships..You may have not read them yet, some you might have just read. The trends from my last post lead into this one. The other thing that is becoming a HOT trend is Blogging. This is a great platform to use to market and promote your expertise. For us women, we are usually natural networkers and like to nurture our relationships.

Carol Deckert we’ve been having out with each other for a while.. she wrote a great article on “How to Become a Networking Superstar.” She shares 12 steps in how you too can do this.

This next article is very popular – How to get visitors to your site. It was written by a group of people I met on LinkedIn and we all shared our tips. There are 30 ideas one for each day for one month that you can do.

If you are on LinkedIn, you may or may not know how to use LinkedIn, to your advantage in building or growing your audience. This article was originally written by HubSpot and I have added my 2 cents worth along with what helped them build their network.

In order to keep your clients and fans, I have found that simple things like appreciating them is the real secret to keeping them. Here’s the article of which I know you will find it helpful.

Kindness how you too can create economic capital..it runs along the lines of Appreciation, implementing Kindness into your business culture. It was original written and posted in May 2007. Can you believe it, and it is still revelant today.

The next list or related articles on this site is an Archive page I created so you can easily find the posts..I have well over 200 posts, not counting the pages here on this site. I hope that you have the time, or will take the time to read some of the posts related to Relationships, Marketing, Social Media and the like.

This ought to keep you busy reading for a few days.. Oh, I am participating in this JV’ here are some details
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If you would like to participate in this JV you can still join just use this link – you have until Jan 5, 2012 to contribute a gift for the Self-Development Giveaway.

Until next time, Enjoy!

Mari-Lyn Harris

6 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2012

Heart@Work's Services

You know that your business is getting ready to set-up for growth..these next few years between 2012 to 2017 and beyond. It’s time to take your power back by growing your business by increasing your revenues through sales. Here’s six ways you can do this.

1. Social Media will continue to transform your business. It will be a way to generate sales through your connections. Currently more than 22% use Social Media as a revenue generating tool. Learn how to do this.

“Public relations” is simply
accurate, consistent and timely communications
that convey the right message to the right audience.

2. Using publicity
This includes community activity, articles, public speaking, media commentary, relationships with other local are reporters and developing your professional citizenship. Certainly PR is effective to small business owners, freelancers, artists, Entrepreneurs at a grassroots level.

3. How are your customers finding you?
What’s your strategy to bring you more clients and sales. You need to know who they are and how they are looking for you to buy from you. Be sure to ask this question when they arrive to your site..you want to find out how they found you. What is the best lead-generation strategies that you want to focus on.

Determine a goal that you want to achieve, like how many people do you what to buy from you; how many distributors you want to have; how many referral partners you want.

4. Social Networking

It’s simplest form it’s a group of people who are tied through friends, links and who know who.  Social networks have also been used to examine how organizations interact with each other, characterizing the many informal connections that link executives together, as well as associations and connections between individual employees at different organizations. For example, power within organizations often comes more from the degree to which an individual within a network is at the center of many relationships than actual job title. Social networks also play a key role in hiring, in business success, and in job performance. It’s important that you develop connections and friends with the people you are most connected with. They’ll become your circle of connections of which can help you, to get more referrals and introductions.

5. Business Networking

When you go out to networking functions and meet other local business owners, sales people and reps of the company. Once you meet these people you need to follow up with them, even if it is just to say, it was a pleasure to meet them. You’ll want to do these networking meetings, simply to get to know people better and start developing a friendship with them. I used to say join 6 groups..sometimes this is just not possible – definitely join two groups locally. You can make up other groups on line – like LinkedIn and FaceBook.

Look through the cards and see who could become referral partners. Initiate a coffee meeting – and find out how you can help him or her. You are going to be asking them who their potential clients are and how can you refer business to them.

If they don’t respond to you in a positive way..then I would put them into a “C” pile. These people you will stay in touch 1 -2 x times a year. Out of this group – it they are not interested in staying in touch, I would just drop them, put them in the “G” (garbage) file.

6. Joint Ventures 
When you partner up with someone who had the same audience as you, by offering your product or service to their customers. Both parties work together to help each other.  Collaborating also works really well.

Mari-Lyn Harris

Relationship Proof your Business

About Heart@Work

When you simply innovate, get active and find people to partner up with, collaborate with you will soon find yourself further ahead than just sitting around waiting for someone to buy from you. We are in a time of our business to keep focusing on what we want, where we want to do and be.. For me, I find it much more fun to be collaborating with people rather than sitting on the sidelines or waiting for something to open up. Take Dr. Bette and I have partnered up in doing Life Vantage together.

One thing if I learned anything at all from Live Out Loud a week ago, it was say Yes and figure hot how you are going to accomplish it later. Don’t worry what someone else is doing, just get started. One of the things I really need to do is to get out and network in my local community. I have spent the last three years online marketing and networking. Nothing wrong with this, because I know if I want to be introduced to someone all I have to do is ask.

I live in a very smal